Well, I’m back on the east coast and…

I’m TOTALLY ready to head back to Vegas, LOL!!! What tha FUCK?!?!? I’m enjoying hanging with my peeps and hittin’ all of my old spots and the intense chat I had with the staff at Midtown Comics Grand Central location, the other morning.

BUT… I am a west coast kinda guy.

I’m still enamored by The Big Apple and do miss EVERYTHING being RIGHT THERE. Right up the street. Right around the corner. Right outside the window. BUT… I’m a west coast cat.

LaGuardia: Why are they ALWAYS changing shit at LaGuardia??? It’s like they are on a mission to make LaGuardia the most confusing airport on the planet, LOL!!! Speaking of missions: It is full fuKKKin’ steam ahead for the GOP in their mission to destroy the country. Don’t get it twisted. It’s happening. UNLESS…


Flynn has flipped.

Hey. My twitter is all politics. all the time. So, where I can go on and on and on about how fucked over we are going to be IF we don’t turn this muthafucker around, I was intending to take a break and just talk about dumb stuff for a minute.

Flynn has flipped.

(I know I said it twice but it sounds *so* nice.)

Pumpkin Pie Vodka and Diet Ginger Ale!!! LOL!!! You need to try that shit, mayne! And in OTHER New York City news, my 99 cents pizza-by-the-slice joint has a SECOND location, right around the corner from the ORIGINAL location! It’s SUPER tiny!!! For real! *tiny*


So, I woke up to pee and made the mistake of checking my phone. I saw that the heaping pile of shit known as the ‘Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut Plan’ had passed about 40 minutes prior. It upset to where I couldn’t even go back to sleep. I was SO upset, so, I jumped on twitter! LOL!!! OF COURSE!!! And now, I’m yawning and so, I *think* I’m gonna cut out.

Just wanted to say hello and letcha know that I’m alive and well. Well, physically, anyway! LOL!!!


Greetings, Again! 🙋🏾‍♂️


I need it. I’m looking for it. Now, more than ever. [deep breath] Purpose. That’s what’s important. Necessary. I’m searching.


Many people tell me that 51 is not old. But, I feel like it’s been 100 years since I left Tucson. 1,000 years since I moved away from The Valley. A gazillion years since I left New Jersey for Los Angeles and working in NYC was a LIFETIME ago.

[deep breath]

People. Check it. I have been thinkin’ some CRAZY shit, lately. Like… my best times might *actually* be in front of me. I don’t know. It’s dark. I have been tweeting about doom & gloom for a year now. I am tired. I’m cranky. Trying my best to keep it all together and yet, I’m pressing on. I think about how peaceful and tranquil and FUN it was, living and training on Mt. Fuji. How EXCITING weekends in Tokyo were and how enriching it was to go back to school and get my degree. Now, it’s time for me to look elsewhere.

The Isley Brothers – Take Me To The Next Phase. That’s the jam. THAT’S the *ticket.*

Okay. So, I’m yawning. I don’t wanna go to sleep. So, I’m gonna ask you all where you see this Carol & Ezekiel thing going? Yay or nay? OH. MY. GOD. “Shipping” = relationSHIP. I *just* learned this! I did not know this! I heard the term used, a LOT in the last couple of years, but, man…kids and their lingo!

Shit. Are you superstitious??? Just curious. I was raised in the north but my roots are in the south and there are MANY things that kinda linger, belief wise, that I will probably NEVER be able to shake.

Okay. I’m not sure why it’s still cloudy out there but it’s kinda freakin’ me out. I sleep a LOT on planes *but* because I got a REALLY GOOD night’s sleep, last night, I am wide awake. And it’s shaky, if you haven’t picked up the vibe. I don’t know. I may not even be giving OFF a vibe. But, I’m going to bolt, for now, nonetheless. ✌🏾 & ♥️


See ya in Noo Yawk City, errbody!!!

Back East

Makin’ a quick trip home. [deep breath]

Hello! Good Morning! Greetings! Salutations!


Why did we just take off on a North/South runway, heading south, just to turn around and head north??? 🤔 Hashtag: Ask An Air Traffic Controller. [deep breath] My realtors hit me up the other day to say that they found a place in the gated community where I want to be but I’m not in a place where I can drop everything and check it out. So, I told them that I would be down first week of January. That gives me time to get my ducks (which is code word for money) lined up.

