Colourful Characters


The gang capital of The Midlands.
Or is it gang capitol?

I’m taking the 139 bus up to NYC tonight. Gotta zero-dark-REALLY-fucking early flight in the morning. The 139 during the day isn’t much to talk about, BUT… the bus terminal in Lakewood is BEYOND interesting. Like, scary, exciting, sketchy, ghetto, frightening, etc. etc. etc.

Did I ever tell you about the time when DEA greeted me, guns drawn, in my face??? To my HEAD?!?!? LOL!!! Those were the days, LOL!!! I was the King Of Muthafuckin’ Lakewood, that night, I swear to GOD. LOL!!! SMH. So many years ago.


Stress. Stress. Stressful. Mo Stress. That’s it. What’s got me so stressed, you wonder??? I will tell you on Sunday, LOL!!! Keep you in *suspense*.

This older brutha that drives this particular run is THE NICEST New Jersey Transit bus driver, EVER!!! Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but the other day, I picked up a can of Chock Full O’ Nuts DARK ROAST coffee and mayne, I’ve been walking on sunshine, all week behind that shit, I *swear*. Good. shit.

You know what’s NOT good? Making excuses for Nazis. Hashtag: Not on MY watch. Nah, bruh. No. Trump has to pack his golden Samsonites and get the FUCK outta The White House or he. will. be. sorry. I’m sure that will all of the missteps and shit, this is THE fatal fuckup that’s going to put a nail in the coffin of his fake-ass Apprentice season from fuckin’ HELL of a presidency, get. tha fuck. OUT.


Okay. Do I have anything else to say??? I don’t think so. So, in going to let you go, for now. Have a wonderful rest of your night and I will see you tomorrow, for sure!


Kaye Dos.


This has been the craziest stretch of the Trump fake presidency, yet. Susan Bro, Heather Heyer’s mom, is my HERO. Such a strong woman. It’s tough for me to hear her speak. I immediately start crying every time she starts talking.

Trump is a Nazi. Period. I’m not going to go into a long explanation because no explanation is needed. CEOs are jumping ship. Kasich went OFF on Trump, naming him, by name. Lindsey Graham too, dragged Trump. UNLIKE McConnell and Paul Ryan. Timid muthafuckaz.

After mocking a reporter with disabilities, birtherism, pussy grabbing, picking a fight with a gold star family and months and months and MONTHS of blatant lies, I do believe this is the very beginning of the end of this shit show.

It’s been emotional.

I’m not going to go on and on. I’m just going to say that I’m very happy to see people standing up for RIGHT. Because, there is a whole lotta wrong going on, today.

And if you are following me on Twitter, you’ll notice that I had to lock my profile. Trumpies were literally bombarding my timeline with their hate, so I locked it. I hate having my shit on private. I’m sure it’s only temporary.

I haven’t been drinking. Having a drink now. Had a little drinking drink, last night. A couple of glasses of wine with my dinner Sunday, in D.C. Before that, a couple of beers in North Carolina, last week. But no “Woe is me. The world sucks. I’m gettin’ smashed tonight” kinda drinking. I am 100% under control. I have to keep my head clear. I have to stay focused.

It amazes me how many WHITE PEOPLE have NO CLUE about *American* history. And that INCLUDES Trump, himself. A sad sack of shit of a person and a WORSE president.

I’m pretty sure my last entry was loooooooong and I don’t want to keep you too long. Because, with *everything* that’s going on, I could be here all night. BUT, I won’t. I’ll just sign off by saying ‘I love you, ALL.’

Stay strong.
Stay vigilant.
Stay resistant.

Good Night. 🌚

Evening Thoughts

Man, I am hearing Heather Heyer’s mom’s voice and it’s making me SO fucking SAD. Man… I’m tired of watching this shit. And I’ve been away from the tv for DAYS and I’m already beat down from watching the coverage. [deep breath] I did take a break to watch Game Of Thrones, this morning. [deep breath] I woke up from a helluva nap and now, I’m making coffee. Have some errands to run around town. [deep breath]

Three deep breaths in a row. Trying to not make this too long or deep, as to not type my way into a panic attack. Ugh. Fuck. But still have a *little* more to say. My hands are shaking. The same reaction I get when I watch black men get killed by cops on video. Charlottesville. He was white. SHE was white. It was STILL a hate crime and should be handled as such.


No next. I’m done. I’m going to have my coffee and run my errands. I need to be back west. I need to be back in my own space. I need to calm down. As always, I need to “figure shit out.” [deep breath]

I’m going to say it and then I’m out. Cutting a lot of fat out of this and getting straight to the point: Donald Trump is now attempting to be president and trying to be his racist piece of shit self. He can’t be both. He’s too stupid to be both. The last president that oozed racism like Trump was Ronald Fucking Reagan. That’s it. I’m done.

