My mind has been RACING…


Where the fuck am I going?
What the fuck am I doing?
What the hell am I going to do with all of this shit?
Do I really wanna rejoin the real world?
Maybe I should just tune ALL THE WAY out.

Shit has just been bothering the FUCK outta me, lately.

But, you know that.

It’s just the whole “I’m 51 years old and I still haven’t figured out what I want to do when I grow up” thing that I’ve been going through, pretty much my whole life.

Well. I took to the transporter and beamed back to Arizona to escape the 113 degree day to come. I’m now in Tucson where it hit 105. Yea, that’s hot. But it is not 113.

“Black Hammer: Age Of Doom” no. 3 was AWESOME!!! Dan’s Slott’s last issue of ASM (no. 801) was CUTE!!! Won’t keep me reading, since he is handing it off to another writer but I am happy to say that the *cough* Red Goblin (in air quotes) thing *cough* *cough* is over. THANK GOD!!!!! I’m getting ready to check out Image’s new title “Weather Man” and that’s all I have to say, for now.

Gonna take FLiXBUS back to Cali tomorrow night. I can fall in ♥️ with FLiXBUS. I ain’t even lyin’.

Well. I’m highly, HIGHLY, extremely, VERY suspicious of Trump and advise everyone else not to trust that shady mutha… fuKKKer… either.

[deep breath]

stupido. Malaria Trump. More Trump lies. Charles Krauthammer has passed away.

It’s Thursday.

That’s all. And as always, thank you for tuning in.


🌙 Nite Nite! Don’t let the bedbugs…

eat your face off!!! 👹

[deep breath]

I just read a disturbing article by a shrink about the possible lasting effects of being separated from their parents… the children… in cages. Immigrants, looking to escape horrors that we can’t even imagine. Many people on the right want to talk about the problems in Chicago, on Chicago’s South Side, specifically. But these people have never been to Chicago. They don’t know Chicago.

They talk about the people who are crossing the border like “Oh. They shouldn’t cross illegally. Blah blah blah…” not even knowing what these people are running from. They don’t know why these people are leaving Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua or points in Mexico. What do these people know? These people who are on the right? They know JACK. fucking. SHIT. They know what Fox News tells them. And what does Fox News know? They know HATE. Laura Ingraham. A fucking Nazi. Tucker Carlson. A racist piece of shit. Sean Hannity. A paranoid conspiracy theorist. I can go on. And on and on.

But, I won’t.

I am very happy and grateful that so many attorneys are rushing to the border to volunteer to represent the families that have been torn apart by the Nazi regime that currently occupies The White House. One thing that you will never hear me say is “Most white people are racist.” I don’t believe that. Not at all. Yes. There are MANY white people who are racist. Yes. Many, many, MANY white people are COMPLETELY oblivious as to what WE (people of color) go through on a daily basis. Clueless as to how *different* our existence is from their existence. That’s just cultural differences. We share American culture, yes. But, our CULTURES are not a *shared* culture. Meaning, our experiences, historically, are not THEIR experiences. Even though we may come from the same place, geographically. Even though we may have roots in the same place, historically. Even if we TODAY live in the same gated community and are of the same socioeconomic tier, WE ARE NOT THE SAME. That’s a fact.

But that doesn’t mean that we retreat to our respective corners and isolate ourselves. Our “better natures” would have us reaching out and learning from each other. To learn ABOUT each other, so that we can better UNDERSTAND each other, so that it’s *easier* to live together. It’s better to share experiences and makes it much easier for us to GROW TOGETHER, as a community. Communal living. Commune. Communicate.

I hope I’m making sense.

See, when we make no attempt, there’s no hope. The right wing in America makes NO ATTEMPT and therefore, they are a lost cause. Hatred is in their hearts. Hatred for liberals, gays, Latinos, blacks, transgender, hipsters, women, Muslims, whoever is not THEM. Period. They loathe people who mingle with other people. People who are EDUCATED. People who have EXPERIENCE. If you have made moves to better yourself by going to school or learning a trade or traveling abroad to see other places and help other people by SHARING your experiences, they will call you “elitist.” Of course, if you are for equality, they will label you a “liberal.” If you combat their rhetorical diarrhea with facts and figures, they will call you a “libtard” or a purveyor of “fake news” and if you voice your outrage about ANYTHING they hold sacred: Their Cheeto Messiah, the weak speaker of the house or the caging of immigrant children, they will call you a “snowflake.” It’s always the same shit. Different debate. As those of you who follow me on twitter know, I do not even engage them. Their foolery earns them a block and if I’m feeling feisty, I may screenshot their profile or stupid ass tweet and talk shit about them for a minute, before moving on to the next one. But, I don’t debate them. Ever. It may make me sound like a condescending asshole, but it’s hard to debate someone who is *clearly* beneath you.