The more I think about Mexico, the more I think that I should have done this shit right after the election. This whole thing is fucking with my HEAD, man. This morning, I woke up to hear that Matt Lauer had been fired THIS MORNING and when you couple that with Trump’s fuKKKed up tweets, including a retweet of some well-known racist British bitch…well… I’m done. And MY day is BARELY gettin’ started.

Going to take a pause for the cause to ask that you PLEASE forgive my grammatical misgivings. I’m trying to get better with that. Especially if I’m going to crank out… OH MY GOD, how long has it been since I’ve been talking shit about writing a book? WAY too long.

Seems quite a FEW people enjoy me on twitter. Which is funny, because, I’m learning this right after being BLASTED and questioned about MY TWITTER!!! LOL!!! People, people, people… put simply: I am NOT for everybody. I only hope that I provoke thought. Deeper thought and greater understanding. That’s it. Dialogue is nice but some people are beyond talking to. So, buckle in and enjoy the ride. We are gonna get there together. I guarantee it.

My mentality: As you all know. I joke about my impending death, suicide, drinking, runnin’ away and all kinds of other crazy shit. I’m not crazy. I sometimes THINK that I’m going crazy, but, I’m okay. I see crazy people on the streets, all the time. So, worry not. I’m not cracking. I will leave before I crack. Selling EVERYTHING is probably going to be the toughest thing that I may *have* to do. But, I *hope* that I will NOT have to do that. I would like to avoid that. But, I don’t know about the whole “put it all in a shipping container and ship it to a place halfway across the planet” thing. And I am *definitely* not talking/shipping any valuables to MEXICO. And I ♥️ Mexico. Mexico 🇲🇽 Mexico 💃🏾🕺🏾 Mexico 🌮🍹🌯

Calls: If I owe you a call, I’ll call you today. I’ve been *somewhat* “off grid” these last few days. And I will be taking a VERY brief trip in a couple of weeks and will *probably* kinda sorta disappear for a minute then, as well. Kinda like I went several weeks without posting on Instagram. I will still be here, in the physical plane. Or is it, physical PLAIN??? I’ll just be “unavailable” as I continue to try to turn this bitch around and start heading in the RIGHT direction.

Okay. The Walking Dead. Have you been watching? Have you? HAVE YOU????? Oh my god, good grief, it’s *almost* as stressful as the god damn comic. [deep breath] Only, in the comic, I don’t have to worry about Carol. JESUS. Carol. (Did you see my refrigerator magnet, on twitter?) Carol. I don’t think I can stand to lose Carol. But, with Robert Kirkman, as always, you just don’t know.

Okay. When I’m at 30,000 feet and am enjoying coffee, after a long absence, I sure do run my mouth a LOT. LOL!!!

Okay. This is NOT a poll or anything but just a parting “sometimes I think about…” kinda thing. Salem, NJ. Davenport, Iowa. Palm Springs, California. That’s it. My parting thoughts.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Today is New Comic Book Day.

Today’s comics are tomorrow’s hit tv shows and movies.

I’ve been drinkin’, again!



Man, my wheels are spinning and I’m running in place. Like… marking time. When I left Maryland, exactly a year ago, I stayed with my mom for a month and it was the longest. month. ever. And you all who have been following me for a bit and *all* of you who know me… You all know that I ♥️ my mother. She RAWKS!!!

[deep breath]

I feel like my whole life has completely come off the rails. And the whole fuKKKin’ country has come completely off the rails. I mean, it’s just one “event” after another. I mean, god damn. I don’t know what the fuKKK happened. One day, all was right in the universe and the future was BRIGHT and the next day, Trump was elected over Hillary and my relatively mundane life in suburban D.C. came to a SCREECHING halt and I was sleeping on my mother’s couch. Gettin’ drunk every night. Feeling sorry for myself.

[deep breath]

I once thought that I was the only one taking this shit really, REALLY hard but I started talking about my feelings to friends and twitter friends and it turns out that I am NOT the only one takin’ this shit personally. EVERYTHING is *so* fucking personal, to me. Takin’ this shit to heart. Like Trump’s being in The White House is an affront to me and goes against EVERYTHING that I believe. Like… It’s a smack in my face. A kick in gave nads. A punch to the gut. Fuck.

Goals not being met. Losing sleep. Stalling and stumbling. And moody as FUCK.. Up. Down. UP AGAIN. dowwwwwwwwwwnnn…..
An emotional roller coaster that is out of control. Off the rails. Fucking with my psyching. Just… fuckin’ with me. Hounding me. Dogging me. KILLIN’ ME.

I know. Pretty melodramatic, right???

