I am struggling to try to understand…

why the GOP seems he’ll bent on trying to hold the American people down…back… Whatever they are trying to do. I am not really understanding *what* they are trying to do. The speaker, the house, the nerve!!! I just woke up from a horrible dream that our country was quickly going down the tubes only to find out that OUR COUNTRY IS QUICKLY GOING DOWN THE TUBES!!!!!

Chris Christie definitely has my vote in 2016 but then again, he will probably switch his party affiliation by then and it won’t be that big of news anyway. Why are the people of NJ and NY still waiting for aid? Even Katrina victims got $$$ from congress faster than this and now I am hearing that three conservative groups pressured house Republicans to drag-ass on voting for the Sandy aid and THAT’S why Boener pulled an “I Dream Of Jeanie” and proofed New Years Eve with no trace and no explanation. What a loser!!!

And still I can’t figure out what they are trying to accomplish with their shenanigans. In addition to the Sandy aid and the fiscal cliff fiasco, there are no less than six measures that the Republicans have/will poo poo(ed) including a Violence Against Women act. WOW!!! In the words of a song: How low can you go?

Kudos to Chris Christie and Rep. Peter King for not letting their parties get away with this shit! Call them out! That’s right! It is about time that SOMEONE in Washington DC other than President Barrack Hussein Obama stood up for the American people! And of the current governor of New Jersey needs votes in 2016, again, he has to look no further than me. As long as he gives me a pinky swear never to use Air Force One to attend a Devils game with his son, LOL!!!

Remember the NHL???

Yea, me either 😦


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