That’s a fact. It’s not because I am a college grad or grew up in a decent neighborhood with TWO parents who had their heads screwed on right, who made sure that we didn’t grow up to be stupid muthafuckers (although, I still am prone to make stupid decisions, from time to time.) Nah. It’s because I am better than they are because I remain OPEN to LEARNING. I read. Not as voracious a reader as I used to be, but, I still read. I have a pretty extensive library of books that I’ve accumulated over the years. THAT I’VE READ. I ask a LOT of questions. I seek knowledge, wherever I go. About whatever it is that has my attention, at the time. I *like* knowing things. I LOVE “knowing things.” I knew that I wasn’t 100% on board with Hillary Clinton, for many reasons. NONE of those reasons had to do with the fact that she was a woman, though. I had my reasons. BUT, I knew that given the choices of who she was running against, that Hillary was the LOGICAL choice for president. I’m not trying to relive the election. Just punctuating this paragraph with a “I was right and THEY were WRONG.” That’s it. End of paragraph.

Closing this one out, I just want to say that I hold a LOT of anger and resentment about a LOT of things, right now. But, I try to not let that shit make me an angry or resentful person. I have always fought to rise above whatever it is that is dragging on me at the time. People. Job shit. Transportation woes. Whatever. LOL!!!!! I think back on the last 25… 30 years of my life and I get angry and then, I flip the channel, in my mind and my seething hatred turns to laughter as I recall “the good times.” I am always grateful to my folks. I reminisce about my grandparents and fondly recall hanging out at my GREAT grandparents house, as well. They were our connection to those early days of “freedom.” The first generation of my peeps that weren’t born as property. I didn’t realize how big of a thing that was back in the mid 1970’s. I just loved their stories. Strawberry and tobacco. And I still smile and laugh at my great grandma’s love of “wrasslin!” LOL!!!!!


That’s it.

When I wonder how I came out to be so god damn weird, I don’t have to look any further than a 100+ year old woman who would get excited over Andre The Giant and Sergeant Slaughter, LMAO!!!!!

Okay. It’s 11. And I’m going to be up at 4.

I’m out. ✌🏾

👴🏾 Evening Thoughts 🤔

I think Fox News needs to be charged. For something. Surely, the way they mislead the stupid masses that voted for Cheeto Shitler… ugh… criminal. Lies. All lies. Blatant. Disgusting. Vile. Dirty. Lies.

Okay. I caught up on shit today, news wise and it’s BAD. All bad. There’s no good news. And it’s only going to get worse and worse. My forecast for The United States is bleak. Dim. Dark. Desperate. Buckle up. It’s about to get UGLY. Rachel Maddow actually cried on the air, tonight. I haven’t had a good cry in a while but I’ve wiped away a few tears over the last few weeks. My news alerts are NEVER good. I read a LOT of articles. Some, I just let go. I look at a lot of fucked up videos. Many, leave me thinking “Dude. You know you shouldn’t have watched that.” Fucking me up.

[deep breath]

I went into the Raiders Preview office at Town Square today and IT WAS AWESOME!!! Talked to a member of the organization about tickets and got all kinds of answers and looked at a Star Trek-y 3D holographic model thingy of the stadium and EVERYTHING!!! It was COOL!!! It was super cool!

Okay. I’m gonna go to one of my favorite topics. Comic books. Yes. Again. Important comics that you should be reading: Days Of Hate. Calexit. Must reads. I repeat: MUST READS. If you read comic books. And you want to get a glimpse into the future that awaits us, if we continue our current course, you MUST READ Calexit *and* Days Of Hate.

Alrighty. I’m really… [deep breath] Yea. I don’t know. A part of me is ready to sell everything and LEAVE. Another part of me is like “Be smart about this shit. You have some skills. A college degree. You’re not a dummy. Put in some work. Some REAL work. Work to make this place better.” And then, I look at our members of Congress and think ‘Aren’t those muthafuckers supposed to be making OUR lives better??? Aren’t they supposed to be working for us??? Don’t shit that benefits *us*??? Shouldn’t they be doing SOMETHING?!?!?’ [deep breath] For us to get rid of them, we all need to be on the same page and I just don’t think that we are all on the same page.

