I’ve been SO FOCUSED on trying…

to get my shit together so I could leave the country, in the event of a Trump presidency, that I never thought of what would happen if Trump LOST. And now that he is losing “bigly”, I need to now turn my attention to life beyond November 8th.

As many of you know, I am making moves towards heading to North Carolina. A state that my mom and dad left in search of a better life elsewhere. Back then, it was a scary, dark, ugly, racist, dangerous and often deadly place for black people. Fact. But now, all of that has changed. I remember when we were little, my NYC and NJ cousins…and I…used to poke fun at my NC cousins. They would go out to the fields and pick tobacco for their school clothes and what not. Just like their parents used to do when they were little. Just like OUR parents used to do when THEY were little! As a youngster, I never thought that I would ever move to North Carolina. As much as I loved spending time with my paternal grandmother OR hearing my maternal grandfather’s scary ghost stories, the south always seemed to sloooooooooooooooowww for me. Country. Now, I regret that I didn’t start making these moves sooner. My vote would be worth SO MUCH MORE in North Carolina than in Maryland. But…that’s on me. I guess everything happens in the timeframe that it is supposed to happen. I’d like to believe that, anyway.

I saw an article about how Wisconsin has volunteers that help black people acquire the proper ID, in order to not get stopped from voting when they reach the polling places. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it’s NOT. THAT is what ***I*** need to be doing. In North Carolina. Where voter suppression is going on RIGHT NOW. Not the Jim Crow North Carolina that my parents fled in the 1950’s, but the 2016 “Hey, look at us! We have good schools, museums, fancy restaurants and an NFL team!” North Carolina. It’s happening in Madison, Wisconsin and it is happening in Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana. Republicans are fighting HARD to keep black folks from voting. This shit has to end. We have to fight back. We have to not only win next month, but we NEED to DESTROY what’s left of the GOP. We need to wipe it out. We need to clear the slate and we need to start all over again. We need fail safes to ensure that when the midterms come around, we are ready to mobilize en mass, to ensure that we don’t lose the gains made from the ’16 race. I need to be a part of that.

I have soooooooooooooo much fun on twitter! UNTIL I start checking out the timelines of some of these Trump supporters. They say that they are not racists. Their tweets say otherwise. They say that they aren’t mysogynitic. Their tweets tell a DIFFERENT story. They insist that their hatred of President Barrack Obama has NOTHING to do with the fact that he is black, yet the memes they post SHOW US that it’s just more white nationalist, Alt-right, paranoid, conspiracy driven bullshit. Don’t even think for a minute that racism is dead. Don’t sleep. THEY are not going to sleep anytime soon. And *I* won’t be going to sleep anytime soon. I am going to attack. But not with my fists. Not with guns. Or knives. Or words. I’m going to work within the system. Because the system works. It’s flawed, yes, that is true. BUT… It’s what we have to work with and we need to work within the guidelines that were set by the founding fathers to make sure that America does NOT fall into the dark, ugly, vile, cesspool that Donald Trump claims we already live in.

The right. Alt-right. Racists. Republicans. GOP, whatever the fuck your want to call their hatin’ asses, NEVER complained about the system while it was working in THEIR favor and they were running roughshod over the American people. Poor people. Black people. Latino people. Let’s go aaaaaaaaaawwwlllll the way back to Native people. But, the minute a black man was elected to the highest office in the land, the sky has fallen and shit has been in shambles ever since. Racist fucking code is spoken as if we are too fucking stupid to read between the lines! HA!!! And here we are. 2016. The black president is going to be followed by a WOMAN president. ANOTHER first. And the right ***AGAIN*** is going. FUCKING. crazy. “Black Democrats vote blue even when their party is working against their best interests!” Yea, well, I guess maybe Trailer Trash Trumpies are doing the same thing. They vote for Republicans who don’t give a flyin’ fuck about THEM. I guess that puts us all in the same boat, huh? I said a few days ago that I would like to think that we have more in common than we know. I would like to think that. And I would like to reach out to the Trumpies (who are gonna be hella salty when DJT gets demolished in the upcoming general election, for trying to run his tired-ass playbook from the primary IN said general election.) Yes, I would like to start on some kind of road to healing but then I remember the racist tweets. The protesters that have been punched and beaten. The angry and treasonous shirts…and bumper stickers and that White Lives Matter rally in Houston and the LIES they constantly tell and I remember: They don’t care about ME. They HATE me. And even though I am not even going to hate them back??? I’m not going to go out of my way to break bread with them. I’d rather get MY people ready for the 2018 midterms.

