Hoosier Primary: The Day Of Reckoning

I know. That sounded SO dramatic!

Ted steals the delegates and the delegates slowly migrate back to Trump. It’s going to be a Trump vs. Clinton general election. There is no doubt about that. It’s just a matter of time.

Being home, on the sidelines, has given me LOTS of opportunity to catch up on some playoff basketball. I’m watching the Spurs-Thunder game now and OH, what a difference a game makes! I enjoyed the Cavs-Hawks game 1, as well.

Well. There really isn’t a WHOLE lot to report. I did receive that refund from Greyhound for making us late the day my mom was released from the hospital and I am now turning my ire to McDonald’s. Not because of their shitty food but because the McD’s in my hometown is short changing people. It’s definitely on purpose and the cashiers are definitely making a killing. I talked to the general manager today and she is going to investigate and report back to me. (She said she was going to start by watching videotape from last night but knew RIGHT AWAY who the female cashier was that tried to take me for $5. I’m no math genius, but BITCH, I’m a lot smarter than YOU ARE.) They done fucked with the wroooooooooooong person.

Karsin Knightly: Customer Advocate

I like that!

Good night and good vibrations.

Ted Crooze & John Kay-Sick

…couldn’t stop Bozo The Clown from becoming the Republican nominee if Bozo was running for president.


What’s that???

Bozo The Clown **IS** running for the GOP nomination and they CAN’T stop him??? Damn. Hang it up, already.

Normally, at this point in the spring, I would be going on and on and on about Game Of Thrones, but I have been at my mother’s and my mom doesn’t have HBO, so all I have is how boring my hometown is, weather, bad wine and childhood stories, LoL!!! That’s all I got.

I hear Skip Bayless is leaving ESPN and Johnny Manziel is being indicted. OH!!! Josh Norman to the Skins. Sam Bradford is on his way out and that. is. about. it.

Ending with a question: How fucking ANNOYING is S.E. Cupp!?!?!

That moment when…

they said that it was CONFIRMED that Prince had died.

And now, some people are talking drug overdose??? Yea…uh…no. Well…maybe… Prescription drugs. Man. I don’t know. It’s sad, either way. It’s wrong, either way. Prince was EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY, man.

Michael Jackson was the King Of Pop. Prince was PRINCE. And I have to inject a quick two thumbs ALL THE WAY DOWN to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Man, I normally like that dude but yesterday, his white was shining so bright…it was wrong on every level known to man, man. And then??? Don Lemon called to save the day with stories of his older sister turning him onto Prince. (I didn’t know me and Don Lemon were like…the same age!)

God, this is making me tear up. And I’ve been crying a LOT lately. I have been flirting with abandoning social media for a while and with all of the shit that I’ve been going through lately, I was going to pull the plug on it all and disappear into the woodwork, BUT, if I’m really going to write a book? I should go the other way and share more. So……………. Here’s to opening up just a *little* bit more.

Oh! As I watch these last few minutes of Purple Rain on vh1, YEA!!!!!


I’m going to go. For now.

Shoutout to Greyhound for doing the right thing. I got an apology. A refund and a “hope your mom gets better” BUT…………. No explanation as to why my particular bus was canceled. I strongly suspect that it was a driver that quit. I hear that happens a LOT to Greyhound. So, I thank the sun and the moon and the lucky stars above that I don’t have to write that nasty corporate letter I was envisioning.


I actually feel BAD for Shaun King. Man. Life is hard, man. Stay strong, my brother. (Yea. I said it.)

Philly is a nasty fucking city, man. The people. Nasty. Not all. But a great deal. Most, even. I noticed that black folks who are on the up & up in Philadelphia refer to shady cats as being “grimy.” WOW. Now THAT’S harsh. And people says that I’M tough on black folks. Shit.

Well. I am keeping myself entertained on twitter (of course!) The NY Primary, the aforementioned Shaun King flap and 7-11 vs. 9/11 and OH!!! Crystal City was trending, LOLOLOLOLOLOL What a night this has been! Where I used to have to wait until the evening news or the morning paper, now I get it all instantly, in real time, right to my phone. Talk about instant gratification!

