Trumpies aka Nazis

So, some white supremacist groups have banned together to form a Super PAC supporting Donald Trump. They are robocalling potential voters in New Hampshire currently and one of the groups is the CCC, I believe they call themselves? The same CCC that inspired Dylan Roof. The Charleston church shooter.

Today would have been/is Trayvon Martin’s birthday and of course the racists on twitter were all over that.

Well… That’s it. Nothing more to say. Just thought it was important to report that racist hillbillies have latched their wagon to the Trump campaign and I can only hope that they slow him down long enough for Rubio or maybe even Jeb Bush to catch up to and derail his hate-filled run for the White House.

I can only hope…

You can always count on Greyhound…


“The driver was on the way in, but got turned around by the police.”

WHAT?!?!? That shit don’t make NO sense at all.

Of course, a part of me is like: I should have taken MegaBus, but then that OTHER part of me is like “If I would have chosen MegaBus, I’d probably be waiting out in the snow, right now.” Oh. Didn’t you hear? It’s snowing. Again. Winter was late getting started, but winter is here. Again.

Well, there’s nothing to do but wait.

Rant Mode

Flooding. Awesome. Melting snow. Awesome. DC Metro STILL sucks. Awesome. Hillary is a cheater. Awesome. Ted Cruz won Iowa. Awesome. Life is Awesome!

I’ve been all on twitter, blowing the fuck up over our broken-ass political process. There are MAJOR changes already happening and I am thoroughly convinced that when all is said and done, the United States will either join the rest of the developed nations and reach a more all-inclusive society that does not look to alienate certain parts of the population by poisoning their children with corrosive water or passing laws that discourage certain people of color from showing up at the polls OR the United States will degenerate to the point where we have half-cocked, gun-toting, uneducated, anti-establishment hillbillies storming DC, invoking their 2nd Amendment rights as they yell and scream that they’re “taking America back” in an attempt to “Make America Great Again.” I’m thinking of buying one of those silly hats myself and covering it with Democratic Party pins and Feel The Bern buttons, LOL!!!

Newsflash: Don’t fly to Somalia. REAL insurgents are shooting at commercial airlines. If you don’t know anything about Somalia’s history, I will tell you. But not now. I’ll save that for a chapter of my book where I’ll have Marines talk about Somalia in their own words. It was once a nice place to visit. And then… The Somalians wanted their country back. I know that most of you know this, but when I was young, before I earned my college degree, I served my country in the United States Marine Corps.

But, I’m not trying to retread what you all ready know about me. That last piece of info was for any newcomers that might be reading this.

I’m going to sign off for now. There is a televised Democrat Town Hall tonight from Noo Hamshah and I *will* be watching. Bernie Sanders would NEVER accuse Hillary of the bullshit she pulled in Iowa. Maybe he knows something that WE don’t know. Maybe Hillary Clinton IS (as the GOP candidates say) prison bound and it will become a moot point. The emails. The voter fraud. Benghazi. As I have mentioned before, a LOT of shit goes down in DC that the public does not even know about because politicians in the U.S. are shiesty and secretive.

That’s it.

Okay, so the MegaBus driver…

…was kind of rambling on and on about the emergency exits, don’t use the front stairwell, should we break down, if we should get into an accident, that kind of stuff. But, she’s young and super sweet and sounds like she was still reading the script. Like, she’s fresh out of the classroom.

And THEN she says that the law requires that she tells us that by purchasing out ticket, whether we know it or not, we have agreed not to smoke, drink or do drugs on the bus: “…so if you did not bring enough for everybody, I suggest you wait until you get to DC (to do all that)!” Me and the sista sitting across from each other looked at each other like “No. She didn’t just say that.” LMMFAO!!!!! I’m STILL trippin’ off of that shit!!!

Speakin’ of trippin’, man, last night, in Iowa, oh my god… The word in the Twittershere is Hillary put the fix on the caucus. Yo. It was like hanging chads, all over again. Our system is what it is but there is SO much room for dishonesty and opportunity to cheat. Man, I’m telling you. Even if Bernie wins, he might be a loser. He already has a full secret service detail on him and they’ve barely touched down in New Hampshire. Baby steps, Bernie. Baby steps, my man.

Apparently, he needs us Blacks, Latinos and the elderly to step up and get behind him. I’m on a bus home now and will look into what ***I*** can do to help. I mean, it’s not like I have a day job to go to or anything. And I’m in PG (and PG is for “Pretty Ghetto” according to the youngsters in the neighborhood) County. My subdivision is ALL Black & Latino and two white families.

Bloomberg needs to stop fuckin’ around and jump into this shit, NOW. Okay. I’m gonna jump off and get on these emails. I’ll see you in The Watergate City, loves!

Happy Tuesday!!!