Sometimes, I feel like…

I should take a step back and reevaluate my shit.


I feel like I’m quickly getting back into whiny mode and the more shit that happens in the country, the more I’m like “I don’t wanna be here anymore.” Ugh. Seriously.

Well, I’m on my way back to Noo Joizy to hang with mom for a little bit before I head to Palm Springs. OC. San Francisco. And, of course, home. Los Wages. That’s in Nevada. Where Sen. Dean Heller is. Vote 👏🏾 him 👏🏾 out 👏🏾!!!!!

Okay. We have had a crazy fucked up weekend. Virginia. Today, Seattle. This shit. No fuckin’ bueno, yawl. Not good.

Well. I am going to hit the hizzay.

See you in the a.m.

You know, I keep saying…

that Hooters is not my spot, but I sometimes find myself in Hooters and the food isn’t BAD. And they normally have 3-5 local beers on tap, wherever you are! In Greensboro the other night, I had North Carolina’s Red Oak Bavarian Amber Ale and it. was. DELICIOUS!!! (The chicken sammuch pictured is the Smothered Chicken Sandwich. SO good!!! I mean, not “blow the socks off of your feet” good, but SOLID.)

Last night, I went back to Pete’s New Haven Style Pizza, but decided to hit the Clarendon location in Northern Virginia. It was AWESOME!!!!! I want to say it was BETTER than the Columbia Heights location, *but* I went into the Columbia Heights one close to closing time and there was the aforementioned dust up and all. Yesterday, I hit them up during prime time. It was LEGIT. And the craft soda is off the chizzy, as well! LOL!!!

Okay. Speaking of Virginia. Charlottesville. It’s tragic. This *is* what the country has become.

Trump never did acknowledge those three young Marines that were killed in that helicopter crash, a week ago. Sad.

Well, that’s it for that.

I got some REALLY good photos of The Capitol, the other night! Check ’em on my Insta and Twitter!

Well. Nothing left to say.
Good Morning! Happy Sunday! 🙋🏾‍♂️

And, as always, thanks for tuning in!

Stressful shit, mayne…

[deep breath]

Blocking people from…on my phone… my social media… [deep breath] It is NEVER easy. But, some people just insist on bringing stress and drama into my life. I have shit [ie: PERSONAL SHIT] going on in my life that sometimes evolves into drama [ie: FAMILY DRAMA], so when people…people that I know AND people that I *don’t* know…insist on pushing, pressuring, prodding and sometimes mocking, ridiculing, belittling, bullying. I don’t even know what to call it.

How about this: Getting on my god damn nerves.

I don’t know. I normally look out for bullshit coming from a distance, so I can’t that shit early and either a.) address it or b.) BLOCK and move on with my life *before* it gets heated and BEFORE it starts to fester. Those of you who know me…and I mean know me WELL…know that I do have a temper and I keep it well buried. It’s the reason I don’t have a driver’s license and it’s the reason I don’t own a firearm.

Continuing [after taking MANY deep breaths], I have not deleted all of my social media because I *like* twitter, A LOT!!! Probably TOO MUCH, LOL!!! And Instagram is all right. I originally started my Instagram when I was traveling a LOT to kind of “bring all of my followers with me as I criss-crossed the country!” And Tumblr… Well… You know what happened there. I removed my WILDLY POPULAR Tumblr page because it got tedious…tiring and just WEIRD.

And that’s where I’m at, now.

I am asking.

I am begging.

I am PLEADING: DON’T BE WEIRD and DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE. I’m a nice guy. I know, I know, it sounds like I’m bragging. Just tooting my own horn. Well, it’s the truth. I am. People DM me. I return DMs. If they get weird, I *might* say something. NICE. Like, nicely put. If you don’t pick up on that? BLOCKED.

[really deep breath]

I was not sure if I should even address this whole thing *here* but, you know what??? Yea. I should.

If you do not know me and decide to DM me, be cool about it. You know. Be a really cool cat. Don’t be an asshole or creepy. If you know me and you have a problem with me? Kindly address the problem. We can talk it out. That texting back and forth with all the woo woo woo drama, the other night??? It didn’t sit well with me, AT ALL. It ruined my time at a new eatery and made ME feel like a fuckin’ ASSHOLE. And then, it stuck me like lightning today: I am NOT an asshole. I am a victim of miscommunication. That happens. As you (NOT so kindly) put it: “Shit happens.”

