…is almost coming to an end.

There are soooooooooo many people on the right who are poking fun at the left for making fun of their “candidate”, Donald Trump because we are SCARED of him. Yes. Trump is scary. But does that mean that I am laying awake at night, wondering what my life is going to be like IF this modern-day Hitler gets into the White House???


I’ve been preparing myself behind the scenes for a Trump presidency. Well…the possibility of a Trump presidency, meaning, for a year??? Well… ALL YEAR. Contemplating for a year. But now, behind the scenes, I’ve been acting. I heard Mile Pence say that his family came to the United States in 1924. Mike Pence, by Republican/Conservative standards, is a REAL American. My family was here AT LEAST 100 years before Mike Pence! What does that make them??? By the time Pence’s trashy ancestors arrived at Ellis Island, my paternal AND maternal great grand parents were already owners of the tobacco plantations that THEIR parents had farmed AS SLAVES. In North Carolina. Land that still remains in my family to this day. Am I ***NOT*** a “real American” because my skin is black??? LMAO!!! I laugh at the right with their secret code and dog whistles, blowin’ to Jethro and Susie Mae and Cletus and Mildred. Signaling the end of an era. Calling for the white right to end the golden age of civil rights and equality. Are our rights REALLY based in civility and are we REALLY, truly equal??? Only time will tell.

Not that I’m trying to sit back and see where this all goes. I mean, I will be sitting back and observing but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be working towards doing what I have to do to ensure that going forward, MY family is still here, surviving, thriving and prospering for ANOTHER 100 years after I’m gone. And to that, I would like for others to do the same. Black. White. Latino. Work. Learn. Adapt. Ascend.

I don’t want to go off on a tangent, so I’m going to shorten it and end on a point: Pray for this that and the other city/state/country is not enough. I’m sure that there are people in Charlotte who were praying for the All Star Game. Their prayers were dashed today. Terrorist attacks keep right on happening EVEN THOUGH we keep right on praying. You need to DO. Do more. BE more. Organize. Energize. Of you’re still breathing, then it’s still not too late.

“Faith without works is dead.”

Nuff said.


Clueless. Fucking. Cops.

There is a retired ASSistant Chief Of Police. Daniel Garcia. From Dallas. On Fox News, RIGHT NOW, praising the president’s speech while at the same time CONDEMNING the president, VP Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton as being a part of the problem by saying that institutional racism exists in law enforcement and HAS existed within law enforcement forever. He says that institutional racism DOES NOT exist and that the Dems are inflaming the problem and that they are clearly “not in touch with law enforcement.” What the FUCK!?!?! He says that [black] people are not willing to comply and THAT is what is causing these recent problems in [our] community. WOW. You’re out of touch, Mr. Garcia. WAY out of touch.

There is an old saying: The first step down the road to recovery is realizing that you have a problem. America has a problem. But, if you don’t acknowledge that a problem exists, how can you expect any change to come about? Racial profiling. Black on black crime. Genocide. Cops on black crime. Unlawful stops. Domestic terrorism. Blah. Blah. Fucking blah. Murder. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Racism EXISTS and just because it’s a subject that I RARELY talk about (until recently), it doesn’t mean that I don’t know it exists. I’m just never going to use my blackness as a reason…excuse, even…for me being held back from achieving my goals. Personal. Financial. Or otherwise. The only reason you see me blowin’ up on twitter, letting off all kinds of steam via my blog and preparing to take a whole month off to work on my book is because NOW IS THE TIME to START THAT CONVERSATION and to KEEP THE DISCUSSION GOING. We gotta figure this shit out before it’s too late.

And if the country does slide down the tubes in a friggin’ hell-bound hand basket, like everything else that is bad that has happened over these past 8 years, I will place the blame squarely on the shoulders of CONGRESS. Newt Gingrich just pointed out that we elected our first black president BUT YET some recent poll said that race relations are at their lowest point in 17 years. Well, that’s because America was built on a foundation of racism and America wasn’t ready for a black president. And when we FINALLY got our FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, congress threw up blockades and laid down land mines in an attempt to stop President Obama wherever and how ever they could. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to rock that fucking vote like you’ve never rocked that shit before to ENSURE that the White House DOES NOT fall back into Republican hands. Remember: George W. Bush is the one who fucked the economy up and President Barack Hussein Obama is the one who put that economy back on track. WE need to DO THE RIGHT THING and VOTE.