There’s work to be done.

Happy Sunday.

And if you’ve read this far??? Here’s a gold star!!! LOL!!!

This is the piece of SHIT who…

…published the personal information of one of Trump’s accusers on twitter. Her address. Her phone number. Blasted. For the world to see. They say that they don’t want to be called deplorable, yet they won’t hesitate to doxx a woman who was brave enough to stand up for herself (and other women) during a tumultuous time, in an election cycle where dirt is dished out on the daily. WHY??? Because they are misogynistic pieces of shit. Their candidate is a mysogynitic piece of shit.

Trumpies say that they are not racist. Yet, I see them on a daily basis, saying the ugliest, racist… vile, hateful things. Things that I will not repeat here. Things that I never would repeat (or share with anyone, ever.) I’ve even peeked at a couple of sites that are run by Trump supporters. Alt-Right haters. And the stuff they say…about people of color…to each other??? It’s disgusting. And sad. They are pathetic and misguided. They are being led astray by a man that probably doesn’t agree with a *quarter* of the shit that he shovels at his rallies. Duping those who are easily duped. The unemployed. The uneducated. It’s unacceptable.

There are people out there who are going to WILLINGLY vote for a man who is CLEARLY in bed with the Russians. A degenerate who PROBABLY hasn’t paid taxes in close to twenty years. A guy who OPENLY sexually assaults women. A hack who knows nearly NOTHING about the world that exists outside of his shiny glass tower. All under the pretense that he speaks for the working man. He is an advocate for the little guy. The people who are “suffering.” Those who have been “left behind” in a country that is being sold down river by the “globalists.” Thankfully, he reached his ceiling of 40%. Once that happened, I started to feel a *little* better about November 8th. But now, in starting to worry about these people. What are they going to do when they lose?

This election needs to be a blowout. An electoral landslide of historic proportions. The most humiliating loss to ever happen in the history of modern politics. It can’t be a nail-biter. It’s gotta be a double digit asswhuppin’. It HAS to send a CLEAR message to these UGLY individuals that WE are NOT going to turn OUR country over to white. nationalist. Nazi. dirtbags. Not in 2016. Not in 2020. Forget about 2024. Or any other fucking election, EVER. America was not originally envisioned as a place for whites, blacks, natives, Latinos, Asians, Arabs, dogs, cats and gerbils to all live together and coexist and hold hands and hug trees and sing koom by fuckin’ ya together, but guess what??? We all ended up melting into this totally AWESOME society. A CIVILIZED society. A GREAT nation…together…in the same boat, eating at the same restaurants and running in the same circles. This is a DEMOCRACY and I will be god damned if I let ANYONE question the legitimacy of MY president, undermine OUR political process ***OR*** question MY patriotism.

Coffee’s done!!!! I’m out! Happy Saturday!!!

Quick Trump Question

It is a little more than 140 characters and I need to know:

Trump bragged to Billy Bush that he groped
[sexually assaulted] women. Several women come forward to say they were sexual assaulted. The women are all called liars by Trump and his low-information/low-intelligence followers. Okay. IF these women ARE lying about being groped by Trump, then tell me, where are all of the women that WERE groped by Trump???

Things that make you go: “Well, THAT doesn’t make much sense!” LMAO!!!!! New numbers show Trump sinking further and further into the toilet. Let’s not get complacent, Dems. Arizona and Georgia are now light blue and The House of Representatives *IS* in play! We need THIRTY SEATS to take it back, so LET’S TAKE IT BACK!!! No one, but NO ONE is allowed to sit this election out! Steve Bannon is instructing Donald Trump to burn it all down, so it won’t be hard to do. Trumpies will not vote downballot out of revenge for Republicans unendorsing , so taking The House will be like taking candy from a baby!

That being said, good morning! I’m in Southern California, then on to Vegas on Sunday. Have a wonderful day and thanks for tuning in!

Be well. Register. VOTE.

(In case you missed it on Instagram, LOL!!! A pic from my trip to Little Rock, last month! Cheers!)

