Okay! I’m trying VERY HARD…

to get all psyched for this upcoming season of baseball, BUT I CAN’T. Because… I’m a Yankees fan. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

I guess the only thing I can do is beer and boo and be happy that I am still able to go see games. [deep breath] “Every day I’m above ground is a good day.”

Good Morning! It’s that time of the day, again! ☕️☕️☕️ And it feels *so* good! I have a couple of more days here in Nu Joizy and then, it’s back to Sun City. (Yay!!!) my sister is coming tomorrow to hang with mom for a bit because…as you all who KNOW me, know… It’s tough for me, being here in my hometown. I try to be all like Springsteen kinda nostalgic about it. I know how The Boss loves HIS hometown of Freehold. Oh! Freehold is *also* the hometown of what NBA champion??? Eastern Conference??? Cabs??? Knicks??? Nuggets??? Uh… JR Smith, LMAO!!! DUH!!! LOL!!!

Anyway, I walk through Uptown Browns Mills and snap off pics at our old houses, some of them grand, some of them modest and I think to myself: “There’s no better place in South Jersey to come from!” But…that was a looooooooooooooong time ago and I do believe it is true, that whole “You can never go back” thing. I moved away and moved BACK to California, TWICE. And I lived in California for *almost* as long as I lived here in New Jersey. But, Long Beach and Palm Springs??? My years there were never like my ten years in The Valley or my very first (studio) apartment in Hollywood. It just wasn’t the same. And I love Palm Springs. Enough to buy a fixer-upper condo there. After all. Eventually, I’ll retire from everything. And when I do, I can think of very few places…pace and weather wise…that I’d like to be. Palm Springs and Arizona. That’s IF I can survive this god damn Trump “presidency.” Give me the strength.

Okay: How many of you Walking Dead fans have downloaded the Collapsible Hearts Club’s instant classic “Easy Street?” LOL!!! I’ve been bumpin’ that tune ALL. week. long. LMAO!!! YES!!! Keeping on topic, I did NOT make it to the comic book store this week. Yea. Grown up shit trumps second childhood shit, every time. I’ll hit Midtown Comics on the way out of town for sure, though.

Hey!!! I’m going to make a few phone calls. Thanks for tuning in, as always. If you’re in Florida, I will be in Tampa for Yankees Spring Training, next month! YAY!!! Haven’t done Spring Training since before my dad passed, so, I’m STOKED!!! About the experience!!! NOT The Yankees chances, LOL!!! Me heading a roster stacked full of crack fiends and toddlers have a better chance of reaching the World Series than my Yanks! Falcons lost. Knicks suck. Yankees are in for a long, hard, painful season.

Life is good. ✌🏾

OKAY. So, today…

My mom came home from the hospital! YAY!!! But, unfortunately, shortly after she got back… I received a text message from a friend in California letting me know that his mother passed today. It’s tough. Life is short. We are born. We live. We move on. That’s the way of the world.

Funny, this morning, I woke up and IMMEDIATELY blocked some asshole kid who had some snarky shit to say. to me. in my Instagram comments. Why the FUCK was he even following me!?!?! Short: If you just aren’t that into me??? DON’T follow!!! I could give a FUCK if I have 1 follower. 10 followers. 10,000 followers. OR 10,000,000 followers. Haters can fuck off. 🖕🏾NEXT!!!!!

I watched The Walking Dead mid season premiere ***AGAIN*** last night, as well as THIS PAST SUNDAY’S episode of The Talking Dead. Man, that scene with Rick & Michonne mowing down that herd on the freeway was my LIFE, man!!! MAN!!! Makes me long for the zombie apocalypse to hurry the fuck on and start, already! Half of these muthafuckers in the United States are brain dead already, anyhooz, so, yea, BRING IT ON!!!

I don’t really have a whole lot to say, right now. If you still have your mom, you *might* want to give her a hug. If you still have your dad, you may wanna give HIM a hug. Or a firm handshake, if he is anything like MY dad was (meaning, NOT the hugging type.) Tomorrow is NOT promised. In the words of that Merciless song: “Nobody knows what tomorrow’s gonna be.” If you’re in your 20’s, like that douchey kid I blocked, know this: You’re not going to stay young forever. One day, you’re going to hit 30. After that, here comes your 40’s and before you know it, you’re where I am now. God willing. “Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. It may bring joy or it may bring sorrow.”

That’s it. I am gonna go and I will either a.) watch this past Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. Again. OR b.) I’m going to start the comics ***AGAIN*** from the very beginning. (NO. I don’t have an issue no. 1 laying around here, LOL!!! I *do* however own the first three compendium volumes.)

Here comes Mommy! I’m out! ✌🏾

¡Buenos Días!