Rudy Guiliani

I can’t believe I used to actually LIKE this clown. What a fucking troll.

I can understand what he says about the off-the-charts crime rate in Chicago, but to say that BLM (as misguided as they are) are “putting a target on all cops’ backs” is TOTALLY STUPID. There is a REASON why Black Lives Matter exists. I am a firm believer that things will get a lot worse in America before they gets better, mainly because there are very few people that are willing to try to put themselves into the other group’s shoes (even if just for a minute.) Finger-pointing and divisive rhetoric is exactly what the United States DOES NOT NEED, but I’m sure that’s all we are going to get from the media, law enforcement, talking heads, activists, politicians and twitter trolls, from here on out.

I sadly feel like I too am falling right into the mucky muck of it because I can’t stop talks about it. Can’t stop obsessing about it. Can’t stop tweeting about it. Can’t stop writing about it. Thank god for alcohol!

Well. I’m having coffee and still ain’t FULLY awake, so I am going to go before I start to babble. Ha Ha! Stay cool and… If you’re wondering, I’m in New Mexico, heading heading, back to back to, Cali Cali.

Different Countries. Different Cultures.

This Chinese woman tried to CLIMB OVER ME to get to her seat on the plane!!! I keep motioning for her and her husband to step back so I could step out to the aisle, but the language barrier. Having lived in Japan for a year, I decided to fight rudeness with rudeness and just force myself into the aisle to let them in! They looked at me with smiling gratitude. And I smiled back.

SHE JUST GOT UP to go to the bathroom and I get up and step into the aisle. Her husband is in the middle seat. HE JUST SITS THERE, forcing her to climb over him to get past him. Same shit when she returned.

Asia is a very, very, VERY densely populated continent. There are a few hindered million Americans. There are BILLIONS and BILLIONS of Chinese people. Japan is crazy dense, too! The country does have many long stretches of rural and agricultural areas, but when you get into the cities??? Let’s put it this way: I have see little elementary school children get swept off of their feel and pulled and pushed in and and out of trains by waves of adults commuting to work. (School aged children in Tokyo commute to school BY THEMSELVES on PUBLIC TRANSIT from the time they are tiny. Tokyo…at least when I was there…has almost no crime and, well, that’s just how it is.)

What I am trying to get at is where I was being pushy to make it easier for her (and him), I was NOT being RUDE…by their standards. Things are way different over there than over here. I understand that, having lived on their turf, abiding by their laws and tailoring my behavior to fit into their cultural norms. But, many Americans don’t understand that. Most Americans don’t care to learn anything about other people’s cultures. Other people’s history. Other people’s religious beliefs or anything. We are barely interested in learning about OTHER AMERICANS’ histories and achievements. I have over the years heard sooooooo many racists say that black people have never created, accomplished, built or contributed anything positive since we got here (in the mid-1500’s.) and that is a TOTAL CROCK OF SHIT. Here comes the misunderstandings, rooted by unfamiliarity, fueling animosity that festers into raw hatred. HATE.

But, there IS hope. As long as we are living and breathing, there is hope and the possibility of change and progress. It may be pie-in-the-sky, tree-hugging, kum-byya-ish, “can’t we all just get along” liberal bullshit, BUT I like to think that it’s not. I like to think that we can learn from these recent events. Tragic, unfortunate, violent events. And turn this thing around. I like to think that we can turn these negatives into positives.

Okay, who’s with me? I am ready to go to work. I am ready to do my best to make a difference.

Delly to The Bucks!

All of this grief and pain of shootings and shit have caused me to fall WAY behind on what’s going on in the world of NBA free agency. Man. I ***like*** Delly! I’m sure he will do well in Milwaukee.