The Real World

…is a place that WE live in but Ted Cruz CLEARLY lives somewhere else. On some other planet, maybe. Or in an alternate universe where facts don’t matter. This is what I took away from the in depth interview on FOX NEWS. And Marco Rubio is a lazy fuck that never shows up to work in congress, so his ass has no business in the presidential race, AT ALL.

And now, Trump is talking in his first FOX NEWS interview since deciding to play hooky from the FOX NEWS debate. This is my cue to go to bed, btw.

Just a really quick observation. If you’ve never watched FOX NEWS, it’s very entertaining! WAY more colorful than CNN, LMAO!!!

If you follow me on CNN, you know that I had a Ginger Cosmo tonight and it was soooooooooo good! That’s it!

Get to your caucus places, Iowa and let your voices be heard! I’m out.

I made it!

Back on the east coast and it feels SO good! Not the cold. Not the dirty slush on the street. Not the dressing in layers. But, the catching up with old friends. Good food. The subway. The hustle and bustle. Delicious cocktails. The sense of belonging. The feeling that I am once again in the center of it all. The Capitol of The Universe.

New. York. City.

Woke up, thinking…

That’s what I do. Sound sleep. Wake up. Use the bathroom. Lay here and think. If I’m home, I may read for a while. A book. Or a comic book. The Walking Dead, of course.

I find myself thinking about stuff, these days. Lots and lots of stuff: The NBA. The NFL. My personal life. Where I am. Where I would like to be. The future. Sometimes, the past. If I am in Arizona, I may swing by storage and take a look at my past. I’ll think about day I just had. But I’ll focus more on the day I have ahead, more times than not. In fact, these days, I’ll be focused to the point that I am dwelling on the upcoming day(s) to the point where I’m obsessing. And that obsession is what brings on the stress, followed closely by panic.

The other day, as many of my twitter followers witnessed, the news got me down to the point where I was distressed. Hurt. Deeply. Sad. It was a very bad news day that had me thinking “Now I know why people kill themselves.” I would NEVER do that, but I get it. The world becomes a place that you don’t feel like you belong. It may be the pain of feeling like you just want to check out. For good. The ole “dirt nap.” Kind of speeding up the inevitable. Father Time is coming for us all. His arms are moving with blinding speed. Eyes with that stare. Focused. His music playing, wearing that white robe of his over his wrinkled, frail looking body. Long white beard flowing and he snarls. Music BLASTING through the whole spectacle: “I’m gonna knock you out/HUH/Mama said KNOCK YOU OUT/HUH!!!” LMAO!!!!! He’s a boxer like no other.

He’s long, lanky, old, looks kinda like he might wanna spend some time in the gym. But, he’s like 1,000,000,000,000,000 years old and he’s still here. And he has gone toe-to-toe with every single living person. He’s stepped into the ring with every single person who has ever lived. He’s went round for round, fought pound for pound with all of the greats and has taken every. single. one of them. out. Some in the early rounds. Others in epic bouts that seem to last forever. Bobbing. Weaving. Swinging. We can make it look good. We can fight the good flight. We can even put him on the ropes. Knock him on his ass a few times. (Think: “My fight with cancer.”) He is doooooooooooooowwwwwn for the count. But, eventually? He leaps up. Takes a swing reminiscent of a slow motion punch from The Fight Club or Rocky or Snatch or Raging Bull and…we’re out. Cold. For good. Night Night. Larry Holmes’ lullaby time as he bounces on the ropes, snoring. But, wait…

No pulse. No breath. No heartbeat. We’re gone.

And Father Time is again, swinging as he looks out into the audience. He’s looking for his next victim. He’s got the juice. And that means ALL of the power. He’s lookin’ good. His shit is timeless and he’s forever undefeated. And will remain that way. For as long as there is life on this planet. Father Time will REMAIN undefeated. Amen.

But while we are here, the majority of us wish to flight the good flight. Make the MOST of what we’ve been given. If we have nothing, many of us create. We make something out of nothing. We learn. We love. We strive for greatness. To be great. To be happy. To spread the love, many getting it back in ways they never knew. Going places that they never thought they’d go. Doing things that seemed implausible or even impossible. In ways that are good and others that are bad. Bad people achieve notoriety other ways. Some people study medicine and give people new leases on life. Extensions. Like the one mentioned a couple of paragraphs back. Other people buy assault rifles and take people’s lives before they are ready to go, in acts of pure evil. Taking life away. Snuffing life out like us smokers do a cigarette when we realize that we’ve been out in the alley for much too long. Drop it. Under our heel. Gone. No more.

This has turned into quite the ramble. I’m obsessing again but not really focused. Never mind me. I’m just thinking. Maybe I’m OVER thinking.

In closing, I just want to say “Have a good day. Be well. Fight the good fight. Be the best you that you can be. Regardless of where you are and no matter what you do, keep reaching. Keep running. Keep your head up and always keep your eye on the ball.”

Good night, all.
And thank you.


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