I lost my Blistex

Haven’t seen it in a few days and I’m *just* now starting to miss it. Gotta take care of that. ASAP. Sooner than ASAP. Is there anything sooner than ASAP??? Inquiring minds…

Not a WHOLE lot to say. Foodie Nation Shoutout to MARKT on the corner of 21st and 6th Ave in NYC. This place is LEGIT. And whoever thought of putting beer & wine carts in Grand Central Station, on the Metro North platforms is a fucking GENIUS. I had an ice cold Captain Lawrence IPA on my way up to Connecticut yesterday evening. DEE-LISH. I *must* pay this Westchester brewery a visit ASAP.

Stay warm if you’re on the east coast.

If you’re on the west coast, know that I HATE YOU *almost* as much as I miss you! :)

MUCH love…

Kay Dos

Amar’e Stoudemire

…is 32 years old. One of my favorite basketball players of all time who played for my favorite basketball team. They bought out his contract the other day, allowing him to leave for the Dallas Mavericks. Last night, he debuted in a major way, scoring 14 points in 11 minutes. Awesome!!! Yet ANOTHER Knick player, in the wind, being productive, for another team. Being a New York sports fan just keeps getting better and better with every season, off season and mid season. I LOVE NEW YORK!!!!!

Winter Storm “Blah Blah Blah”

I was just discussing with a friend the other night… When did we start naming winter storms??? LOL!!! Neither one of us had any recollection of when this practice came into being.

Hmmmmmmm… This latest one??? It’s a BAD one. Wasn’t supposed to be but The Patriots weren’t supposed to win the Super Bowl, either. LOTS of fender benders. Mainly cars spinning out and smashing into the center median and guard rails. THREE HOURS from DC Union Station to White Marsh…err… “Baltimore.”

Our driver looks JUST like Ray Charles, but he’s doing his thang! LOL!!! I’m confident that we will get to NYC safely. I just don’t know how *long* it’s going to take us to *get* to NYC.

Did anyone watch the games last night??? I found the Cavs-Wizards game EXTREMELY amusing!!! LOL!!! Kyrie and LeBron make one helluva 1-2 punch when their clicking on all cylinders. DAMN. And the Wizards are a pretty good team! Pretty damn good. WOW. As far as The Spurs??? They looked old and tired, LOL!!! That’s coming from me. An old guy.

Well. I have a couple of pics to share. Missed all of the collision ones. But, we have all seen it before. Spin. Crash. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s slooooooooooooow going, for realz.
Be safe out there!

Never Tardy To The Party

If I’m going to hammer on black folks for being late all the time, I’m going to have to give props to this MegaBus driver for running early. WAY early.

Of course, the WISE ASS in me wants to say that “He probably skipped a city”, LOL!!! But it *could* be that he too had a father that used to nag the hell out of him when he was little about the importance of being on time to shit.

Oh: He arrived in Durham a full 40 minutes ahead of schedule and the brutha who was driving the southbound bus from DC bound for Atlanta??? He was ALSO way ahead of schedule. Much love to them and much credit to MegaBus for their due diligence, finding AND HIRING bruthas who pride themselves on their punctuality AND customer service skills. (I actually chatted briefly with both of them but was afraid I may jinx them by complimenting them in the WONDERFUL open air venue known in The Tarheel State as “out in front of the Durham Transportation Center”, so I’m acknowledging them here. On sum ‘ole “just between me and you” kinda shit. LOL!!!)

Speaking of Tarheels: Do NOT talk to me about last night’s Duke-UNC game. Don’t do it. If you value your life, move on to the next subject. No, really. Skip it. I’m pleading The 5th. Zip it. Not a word.

On to the next one…

Bundle up and fly right.

Okay, so Southwest Airlines has it…

narrowed down to 17 possible iPads, lost at the same time as mine, fitting the description of MY iPad.

How exciting!!!

I’m in a very cold (and SNOWY) Durham, North Carolina. Go, Tarheels!!! Just had lunch and a couple of Winter Stouts at Triangle Brewing Company and I’m now at the Amtrak station, waiting for my train to Greeeeeeeeeensboro. Can you say…

Smokey Bones???

Well. What else can I say. Umm… It’s cold. Ummmmm……. I hate cold.