That chief of Dallas PD has an interesting story. You know who DOESN’T have an interesting story??? Sarah Palin. That bitch is the epitome of “Keep It Trashy.” I just… Every time I hear her squeaky voice, creaking and squawking, I’m like: “Ugh. Put a sock in it, BITCH!!!” And reading her ramblings are not any less annoying. WE, as patriots… Those of us who TRULY love and value what we have in the United States of America need to get out there and make sure that the White House stays in the hands of DEMS. Vote Billary. Period. And congress??? Vote out every last one of the ignorant poo butts who insist on siding with the NRA. I told a friend last night that I grew up in a household where guns were present. My folks were advocates of the 2nd Amendment. But, recent events have made me question if it is really necessary for the average citizen to have guns. Well… If America is headings in the direction of The Purge? It may be necessary. But I don’t see murder being made legal. Unless you wear a badge. Argh!!! I said to myself that I wasn’t going to go there. But, I did.

Currently riding the orange line train to Midway airport and I just have to say: There are some shady muthafuckaz in Chicago. ESPECIALLY on the south side! But Chi-town is on high alert and Chicago PD and CTA cops are EVERYWHERE, en masse, doing THEIR best, to keep us safe. (Wait, wait, hold up. Did I just *praise* the police??? Yes. I do believe I did. See how conflicted I am?)

Well. I do believe that we are getting close, so I’m going to go ahead and let you go.

See you in Salt Lake City!

(Yea. You heard that right.)

It’s Like A Jungle Sometimes…

…it makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under.

Marshal law. That’s what the conspiracy theorists are saying. That’s where this is headed. That’s the end game. If the president is really as inept as the right wing loons SAY, then there’s no way that is the master plan. It would just be a series of very sad, VERY unfortunate events in our nation’s long history of racism and violence. I have never, EVER made excuses for this, that or the other thing going down because I’m black. Yea, New Jersey State Troopers profiled me as a 20-something. Yea, I didn’t get hires for jobs as a 20-something because I was black. Yea, yea, yea. But did that stop me from getting to where I am today??? Hell know. It just made me realize that I have to work twice…no, wait… THREE times as hard to get to the same place as my Caucasian counterparts. That was MY take on it, anyway.

The race card. It’s lame. It’s ugly. It’s stupid. I hate to even bring it up and I sure don’t like pulling it out of my pocket. But, as much as I try to put all of that out of my head…just take it out of the equation? The fact is: I can’t. WE can not. This really IS two different Americas. There’s the America of the Founding Fathers. And then there’s the poo pile underneath of that. The America for “everyone else.” Not the “Real Americans.” The blacks, Latinos, immigrants and anyone who may sympathize with them.

Black Lives.
Blue Lives.
All Lives.

The fact is: If ***I*** would have tweeted at a white president what Joe Walsh tweeted at our BLACK president last night??? I would be facing a whole lotta federal prison time. Again: Two set of rules. Rules that only apply to THEM and rules that are applicable to US. Those of us that live in the “other” America.

I have to go, but not before I ask you to google “Dallas Police Shootings Conspiracies” and think it over. Some of the stuff I’m reading seems WAY far-fetched. Other things…not so much. After all, this guy that they supposedly blew up with a bomb delivered by a robot………… It all seemed just a *little* too “neat.”

That’s it.

And PLEASE forgive my dark and sour mood. I’m sure I will be back to my old self in due time.

Good Night!

The Grohmann Museum at MSOE

THAT’S where I was, this afternoon and it. was. pretty. awesome. COOL paintings and sculptures. ESPECIALLY the large statues on the rooftop (with KILLER city views!!!)

I’m at one of my favorite haunts, right now: St. Paul Fish Co. (Located in the almost world famous Milwaukee Public Market.) Calamari steak. Fries. Lakefront IPA. Maybe an iced cold one and a beer will get rid of this dull, but annoying headache that’s been with me this whole day. I thought it was a lack of caffeine headache but I had a LARGE caramel latte with almond milk with a delicious egg & cheese croissant but the headache still persists. I’m sure it’s the stress of the last two day’s events.

Well. Nothing more to say. Just wanted to let you know that I’m here. I’m well. I’m managing.


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