[deep breath]

I’m here! I’m still hanging in there! Still alive! Still trying to get ahold of this whole “thing.” Soul searching. Sorting things out. Regrouping. Check. Check. Check. All of the above. Check.

I made a pretty good 1/2 pot of coffee today and had a humorous exchange with a twitter follower regarding Chock full o’ Nuts, LOL!!! Now, I can’t stop laughing! And laughing is a GOOD thing, considering my current state of mind. Everything is upsetting to me. Everything is making me friggin’ angry. That being said, I want to say “Thank You!” Thanks to all of the well wishers, out there. Can’t share everything. Can’t even share with other family members what is happening, but I see very drastic changes ahead. All I can do is hope for the best and mentally prepare myself for the worst.

That’s it. Don’t want to dwell. But, had to vent, just a *little*. I saw a close friend of the family…family’s… ARGH!!! Grammar!!! 😤 LOL!!! YESTERDAY!!! …that I had not seen in MANY years. [deep breath] She is 88, so I know she won’t see this, but, she showed up at a very good time. It’s really easy to just let shit spin way outta control, but, unfortunately, I can’t just “let go.” I *must* keep it together. [deep breath] I threaten to just run away from it all, a LOT. Especially, since the election. But, the fact is, I can’t. My responsibilities won’t allow me to just take off. Not now, anyway. Family is VERY important to me. We are close knit. VERY close knit. And that’s why I am here, in a town I left many years ago. Staying in a house that holds a LOT of memories, yet, none of them really ignite *fond* memories. I mean, I had an AWESOME childhood and a GOOD…very good… great… upbringing. BUT. Just like when my folks left their hometown in North Carolina, at the age of 18, *I* left this place…with no intentions of ever moving back here. But, I am willing to stay here as long as I can, to make sure that my mother is okay.

Not sure if I should even be sharing this much personal info about me and what’s going on with me, BUT, I had a direct message exchange the other day that resulted in some kid (18+, yes, but still a “kid” to me. I refer to 3o year olds as kids, though!) deleting his Instagram account. This is where I am going. This is what I am trying to get at. Ready? Here it goes.

I HAVE A GOD DAMN LIFE. Outside of twitter. In addition to Instagram. Separate from social media. My social media presence is strong because I do enjoy…genuinely enjoy…staying connected. Connecting. BEING connected. BUT: I have to take care of myself. And I have to take care of my family. As the aforementioned friend of the family pointed out to me yesterday, I *am* the oldest. And as the oldest, I do have a responsibility. Sure, I could just up and run away and have all of this fall on someone else’s shoulders, BUT, I’m not wired like that. I’ve run away from shit before, in the past. Avoided shit. Put shit off for as long as I could, but eventually, more times than not. Probably 100% of the time. You end up having to face the shit head on, anyway. A lot of the problems I am facing that are SEPARATE from my family issues that I am dealing with, I have because I didn’t own up or face up or step up, but now, I’m paying for it. Now, I am workin’ EVEN HARDER to “right the ship”, so to speak. I am paying more to correct the errors. I’m now in a position where I can not afford to make any more mistakes. Mistakes are costly. And painful.

I kind of went off on a tangent, but, I’ll try to bring it back. PLEASE be mindful (and respectful) when reaching out. I have a LOT of shit going on, right now. A lot more than coffee, comic books, food, travel, beer, music and wine. LOL!!! My passion!!! LMAO!!! And IF…if you are in such a fragile state that you feel like you need to delete your social media because you don’t like what I am saying in my responses, you *might* want to seek help. As I said a few days ago, you CAN…could have??? SHOULD have…said something to me, BEFORE deleting your shit, but you know what??? It’s never too late. IF you should see this, you can reach out. Email me. Hit me up on twitter. Tell me what’s going on. I know how it is. I deleted my tumblr, in part, because someone…some asshole was making me VERY uncomfortable. Someone who had it in their head that I didn’t have… some asshole. I will just say, some asshole and will leave it at that.

[deep breath]

Damn. That was a long one. But, it had to be said. I had my coffee, so this should make sense! Haha! It’s should. I’m going ton proofread for spelling and grammatical errors and hit send. This one is a little too important to throw out there and have my intentions be misconstrued due to stupid typos.

Happy Tuesday!!!

If you are going through shit, too??? Hang in there!!! Life is rarely easy.

Crowded. ass. bus.


Okay, really quick, about ME!

Because, after all, you KNOW that in MY world, it’s ALL about ME. Me, me, me, ME, me and…what’s that guy’s name again??? Oh, yea, that’s right… ME!!!