I’m in a serious relationship…

with the BLOCK button on my phone. I’m tired. There are certain people in my life…who are not related to me…that require WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY AND ATTENTION from me that I’m just blocking. That’s who I am. That’s what I do. I have a ***LOT*** of shit going on in my personal life that requires a LOT of my attention and a WHOLE LOT OF ENERGY. And I am trying my hardest to stay positive. Which is tough when you’re stressed. I don’t need stress and I don’t need the negativity. So, that is where I am.

I can blame this on my mid-life “thing” that struck me like a lightning bolt as soon as I turned 5o. I can blame it on the wine. I can blame it on the 2016 election. I can blame it on the rain. I can blame it on “The Man” or I can blame it on extenuating circumstances. Or, I can pin it in the age-old default: “It’s not you. It’s ME.” Regardless of what is going on and I can tell you this. I don’t blame it on the path I chose back in 2009. I made a conscience(?) decision. And I followed through with it. And I went on to see 46 out of 48 states in CONUS and London in summer of ’14. And even though London went sideways almost as soon as I landed, I took those sour grapes and made…something that resembled wine, LOL!!! Seriously, I spent much of my time in London lounging on a fuckin’ lounge chair, by the River Thames, at the Tower Bridge Hotel, drinking Chardonnay and gazing at puffy clouds! Thinking to myself how AWESOME it was to be in London and wondering if I should continue on to Paris (which was my original game plan.)

Now, it’s 2+ years later and even though I am looking forward to some much needed downtime in the south. Time I need to REALLY RELAX (beyond DirectTV, drinking wine, binge watching “my stories” and running to the comic book store every time I have a few dollars to spend.) It is starting to look (again) like Europe might be a place I need to go. And stay. For a while. I don’t know. This whole election has me thinking like… I don’t know. The electoral map that I saw today looked GOOD. Really, really, REALLY good. A LOT of “must win” states for Trump and many clear and viable (almost air locked) paths to 270 for Hillary. But… On the WAY off chance that Trump should somehow pull a victory out of his lying, bigoted, tax evading, crude, dumb, orange, narcissistic ass… I have to have a place to live. And MY ancestral homeland of North Carolina would NOT be the place that I would want to weather a Trump presidency. Yea. As conservative as my leanings are? I don’t want to be anywhere on this continental United States soil with that…person…in the White House. It’s a scary thought to me. Scarier than any movie…or tv show…or creepy comic book…or psychotic person that I have ever encountered on the DC Metro. And I don’t want to be scared. Not at 50. I want to relax. I want to live my life.

Maybe I am being melodramatic. Maybe I am “making up for lost time” because I haven’t shared a whole lot beyond my politically (sometime radioactive) tweets or a pic here and there on Instagram. Hints of where I am. Mainly NYC and DC and mom’s house in good ole New Jerusalem. Maybe I’m losing it. Maybe I’m drunk. Maybe I’m missing be point. LOL!!! The ramblings of a mad man. I am mad about the United States. Star Spangled Blackness. Jaded and Bitter. Anxiously Angry. Who knows. I do know this: I have to head in a different direction than the direction that I’m headed now. It worked for me. For several years. Many years. Good years. AWESOME YEARS. But now. Come. The Pivot. HA!!!!! There goes that word, again!!! Step back, Donald Trump. And let ME show you how it’s done!

[wink wink]

Well. I don’t want to over do it. Don’t want to weigh you down with my shitty baggage. Don’t want to kill your buzz or rain on your parade. So, I’m gonna sign off…pour myself another glass of wine…watch Empire and hope I have enough energy to watch Designated Survivor.

On a side note: I wish someone would have told me that Astro City was NOT taking a break after issue #37!!! I may…and I have hinted at this over the years… I may have to hire a personal assistant to keep track of such things. Comic books. Seem trivial. Yea. I know. But, if you know me, you know that once I’m locked into something, it’s like…laser focus…obsession. All consuming. LOLOLOLOLOLOL


My apologies if I seem weird.

I’m fuming because my fridge went completely DEAD the other night. It was not a cheapo Fisher Price refrigerator and it was NOT under warranty. I could blame my sour “fuck it all” attitude on the refrigerator, LOL!!! Anyway. I’m out. Don’t mean to bum you the fuck out. Just saying hello in my own weird way.

Stay SAFE if you’re in FL, the GA coast or the coastal Carolinas. Matthew looks kinda scary. That’s it.