Ugh. I hate to be all like I’m beefing and angry. I’m not beefing and I am NOT going to be angry, going forward. I’m not. I’m better than that. YOU are better than that. WE have known each other for many, MANY years. And, yea. I always considered you a friend. Not the *closest* of friends, but a friend, nonetheless. And it always HURTS when you lose a friend. And as I said, the other night. The hurt does NOT come from some kind of financial loss. Regardless of what you may believe (and I know you believe it, because you TOLD me you believe that I am “just like the others”, well) I am NOT “just like the others.”

End of topic.

I just changed my phone number in January, so I will NOT be changing my number again. I apologize to everyone about the rant, but, I do NOT apologize for the clarity that lurks beneath the vitriol, LOL!!! [deep breath] Just had to get shit off mah chest.

That’s it.

Happy Friday!!!
(FLASHBACK Friday!!! circa 2008)

(I actually feel a headache coming on and I’m not a huge headache person, so I know I put WAY too much thought into this and expended WAY too much energy.)

I’m out. ✌🏾

Morning Thoughts


That’s how I will label the text exchange from last night. I offered my apologies to my friend last night, privately, in our conversation then and I am offering it now, here, publicly. I tried. I really did. I try. I always try. [deep breath] And that’s all I can do. Beyond saying that I tried and my apologies for being a shitty friend, I got nuthin’ else to say. If I did, I would be saying the same thing over and over and over again. And I *almost* fell into that trap last night, for, I was left in a position where I really did not know WHAT to say. I knew you were going through some shit, so I thought I would give you some space and it ended up looking like I didn’t give a shit. That’s the short of it.

Good Morning!

Now that I have that off of my chest, I want to say that Pete’s New Haven Style Pizza in D.C. is LEGIT and ***I*** am catching them on the downhill, apparently. Like We The Pizza, they started as AMAZING and are in a decline.

Sober vs. Not So Sober. I could have used a drink, last night. But, I’ve been thinking pretty clearly, so, I have been layin’ off. BUT… I’m only going to make it so long before I need to have a drink because 👏🏾 I 👏🏾 enjoy 👏🏾 alcohol. Why??? Because I’m a muthafuckin’ grownup. That’s why. You know what’s NOT so grownup??? Leaving a child in a hot ass car on a hot ass day. That’s it for that subject. Movin’ on…

1600 Pennsylvania fuckin’ Avenue.
Donald fuckin’ Trump.
Nuclear fuckin’ missiles.

It’s been a long time since I have worried about the possibility of getting blown off of the face of the fuckin’ planet. Not a pleasant thought. How old was I when I used to stress about that shit on a daily basis, you wonder. I don’t know. Maybe, ten??? Yea. That’s the thing us tiny Gen-X’ers used to worry about, a *lot*. Nuclear fuckin’ holocaust. [dee breath] Because of Trump’s unwillingness to at least take a stab at learning about the world around him, many people are worried about that shit today. Again. In 2017. Not me. Probably because I’m 50. I’m gettin’ on up there in years and my zen moment of “Why should I stress over this shit?” has finally taken hold, so, I’m not exactly losing sleep over the nuclear destruction distraction, like everyone else. And make not mistake, that is what this is, after all. A distraction.

Okay. Denmark is giving jobs and houses to ex-ISIS fighters, upon their return home. I have said…probably in private 1-on-1 conversations with close friends…that the lack of jobs and opportunities are what DRIVES a LOT of these young people to JOIN ISIS in the first place. Many of these kids (and that’s who they are. KIDS) are NOT stupid. They go to school and get degrees and get out there only to find there is no place for them in the workforce, many times, due to discrimination. People need to eat. Clothes. A place to live. A sense of self. A sense of purpose. Security. All of the shit that comes from having a job. Making a living. Gainful employment. You know. Important shit. Food. Clothing. Shelter. They can’t get that, so they create opportunity elsewhere. Many kids start a YouTube channel. Others, join ISIS.

Okay. I can go on and on and on about MY views of ISIS and Trump and miscommunication and pizza and children in hot cars and booze, but, I’m done. For now. I really am WAY beyond the “I really need to write a book” point. I actually already own an iPad Pro, so I’m a keyboard and a program away from having the tool I need to move on that. I have the motivation, I guess. I mean, I keep this blog going. I want to say it’s been five years, now??? I can’t remember how to log in and get my stats, but I know from the emails that I receive that you are engaged, so I continue to try to keep you engaged, entertained and informed.

My flaws are many. About as numerous as my interests.

Anyway… I’m going to go, for now.
Happy Thursday!
Good Morning!