I’m a nice guy! A NICE GUY!!! So, WHY would you delete your friggin’ Instagram while talking to me, instead of TALKING TO ME!?! OH MY GOD, REALLY!?!?! (That was my reaction, immediately after, on Twitter and THAT is STILL my reaction after two margaritas and a DELICIOUS chicken quesadilla. (It’s Happy Hour at Tortilla Coast and the LAST TIME I was at Tortilla Coast during Happy Hour, the dinosaurs roamed the earth and black folks bought their favorite albums at the record store on vinyl and 8-track, but I digress…)


If you’re not weird or creepy or constantly beggin’ for naughty pics? I WILL TALK TO YOU!!! Fuck me, man! You didn’t even give ME a CHANCE to talk it out. What’s up with that? Holla atcha boy! If you SEE this??? Holla. On twitter, because you done deleted your Instagram!

People. You can *talk* to me. I’m not congress. I’m *open* to hear what you got to say. We can hold hands. Take walks in the park. Share one Slurpee with TWO STRAWS. Because. I love you, man. [sniff] Holla.

That’s it.

Hey: I am on the east coast and like that hot male model, I might even be walking through the streets, givin’ out free hugs. But, I’m black. And old. And haven’t been to the gym in a bit. And have hair on my chest. Not even REAL hair. Taco meat. Like, a taco platter at a Mexican restaurant, IN MEXICO. LMAO!!! Don’t be “that dude” (or THAT girl!) Talk to me. I’m not a hard guy to talk to.

[deep breath]

I’m almost drunk, so I’m gonna go ahead and sign off and finish the job. I’ll be back in NYC this weekend and then, I’m gonna mosey on up to Providence, because I haven’t been there in a while and Union Station Brewing Company is calling my name!

Kum By Yah. And awl dat. ✌🏾

GOOD Morning!!! ❤️

I was going to be a lazy fuck today but instead, I put on my Spike Lee hat. Do The Right Thing.

Woke up with Queen’s ‘Lilly Of The Valley’ on my mind, but do you think I dialed it up on the 7? Nope. I got my ‘Who Shot Ya’ playlist bumpin’ instead! LOL!!! Bruthas at the PART Hub are all rockin’ Yankees hats and Yankees hats remind me of home and is there ANY beat that’s MORE NYC than ‘Who Shot Ya’??? Maybe Freedom’s ‘Get Up And Dance.’

Okay! Trump! I woke up thinking about this guy. His whole presidency is turning to poo right before our very eyes. I LOVE IT!!! Every day, I look forward to another news conference. They are FILLED with Trumpisms, worthy of…what is the opposite of a literary award??? LOL!!! When I laugh out loud, I wonder if people AROUND me wonder what it is exactly that I’m laughing at. I think I’m a funny dude. Even when other Dems block me on twitter because they don’t possess the ability to recognize snark when they see it, I think I’m funny.


Oh! And I haven’t been blocked in a while by anyone. I’m gettin’ soft! I HAVE blocked some Trumpies, though. Opposing views are no longer welcome in my twitter timeline. Ain’t nobody got time for their shit. I’m trying to see Cheeto Jesus melt all the way down to nothing, like the Wicked Witch of The West. Steve Bannon as The Wizard. Kellyanne CONjob is a flying monkey and the the Trumpies are the monkey poop on the ground, that the monkeys leave behind, when they are flying back to Kentucky to hang with Rand Paul on a party boat, on a lake, drinking Natural Lite and screaming at their toothless queens: “SHOW US YOUR TITS!!!!!”

Or something like that.

So, you probably heard that my train to North Carolina hit a car yesterday. That is three trips to NC in a row that have been marred by misfortune. Not for me…save the whole, missing my train in Durham because that kid having a seizure, but anyway… Yea. Here’s my PSA of the day: Don’t try to beat the train to the railroad crossing. Because, if you lose? It just looks bad, you know. Hashtag: Darwin Award.

I am here. At the train station. I’m out. ✌🏾

Okay! So, I finally made it…

to Greensburr, LMAO!!!

I’m all like RIDICULOUSLY caffeinated because…well…free coffee on The Piedmont and the whole “sitting still for an hour and change while NTSB comes out to BFE North Carolina to clear us to leave” thing.

A car.

I will go ahead and blame it on TRUMP. NC voted for him. Black turnout was low in The Tar Heel State, due to voter suppression. A black person would NEVER try to beat a train to a railroad crossing, so it MUST have been a white person and if it was a white person, in North Carolina, it HAD to be a Trumpie that we hit! Deductive reasoning.

My hair on my head is starting to grow back in and it’s itching me like CRAZY. Ugh. I may shave it down, again. Annoying.

Well! Again! Not *too* much to say. Hello! And Goodbye!!!