Southwest Airlines

I first of all would like to voice my displeasure about the fact that after leaving my iPad on a flight many moons ago, it took them only two weeks (if that) to find my iPad but I never got it back. Even though they said they shipped it several times and every time I checked with them, they said that it was still in their possession and they had no reason why it had not shipped. Keep in mind, it was on me to pay for that shipping via FedEx and I already had an existing FedEx account, so it’s not on FedEx. And it’s not on me. Even though it was my own damn fault for leaving it on the plane in the first place. So, yea. I probably should take responsibility for not having an iPad anymore.

*deep breath*

Some bitch that works at a suburban Seattle hotel was very rude to me, so I wrote corporate an eloquent, yet scathing letter, voicing my displeasure with her shitty attitude. I received an automated response from the chain saying that my letter was received. That came about 24 hours after checkout. About 24 hours after that, I got an automated letter from the property manager thanking me for staying there and asking me to let her know if there were any questions, problems or concerns on my end…to contact her directly. Ummmmmmmmmm… Too late. I already sent a letter to corporate blasting the bitch at the front desk for her bitchiness. Damn. THAT is why I *NORMALLY* wait a bit to cool and gather my thoughts before moving forward with letters and phone calls. But this particular time, shit caught me on a bad day. There had/has been some stress in my life lately with some family stuff and then…good news/bad news…kinda… family…”stuff.” Yea. Not the stretch to TRY to talk down to me. Not the person to talk down to. I am pretty good with words and pretty good with retaliating using words to my advantage. I have a degree in radio, television & film but my FIRST declared major was journalism and THEN, I switched my major to English and THEN, I got bounced for too much playing Tron at the student union and too many parties, paired with not enough going to class and not enough studying…and then…in my mid-late 20’s, I returned to school to go on to graduate, ultimately going on to have a pretty rewarding career in TV. Both behind the scenes as well as putting in a *little* bit of work in front of the camera back in the late 1990’s. Hmmmmmmmmm… LOL!!! And NO. I’m NOT talking about porn! ;)


*deep breath*

Continuing, switching gears: LeBron James. I’m SO obsessed with his greatness that I neglected to check in for my NONSTOP flight from Seattle to BWI (on the aforementioned Southwest Airlines), so I ended up in the middle seat. C group. Do I care? No. Not really. What I *do* care about is LeBron winning another ring. He wills his team to win (and what did he have a 37/18/13 night after starting 0-10???) I am behind the scenes, willing HIM to will THEM to VICTORY. I swear to god, people are reading my shit. SPORTS WRITERS are READING my shit. They are all now saying what I’VE been saying for a while: He makes his teammates better. THAT’S what makes him BEYOND special. THAT’S what makes him the king. I enjoy Curry but LeBron has been there and done that and has quite the collection of tee shirts. Finals loss. Finals victories. Finals loss. In that order. Just last year, he lost. To the San Antonio Spurs. And Delly. Delly, Delly, Delly. As some young chick on twitter said just today: “Delly has a lot of haters, which means he must be doing something right.” I think Chef Curry is the real deal but in the end…experience over youth. Just like last year. Only THIS year, Father Time will be played by LeBron James. LOL!!! Cavs in seven. (I really should take that bet to Vegas.)

Amtrak. I did a lot of train travel over the last two weeks and I can not say enough how sorry I am. For the victims. The families. The engineer who was driving the train. Tragic.

Well, I was GOING to go ahead and talk about Game Of Thrones but I won’t. I’m going to stop. I will only say that last night’s episode was so far beyond intense. It was…man…wow…man…

I’m heading home for a while. Will be touching base from time to time to share my thoughts.

If you’re black and you’re living in the inner city? Or as we affectionately refer to it as: Da Hood??? Watch your ass. There are many, many, MANY cops out there that want to see you dead. So, tread likely or you WILL end up being a casualty. Sure as the sun sets in the west and money don’t grow in gardens, LOL!!!

(I should have written: doesn’t grow, as opposed to don’t. But there is a time to wear the grammar nazi hat and there is a time to keep it real. And I’m crankin’ this bad boy up to 100 and speaking in a language that my brothers and sisters can understand! LOL!!!)