Now playin’ Tippa Lee – Rastaman Kitchen!!! A Studio One CLASSIC!!! I’ve been listening to a LOT of reggae, lately. I ♥️ reggae. And jazz. Classic rock. 80’s. FUNK. Yea. I pretty much like it ALL.

I need some inspiration.

Well. That’s it. For now. Wasn’t going anywhere in particular with this. Just saying hello and blowin’ off some steam. [deep breath] It is just past ten, so…

Bedtime. ✌🏾

🌚 Evening Thoughts 🤔

I am going to hit the hay early tonight. I stayed up WAY too late, last night and was unable to watch my Morning Joe. Mika and Joe were definitely watching over me, though. LOL!!! I absolutely HAVE to see what their take is on that shitshow of a… whatever the hell you want to call that Jeff Sessions hearing. Oh. my. *god.*

If you missed it, you have NO idea how much FUN you missed out on. Oh. my. *god.* I’m repeating myself.

My realtor in Mexico is trying to find me a place to live. Please cross your fingers for me. I’m feeling inspired and the flood has me thinking that I really do need to move out and move on. Not necessarily away from Vegas forever or anything. But away from here. Just for a bit. To write and unplug. You know. Be all that you can be, kinda break.

[deep breath]

Sometimes, I don’t smell anything. Sometimes, it smells dank & moldy. Yea. I can take them up on the offer to move temporarily while they tear it all up and install new carpet. The manager did offer that. But… I’m feeling that I have been here a *little* too long, anyway. So, it’s time. I’m going to make it, though. [wink] I’ll be all right. I’m going to start packing my shit tomorrow and even though I know that none of you have seen my place, you all know ME. I have a LOT of SHIT. Clothes. Shoes. Comic books. That’s it. A LOT of clothes, comics and shoes. [deep breath]

We will see.

Okay. So. The thing that’s got me hooked THIS WEEK is the ‘Love & Hate’ Riddim. This Steelie & Clevie gem from the mid-90’s has been a favorite of mine ever since J.C. Lodge’s ‘Tough Love’ dropped like a ton of bricks on a True Force Intl. mix tape. GOD, I miss True Force. Easily one of the most underrated and overlooked sound systems on the planet. Queens!!! I did mention that I will be heading to Jamaica next month, right? Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve *witnessed* a good old fashioned sound clash? Since I’ve had a Red Stripe? Since I’ve purchased a 45? [deep breath] I’m EXCITED!!! Like Yankees Spring Training, this is going to be yet another small step towards getting back to the essence of “me.”

I’m hype. 🇯🇲

Okay. I have my phone randomly playing stuff. Kiss (Beth), Cheryl Lynn, Wayne Wonder… yea… random. But, that’s me.

Okay. It’s past 9 o’clock. I think I’m going to shut it down.

If Donald FuKKKin’ Trump has been driving you crazy, hang in there. I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s all going to be over, sooner than later.

Until tomorrow… 👊🏾

(That’s an Obama Fist Bump, just for YOU!)

Dilemma 🤔

That’s where I’ve been for the better part of the last couple of years. Tomorrow, I’ll be looking for a storage place to stash my stuff for a bit. Going to do a *little* traveling. Just a little. Not a lot.

Got a CALL from someone tonight that I had not heard from in a long time and it made me think of someone ELSE that I had not seen in a bit and then, I got a TEXT from someone that I had not seen in a bit and… I don’t know. It all came at a time where I am just not sure about *anything* and there’s just too much that I think about but it’s just hard to act on shit from the comfort of my couch. Or the confines of my bed. And it’s not even that I’m all that comfortable here, since getting flooded. As I mentioned after it happened, I do believe it was a sign for me to move. I *doubt* I’m going to “move on” from Las Vegas but I’m just not sure. There is definitely opportunity here. To do shit. Other shit.

BUT. I’m going to to meet my realtor in Mexico to look at some places near the beach. Just to get away from it all for a minute. To write. And be somewhere that is NOT West Tropicana Avenue, LOL!!! I have to write. I need to let some shit out that I just can’t express in 280 characters. More than a few paragraphs that I can easily lay down here. [deep breath] I need to write a BOOK. It’s in me. I know it. I just need to unplug from all the bullshit and get away from the noise that is drowning out my creative voice.