The Delegate Games are going to be sooooooooooo interesting to watch over these next few days. On the Republican side AND in the battle for the Democratic nomination. I’m getting a kick out of this election cycle, for real. Tried to engage my sister in conversation about the election and she is just as uninterested and cynical as EVER. So, now, I’m talking to YOU about tonight’s primary. I, like many, am enjoying the establishment being shaken to its very foundation. You have failed us, Washington DC. I see it every single day, up close and personal.

Sis did drop THIS one on me, though: She suspects that the GOP is using Cruz to block Trump and then, the GOPe is going to yank the rug out from underneath BOTH OF THEM in the end.

Well. We are just on the south side of Baltimore. I’m getting closer to that place called home. Have a wonderful evening and thanks again for tuning in and a big THANK YOU for those well wishes and to those people who are helping me get through this rough time.

19 April, 2016 22:59

This weather doesn’t make any sense.

Is it summer?
Is it winter?
What happened to spring?
Why do the Houston Rockets suck so badly???

These are the questions that keep me awake in the middle of the night.

So, NYC is voting today. Oh yea, and upstate, too. LoL!!! Trumptacular!!!

[deep breath] The RNC shenanigans are going to have to be cranked up a notch if they are going to deny Trump all 95 of New York City’s delegates. Oh yea, and upstate, LoL!!! GO, YANKEES!!!!! I’ve been rockin’ my colors, representin’ and takin’ a LOT of shit lately from the haters. Including my own mother, who threw a sharp jab at me today when I walked into her hospital room, LOL!!! “I don’t like the Yankees.” LOLOLOL I replied: “Yea, I know. Brooklyn Dodgers.” And she fires back about how she used to go to the games at Ebbett’s Field to watch Jackie Robinson play, LoL!!! I throw out “Ladies Night” and she responds “Sunday Double Headers”, LOL!!! I love my mom!!!

Well. I’m on the big blue bus back to The Watergate City, LOL!!!

Happy Toozdaye!!!

Up early in the morning.

As I get on the orange line train at my home station of New Carrollton, I am reviewing the spirited debate I had with a family member on the safety of the DC Metro rail system.

The cars that we ride in are 40 years old. That’s pretty fucking old. The escalators in the stations are often out of service. The crime rate on metro trains and in metro stations is very high and breakdowns due to equipment failure are all but TOO common. It’s an aging, broken relic of a transit system that was very cutting edge and futuristic when it was first opened, back in the 1970’s.

Well. It has been a very interesting last few days…well…couple of weeks, actually. And it’s NOT going to get any less interesting anytime soon. Life has a way of sneaking up on your ass and punching you on the back of the head when you’re just floating through, minding your own business, trying to just do your thing.

[deep breath]

Those of you with aging parents know what I’m talking about. And as I am spending more and more time in the little town I was raised in, I am constantly reminded of why I left. Just not. my. style. New Jersey was my home. The Garden State. The people of New Jerusalem today just seem *weird* to me. I relate more easily to New Yorkers, Chicagoans, Angelinos or the people of Arizona than I do to my own people that I was raised with. Half rural. Half suburban. Just…weird… LoL

Well. That’s it. I’m on my way to the bi blue bus. Philadelphia. Then it’s the PATCO high speed line over the Delaware River to Noo Joizy. NJ is very fortunate to have one of THE BEST hospitals in all of the nation and I am fortunate that my mom has some bomb-ass health insurance that allows me the opportunity to not worry about… Well… I have one less thing to stress over.

I can’t believe how fast the train is moving! No delays! Shit, we are already at RFK Stadium! Yay!!!

Hugs and handshakes.


I have missed what might be…

the most awesome opportunity of a lifetime.


I missed last night’s Democratic debate! DAMN!!! I will catch the re-airing tonight, I’m sure. I’m STOKED. This has been THE most bizarre election cycle in MY lifetime, without a doubt. And I will be………….. [counts on my fingers and toes] FIFTY in September, LOL!!!


The Leftovers is coming back for a third and final season and the show-runners for Game Of Thrones are talking about pulling the plug soon. Like…this season is a “full” (10 episode) season and then an abbreviated season and then no mas. BOO.

That’s it for tv. Kobe! Why did I not really give a shit about his last season. Who. The fuck. Cares. He should have retired three years ago. What. Evz.

Well. That’s all I got for now. I’m back in The Garden State. That fast!

Hugs and more hugs, followed by kisses!


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