Kaye Duckittz


Ronald McDonald J. Trump Jr. just compared Syrian immigrants to Skittles. The Seattle Seahawks recently protested against police brutality during the national anthem. Retired running back Marshawn Lynch likes Skittles. Lynch ALSO played for many years for the aforementioned Seattle Seahawks.


I think not.

How’s THAT for a conspiracy theory?


The right is attempting to use the Chelsea/Seaside Park bombing as proof of “Obama’s failed immigration policy” when the REALITY is: The bomber was a naturalized AMERICAN CITIZEN who immigrated to the United States from Afghanistan when he was a CHILD. What was he, seven years old when he folks moved here!?! NICE TRY, TRUMPIES!!! Have a seat, you stupid hillbilly fuckers.

More lies.
More hate.

Let’s not hate.
Let’s not buy the lies.
Let’s not fuel the fear.

More cowbell, please.

I get blocked a LOT, lately!

LOL!!! More people blocking me than a few!!! Am I really that obnoxious??? I probably am. But the day I start giving a fuck will be the day that I stop breathing. Or…something like that… I’m still on my first cup of coffee, so, yea. This election cycle has me cranky. I have shit going on in my life right now that is *kinda* keeping my stress levels up a *little* higher than usual. All work. Little leisure. I *did* get to see the Washington Nationals take on the visiting Mets, last night! Fun, fun, FUN!!!

Okay. Fear The Walking Dead has me on the edge of my seat! MAN!!! That show just keeps getting better and BETTER, I’m telling you!!! It’s the same situations as TWD but *different* and it’s very interesting to watch how they handle themselves as they learn and grow. And the acting is AWESOME!!! Yea. Fear is on point.

So, yesterday, I wrote a little sum’n sum’n and instead of hitting ‘send’, I’m sure that I hit ‘cancel’ and lost it all. LOL!!! It happens! Well. I don’t really have a whole lot to say. Just hello and have a wonderful day.

THAT’S IT!!! πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

If you DID NOT SEE, President Obama speak yesterday, PLEASE, check it out! It. was. AWESOME.

Janky Supreme

That’s how I will describe my MegaBus experience from Little Rock to St. Louis. The REAL kicker is: We haven’t even left Little Rock yet!

Here it is: My ticket is from Little Rock to St. Louis. All right? But, get this: There is no DIRECT bus to St. Louis. The 5:45 bus shows up. M76. My reservation says M7. This bus says “Dallas—>Little Rock—>Memphis” and that’s it. Different destination. Different route number. I wait for another bus to show. As I’m waiting, THIS bus is filling up. Instead of waiting for a bus that says “Dallas—>St. Louis—>Chicago”, I ask this driver “A stupid question.” And that is exactly how I prefaced it: “Can I ask you a stupid question?” He tells me that this is NOT my bus BUT of I am going to The Lou, that I NEED to get on this bus. I pull out my reservation number and he checks me off on his clipboard. I almost fucked myself over by NOT asking a stupid question. Proving the old adage as an actual actual. 100% written in stone. Accurate. And absolute.


Believe that.

Hey!!! It’s been awhile. And as you have no doubt guessed, *I* am in Little Rock. And, as always. *I* had so. much. fun.

Diamond Bear Brewing Co.
Lost 40 Brewing.
The Old State House.
Clinton Presidential Library Museum Store.
The Comic Book Store.

Yes. I squeezed a whole lotta fun, food, beer and fun into this trip. Did I mention that I drank a whole lot of beer??? It’s no wonder that I am now tipping the scales at jut under 170lbs!

Hashtag: Fat Boy Problems.

Countdown to 5-0. Somebody is getting old.

If you were wondering if I am still alive, wonder no more. I’m still here. The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. If you were wondering if I am still obsessing over the election, wonder no more. I am STILL obsessing over the election. More than you know. Again…and again… I can not stress this enough: This is THE most IMPORTANT election EVER.


Well. We are just leaving on an *almost* jam packed bus to MEMPHIS!!! Where I SWITCH BUSES!!! I LOVE MEMPHIS!!! And haven’t been TOO or THROUGH Memphis in. years.

Well. It’s fucking HOT on this bus, so I’m going to go and “woo sah” this headache away.

Happy Friday!!!

Love & Hugs…