So, check this out: The lady who bagged my groceries today, at Von’s??? Looked JUST like my congresswoman, Dina Titus!!! I don’t know if it’s because I’m obsessing over EVERYTHING politics or if it might have been her sister, or what. It was like…a real resemblance. [deep breath] Also today: I found Injection no. 11! (Yay!!!) God Country no. 3 is going to be a tough one, though. Went through two printings and now, it’s out of print. But, there’s a BAD ASS comic book store in Tucson… I got this!

Heading to 🇯🇲 next month. Yea. Jamaica. I’ve never been. Went to the Bahamas twice, back in the day. My folks used to go every year and drug me and my sister two years in a row. LOVE Nassau! Freeport??? Not so much. I booked and cancelled on Puerto Rico a few years ago. Some of you who have been following me for a bit may remember that. I was able to cancel my hotel without penalty BUT had to eat the airfare. Well. Like my heralded return to Spring Training, I am really looking forward. Going to DEFINITELY do some record shopping! YAY!!! (I have a MASSIVE…make that YUGE…number of 45 rpm reggae records in storage, in Tucson. I’ve always loved reggae music and 45s have always been THE dominant format, in Jamaica. Songs have even been recorded in the morning and hit the streets in the evening! Record. Press. Release. One of my favorite tunes is a cover of Samantha Sang’s “Emotion.” White label. No stamp. No writing. Plain. Crooked. Artist: Unknown.

So. Mexico. Jamaica. And I’m still leaning towards France. Sometime after the first of the year. But, I do believe that I need to crank something out before I leave the continent. A chapter or two. Or three. I’ve always loved Baja California and really do need to be somewhere that inspires me. Away from the bright lights. But not too far from the big city.

Okay. My headphones are dying and it’s almost midnight. I’m going to say good night and I will see you, tomorrow. In a couple of hours, actually. (Morning Joe!!!)

👊🏾 (Obama fist bump for ya!)

There is going to come a day…

when Republicans will be sitting at home, scratching their heads and their hairy asses, wondering to themselves: “What happened to our party? How the fuck did we end up here?” Out of power. Out of sorts. Out on their worthless fuKKKing asses.

[deep breath]

I really don’t know HOW I keep letting myself get into these situations. I’m cool one minute and the next minute, I’m shaking angry. One of my twitter followers said it best: “You can’t trust ANY Republicans!” I’m very disappointed in Sen. Lisa Murkowski. I’m EXTREMELY disappointed.

This week’s elections really gave me a much needed boost! A shot of energy! FIRE!!! I only wish Nevada was voting. But, that means that I have a whole year to prepare for even MORE awesome victories! Victories that *I* can be a part of. Barrack Obama. Gabrielle Giffords. You know I made some phone calls, a week or so ago! YEA!!! That bullshit ass tax cut, cut, cut, cut plan, LOL!!!

I tire out SO fucking easily when I’m home, but when I get to circulating, I’m READY to fuck some shit up! That’s who I am. That’s what I do. That’s who I’ve always been. That’s who I’m always gonna be. I know some of my “views” aren’t popular. I worked in banking for a while and bankers are NOT very popular people. When I workin’ in my CAREER career, I was in a place, on more than one occasion where I wasn’t “popular” because of my somewhat unorthodox methods. But… I’m a stickler for rules. Attention to detail. Law and order. And having been brought into chaotic situations, I always REFUSED to let the craziness dictate the way *I* had to operate in order to maintain MY sanity.

No matter where I am.
No matter what I do.
No matter WHO I’m with.
I’m going to be ME.

This is me.

If you’re into it? COOL!!!
If it’s not your thing? That’s cool, too.

But, don’t ask me to change who the fuck I am. I’m an OLD dog and new tricks ain’t me. Nah. Not my thing.

[deep breath]

I saw a shadow and thought it was the carpet guy. Man, FUCK THESE PEOPLE. Yesterday, that muthafucker came and did 1105 and LEFT. I’m 3105. Third floor. The unit that flooded. Top floor. Ugh. I’m having my coffee and will go to the office to see what’s the haps. I *like* them. But, I can become very impatient, very quickly. I don’t like mold. And funny smells. And shit that can get into my lungs. I’m super sensitive to like… EVERYTHING. Always have been. Since childhood. That’s why I have to constantly put myself in “time out” in my head. It’s to keep me from flying the fuck off the handle.

I guess I’ll go to the comic book store to see if I can replace these issues that got fucked up. Thank GOD that all of my back issues of The Walking Dead are all at my mother’s house! I also need to pick up a couple of short boxes, as well. [deep breath] And, I need to go grocery shopping, as well.

[deep breath]

Yea, I got some running around to do.

Happy Thursday, everyone!!!