Ummmmmmmm…….. I have to get Amar’e Stoudemire MAVS jersey now??? I really do hope that Amar’e gets a ring. I *HATE* that The Knicks let him go, but it’s just ANOTHER bonehead fuckin’ move. The latest of many. Instead of creating an offense that everyone can get with, they tried to fit the existing personnel into the fucking old ass, TIRED ASS, Triangle and it was a classic square peg/round hole mismatch that will come back and haunt the Knicks along with the ghost of the Carmelo Anthony trade, the Isaiah Thomas years, the not going to the mat to keep Jeremy Lin, the hiring of Mike D’Antoni, Stephan Marbury and OH MY GOD: We would have been better off giving Latrell Spreewell the keys to the fucking kingdom. Look how PRODUCTIVE JR Smith, Shump and Timofy Mozkov are with The Cavs, now!!!

Help me Obi Wan A-Rod Kenobi. You’re our only hope. Every time I think how hopeless my situation is as a New York sports fan is, I want to throw myself in front of a speeding train. Which would be really easy to do, being that I’m at the train station and all. I’m serious. The freight trains don’t even stop here. They just speed right though. I could just end my pathetic existence today. No more Yankees, no more Knicks, no more Dolan’s dirty tricks.

This is my life.

Bright spot: Southwest is confident that they have located my iPad!

Okay. So, I got this big ass coat…

Umm, yea. It’s yet another “OH, MY GOD!!! IT IS ***SO*** COLD OUTSIDE, IT’S NOT THE LEAST BIT FUNNY!!!!!” entry. Star date: The 16th of Never-rary. ‘Cause I NEVER…

Last night? It was 19. And I thought THAT was cold! Pfft!!! Not EVEN!!!

And MegaBus was early. I strongly suspect our bus driver is African, though. Africans have more respect for the clock than bruthas of the homegrown variety. Overall, of course. There are exceptions. I know a *few* Black folks from the red white and blue that thrive on punctuality. But you know what??? Now that I think about it??? I’ve never known an African to ever run late for anything.

Getcha head in da game, Black folks.
Getcha head in da GAME.

Please excuse my horrible grammar. This iPhone 6 is making me even more sloppy than I normally am. I have to work on that. If I’m going to be taken seriously in literary circles, I need to get back on my grammar high horse and run the table.

That being said: Now playing??? The Bee Gees -Nights On Broadway.


Big ass Polo parka. Hooded sweat jacket. Tee. Thermal. I’m roasting.

Layers, people.

Chaka Khan

It aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwll comes back around to Chaka Khan. One of my favorite artists ever, ever, ever, everrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………….


Even the Arctic cold can’t keep the smile from my face when I hear Chaka Khan on the radio. Well, my iTunes. I haven’t listened to the radio since… Forever. LOL!!! I like Sirius Satellite Radio, though!

Hey! It’s COLD outside, Maryland! Like… Chicago Style!!! OMG, Chaka Khan is from Chicago! See what I mean??? EVERYTHING in the WORLD can be traced back to Chaka Khan!

Have I had my coffee yet??? Ummmmmmmm…… That would be a NO. But I did see The Walking Dead last night, though. OMG. What a show, what a show, what a SHOW. Was up half the night and watched The Talking Dead, too. *deep breath* I can hardly wait ’til next week. *yawn*

Now playing: Chaka Khan – Clouds. Another WBLS classic. Reminds me of those hot NYC summers I spent with my dad, helping build those massive public housing projects, many of which are no longer standing, having been replaced with new, low-rise townhouses. Seems like an eternity ago. Those really were the days.

Well. SOMEBODY told me that they cookin’ up some omelettes downstairs. I’mma have to investigate.

Bundle up, peepz.

And if you’re wondering. My iPad is still offline. I imagine a huge ass warehouse the size of a football stadium in a sketchy part of town that has hundreds if not thousands…maybe even millions of cell phones, iPads, point & shoot cameras and all sorts of other things that people leave behind on airplanes. And it is all up to one guy. ONE guy. To find a match. Yea. I watch WAY too many movies!

Speaking of movies: Bucktown was on the other night!!! A Blaxploitation CLASSIC!!! LMMFAO!!!!!

Now playing: Ginuwine – Pony

Bundle up, peepz.


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