Objects in Las Vegas that appear to be close…

are REALLY friggin’ FAR AWAY!!! LOL!!! Believe that!!!

Why do people want to argue with me? I should have snatched this bitch’s name tag off and showed her how to so her job. Ummmmmmmm……… I know what’s going on because someone or some computer somewhere texted me and told me what’s going on!!! LMAO!!! Just call me Downtown Chicago, bitch ’cause I STAY in da Loop!!! LOL!!!

Did you like that one? If you follow me on twitter, you know that I have millions of ’em!!! Okay… Maybe dozens, LOL!!!


Okay, there were crack heads *IN* Philadelphia Airport tonight panhandling!!! LMAO!!! I’ve never seen a crack head in La Guardia so I have now crowned a new “Most ghetto fantabulous airport in the known universe.” Congratulations, City of Brotherly Love. Your stankiness knows no bounds! I hate bashing on cities but I know this city all too well to let them slide on that one, the one over there or any other one. I’ve got entirely TOO many Philly stories to fit into a single blog posting. I could seriously write a book telling you how messed up this town is/was/will continue to be.


I will ALWAYS try to keep it positive but this city just always makes me scratch my head and wonder why. Always has. Always will. I have some very fond memories of this city but I have to think really, really, reallyreallyreallyREAL HARD to recall them. Because there is just so much bad in this town. Bad, bad, bad… And there is a sign with Mayor Michael Nutter’s face emblazoned on it that says “Mayor Michael Nutter welcomes you to Philadelphia!” Ummmmmmmm, don’t roll out the red carpet for me, homie. I’m just passing through. LOL!!!

If you’re asking yourself “Why would he even go there, knowing that it sucks so?” My answer is simple: To save a buck. Ha Ha, joke’s on me!

Well. Vegas was fun but I’m all about obeying the code and we all know the Vegas code. Except the chick in the new commercial for Vegas, LOL!!! There is some very sad news from Sin City however: The Garduños at The Palms is no more 😦 If you want to experience the food *and* the coconut margaritas sent express mail from heaven, you are going to have to make a trip to The Land of Enchantment. In the words of a song: Nothing lasts forever.

Well. That’s it for now. Here’s to a wonderful Wednesday and a most prosperous and productive year to come. (Also a line from a song!)



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