Peace and week old cooking grease…

K • Dubz

It’s me, again! LOL!!! #BoredTweet

Okay. I am still at 35,000 feet??? 38,000 feet??? Like everyone that travels a lot, I tend to tune out the flight attendants and captain when they’re speaking pre-takeoff. It’s all white noise. Like Charlie Brown’s teacher, when she’s talking.

Blah, blah, blah. Whatever.

Anyhooz: Turbulence. We are in it now. Minor, at best. Earlier, there were a couple of little bumps earlier and the pilot turned on the sign and told the flight attendants to take a seat and I was like “REALLY!?!?!” Yea. If it doesn’t make you look around to see who is crossing them self or bracing for a “38,000 to sea level in 90 second crash/landing???” It ain’t major, LOL!!!

But now is *probably* not the time to be talking about crashes and stuff. So, let’s talk about Game Of Thrones! LOL!!! Cersi Lannister gets thrown in the pokey, LOL!!! Had a LOT of people leaping out of their seats and clapping their hands, LOL!!!

Ramsey Bolton: Can we just kill him, already??? No, wait… He is the Russell Edgington of GoT. He has to stick around for a bit. We need him, LOL!!! He is SO diabolical! LMAO!!! I *love* him!!! It is going to be such a treat to see how he meets his demise. Like Joffrey! His poisoning and subsequent death was epically joyful! Oh. My. God. (Keep in mind that I have not read the books.)

Stannis Barathian: I know a GoT fan on twitter mentioned that he should be awarded “Father Of The Year” honors and the more and more I see him. The more and more I *hear* him. The more and more I ***FEEL*** him?!?!? The more and more I ***LOVE*** HIM!!!!! The love he has for his daughter. God… He is a model. A role model. He’s an inspiration.

Castle Black: Is there a more depressing place on the planet??? GOD. But, I understand that the necessity of this place. It’s like. Beyond the wall is the projects and Castle Black is Ft. Apache. The thin line between civilization and chaos. But this is the thing: The Wildlings are not animals. Just like black folks in the projects are not animals. Food. Clothing. Shelter. That’s what they want. That’s what we ALL want. More depressing than Castle Black was Craster’s Keep. I remember someone on twitter drawing the parallel between THAT shit hole and Detroit. Detroit was once great. Craster’s Keep was NEVER great. Point, Motown. Craster’s Keep was more like… Camden, New Jersey. Or East St. Louis, Illinois. They didn’t even have permanent structures in Craster’s Keep. Detroit has grand mansions.

Point, set, match.

I am keep on going on and on and on about Game Of Thrones but I’m going to stop. For now. Oh. My. God. I love this show!

Well. I am going to sign off again. For now. But I I’ll be back.

Coast Starlight


Like a lightning bolt, it hit me. What I’m doing in the next phase of this thing called life. I’m not talking about a new idea but an idea that I’ve had in my head for a very long time (years) and just now, the finally piece has fallen into place.

Yeah, it’s yet another vague “something is up, but I really can’t tell you what it is” posting. I will say this: I am NOT what you would consider a Clippers FAN, but I *do* carry some sympathy for the Clips. Their long history of failure, loss, ineptitude and foolery that seems to stick around, even now. New owner. New players. New attitudes. But winning is tough. Unless, your name is Charlie Sheen! LOL!!!

I’m on that train that I know so much, heading up to that place that I love so much. We are crossing the Cascades now and there are quite a few clouds but no real weather. A few drops here & there. That’s it.


Hey! This is the point where I tell you how much fun I’ve been having. SO much fun! Sad that the Yankees have got a rough patch and I’m not home in DC to cheer them on. I have a few pics to share, though. Love and hugs and kisses and hopes and wishes for a beautiful rest of your week and an awesome weekend to come!

If you’re using your “Where is he now?” scorecard??? I fly home to BWI on Monday morning, arriving Monday evening.

I think I’m the most patient cat in the world

…when it comes to dealing with incompetence and what I see as piss poor customer service.

First. The Acela. I’m hooked. There is NOTHING not to like on the Amtrak Acela. It’s perfection on rails.

Second. MegaBus. I learned a valuable lesson last night. If you arrive for a bus early and there are people in line still, waiting for an earlier bus? And there is room on that earlier bus? Don’t be cheap and pay the $5 fee to jump on that earlier bus. It was a bit of a struggle to get to JFK this morning because I had to do some subway shit that I don’t ever do. This is the second time that I have had to improvise due to extenuating circumstances. (About two months ago, I took the E train out to Queens due to track work in the middle of the night.) There are very few things in life that hurt more than missing your flight.

Southwest Airlines never sent me my iPad and it’s got me furious. I don’t know why. It just does. The principle. It’s always the principle with me. Rarely does shit that involve money get me riled up. I just chalk shit up as a loss (ie: The entire state of Florida) and move on. Or a lesson learned, in many other cases. As long as I have my good health, I can get out there and make more money. My dad worked pretty much right up to the end of his life. He has that personality that just would not allow him to stay retired. He always had to find something to do.

The brutha next to me is find of annoying. Well… He is in the aisle directly across from me. But as stupid as he was acting, I suspect that he really did need that water. I sometimes forget that the world is full of people who hate flying, people who are deathly terrified of flying and people who just need a hug, LOL!!!

Delta is getting on my last fucking nerve. There, they will find James Dolan, as well as RGIII and anyone who insists on calling Chip Kelly a racist, LOL!!! I do not like the Eagles one little teeny, tiny iota of a bit but I do appreciate what he’s doing. Andy Reid couldn’t win with the cats that were on that roster, what makes us think that Chip Kelly could work with them? Huh? What? You mean, you don’t remember that the Eagles were 4-12 during Andy Reid’s final season? Well… Consider this your not so friendly reminder.

Dolan. What a piece of poo. The owners should force him out of the NBA next. For a being a stupid piece of fecal matter. Isaiah FUCKING Thomas. We, as a nation… Knicks Nation. We, as a city… New York City (and its surrounding areas: Strong Island, New Jerusalem and Fancy Pants Land.) We, as individuals who have an ounce of moral fiber in our beings…our heart…or the people of the world who know the difference between right and wrong??? We HATE Isaiah Thomas!!!!! As a coach. As an exec. As a player, he still has many fans. None of them however reside in Chicago, LOL!!! I think that city disowned him when he signed with the Pistons 50,000 years ago, beating Jordan’s Bulls like a red headed…yea.

(Why we do love to beat read headed step children, so much??? LOL!!!)

Deflate Gate. I won’t beat this horse too much. If you listen ago sports radio or haven’t been living under a rock for the last few days, you’re bombarded by everyone’s take. All day. Every show. Every day. All day. My short: I don’t think it was as “Oh my god!” horrible as Spy Gate, BUT… This is the Patriots second strike and they have proven that their culture of winning has been underwritten by a culture of CHEATING. And cheating can not be tolerated. In no form. There is no place for that in pro sports. A message must be sent and it has to be strong, swift and decisive.

That’s it. Beverage carts are coming and that means coffee!!!

See ya in Palm Springs, yawl!

In The Air Again

Even if just for a minute.

And I would like to take a minute to say, when they allow people traveling with small children to board after group A (or zone 1, on the big airlines), that is to allow you time to get your shit settled and whatnot. After the first boarding group, before the second boarding group. So you’ll have minimum impact on the people boarding. For the same reason wheelchair passengers board first.


Sista, you tried to push a stroller the size of a fuckin’ mini van onto the fuckin’ plane, what the FUCK. Had you done it right, you would have ended up on the plane before me and I would have been able to choose a seat away for YOU and your snot nosed, teary eyed, demon child. HOWEVER, you passed the nice man at the end of the jetway who was trying like hell to tell you to give him your fancy pants, public transit bus sized stroller… BUT… your child was unruly and you were…………….. *sigh* Chardonnay, take me awaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!!!

CONTINUING: ***I*** ended up cutting YOU (along with several other people in line) while YOU and the aforementioned nice man at the end of the jetway unloaded your 18-wheeler size behemoth and folded it up and instead of ME picking a seat that was away from YOU, YOU…..end up behind me and pick a seat right in back of me.

All because you did it wrong.

Thank you, lady who likes to do it wrong. Thank you for giving me the green light to drink more alcohol. Thank you, so much. I and my liver thank you!

It’s been a long time!

Well… Maybe not THAT long!

I’m still tweeting every now and then, hitting the skies for Killa Cali every month and enjoying a bus or train ride up and down the Atlantic Seaboard every so often, but it has been a few since I’ve actually shared my thoughts on anything of substance.

Politics, police brutality, poverty, race relations and the little bit of my personal life that I feel comfortable with sharing with the masses. Life.

Baltimore. What can I say? It’s not going to be pretty. How did it happen? How did we get to the point where we ALLOW things like that to happen??? A trial is coming. Motions. A change of venue. Acquittals. More riots. That’s the likely outcome? Although I was telling a friend that I *feel* like THIS time… It’s going to be different. Different in the wake of Ferguson, NYC… Different than the outcome of Zimmerman and the guy that shot up the car full of kids in…was it Florida? Kid killed. Guy splits town. Gets caught. The confrontation that arose from the teens playing their music too loud.

And then there was the guy in South Carolina that for shot in the back while running away from the cop.

*deep breath*

And they said that Jim Crow was dead.

“Well, if they weren’t guilty, why were they running???” LOL!!! Simple answer: Because they were BLACK. But the not-so simple answer is long and complex and has it’s roots in slavery. Or somewhere back in the motherland BEFORE people…people meaning black people…were herded onto ships and made the brutal trip to The New World. In chains and shackles. The history geek in me thinks that THAT was the beginning of the end for black folks.

But, that’s just me.

Am I making excuses??? Do I *ever* make excuses or let black folks off the hook for ANY of the stupid shit that they/WE do!?!?! LOL!!! You really DO know me better than that! ;)

Not going to tell everyone to read a little deeper into it because…well…we all do what we are going to do. The ignorant choose to remain so and we are destined to repeat our mistakes over and over and over again. Progress??? What’s progress??? Some of us thought there was significant progress made when a young, black US Senator representing Chicago’s South Side was elected to the highest office in the United States…oh… MY BAD…the free world.

Ummmmmmm……. NEWSFLASH: Racism still exists. It will probably always exist. I’m pretty sure that ***I*** will never live to see the end of racism. Hell, if I decided one day that, oh, just for the hell of it, that I wanted to move to the ‘hood to preach to/teach/minister to/build with my peeps??? Chances are, I would stand a good chance of not even making it to my 50th birthday. Which…isn’t even that far away.

Well. That’s it for now.

Hoping for the best but bracing for the rest. And, like everyone else on the planet, I will continue to do what I do.

Have a wonderful day and if you’re in the neighborhood of Woonsocket, Rhode Island tonight??? The first drink’s on me! ;)

Delta Airlines aka YOUR Bag!!!

I feel the overwhelming urge to attack them in full force. I’ve just started using my miles and can use them all up with ease and bail to American. But I ***HATE*** American and I ***LOVE*** Delta’s frequent flyer program. But, damn. They’re late ALL THE TIME. Making ME late ALL THE TIME and last night, in a classic “Where the fuck are we? LaGuardia!?!” move, they had us running from carousel to carousel, looking for our bags and then after we ran back and forth, back and forth again… ALL bags from EVERY incoming flight were all being dumped onto one carousel and the crowd surrounding the carousel was…well… CROWDED. I nearly yanked my arm out of my socket trying to get my bag after excusing myself. FAIL!!! The weight of the other bags prevented me from successfully extracting it, so I ran trying to meet the bag further along and couldn’t even see through the solid wall of people so I push through the crowd and this brutha says “Say excuse me” and I just give him (without even looking at him) give him a half ass “Sorry” and then??? I don’t see my bag. “FUCK.” When a guy taps me on my shoulder and said “We have your bag back there.”

These nice samaritans pulled my shit. Actually, some big jock, and he says “I thought you were going to wait for me to get it and you took off!” LOL!!! Right on!!! LOL!!! I thanked him and I was on my way to wait forever and a day for the hotel shuttle.

Did I mention LAX is a ZOO!?!?!

The other night, after arriving about an hour and change late into MKE, we had to wait almost another hour for our luggage.

The price I pay to save a buck.
But with the aggravation…am I really saving???


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