Faux News. Fat Nixon. Sarah FuKKKabee and Barbie Goebels. Russian troll bots. Crooked Congress. It’s a LOT to fight. The N.R. Fucking. A. It’s a lot of shit. A grind. Wearing us down, every god damn day. Day after day. Hour after hour. Week after week. Minute by minute. Story, on top of story. Followed by another story. Too. much. SHIT.

Okay. Well. That’s enough. For now. I’m out.

Thanks for hanging in there and if I seem all weird and cranky, I’m just working through some shit, right now. I’m gettin’ it done, though.


Until tomorrow.

♥️♣️ Morning Thoughts ♦️♠️

Good Morning!

Been wearin’ a LOT of Yanks gear, lately. We are number one in the AL East, AGAIN and I feel like I need to keep this thing going, especially since I’m out west and my Yankees are back east. Let’s go, Yankees!

Okay. Las Vegas. aka Lost Wages. aka Sin City. aka The City That Never Sleeps. No, wait… LOL!!! It’s Tuesday, so, Happy Tuesday.

I don’t really have a whole lot to say. San Francisco was SO MUCH FUN. It feels good to be back in Vegas. I’ve been running around so much that it’s nice to slow down for a minute and gather my thoughts. Shit is gettin’ even CRAZIER in Trump World, but I’m determined to put my head down and do what I got to do to pull up stakes and leave all of this shit behind before they start rounding people up to put us in ovens. It’s coming. Believe that. As I said on twitter, this shit does not affect white people the way it’s impacting black people, brown people, Native Americans, gays, transgender people, women and anyone who actually gives a damn about democracy. I drew parallels between Trump’s AmeriKKKa and Nazi Germany a few months back and got HAMMERED by bots and right wing lunatics on twitter. Fast forward to today: MORE and more and *more* people are comparing this current blitz to the early days of NAZI GERMANY.

Many people need to wake the fuck up and read a book. History book. Not comic book. Although, if you ARE looking to read a comic book: Kill Or Be Killed is ONE ISSUE AWAY from ENDING. The comic book world will never be the same. It’s going to be a sad day in The Nerd Kingdom. Very sad, indeed.

I don’t know how I set out to have a big breakfast at Blueberry Hill yesterday and ended up at Jack In The Box, instead. The same forces that made me spend $80 to take MegaBus back to Vegas instead of taking Amtrak for $91. (I would have actually spent WAY MORE than $91 on Amtrak because I would have eaten and had beer or wine or some other booze. So, I took the bus. Even though I could have used a few Amtrak selects points, as I am in danger of losing my fancy pants “Select” status for the first time ever, for next year. I just don’t take the train that much, anymore.)

Okay. I’m rambling. I think I’m going to see a movie today. Superfly sounds like “THE” movie to see. Day off. Tomorrow, I’m gonna hit it hard. Move some stuff back to my Tucson storage. I know. Sounds crazy, right??? Can’t go WAY into it. Just know that my Tucson place is climate controlled. My storage here in Vegas is NOT. And there are none available at my facility here. That’s it. The short version.

Okay. I’m up. I’m out. Coffee and movies. ✌🏾

Thanks for tuning in. I haven’t said “I love you, all!” in a while but I think you all know that, so, I leave you with a “Be well, stay safe, take breaks and stay hydrated.”

I swear to GOD, so help me GOD…

I am going to just up and run away.

I just don’t feel like I “fit in” anymore. Everyone gets on my NERVES. Not people I know and love. Strangers. New people. People I don’t know. It’s like: If I don’t know you, I’m really not in a hellfire hurry to GET to know you.

This brutha next to me SMELLS… he is wearing a track suit and has a friggin’ Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo gheri curl. Nah, bruh. No. Hop back in your time machine that job made out of your 1974 boat tail Riviera love machine and go back to wherever the FUQ you came from. Ugh. Gross. Hashtag: Don’t Sit So Close To Me.

Okay. I am doing Mega back to Vegas because for me to take Amtrak back to Vegas, I would have had to fuckin’ leave San Francisco at 7am and ugh… TOO EARLY.

Okay. It’s been FOREVER since we’ve chatted and I just dropped in out of the blue, talkin’ shit and whining about shit. I’m just SO tired. I was FINE this weekend. And last week. And then, ghetto muthafuckaz just took the wind RIGHT outta my SAILS, I swear to GOD.

Okay. I really, REALLY needed to vent. Thanks for allowing me to do that.

Chris Hardwick: What a DICK. I was just
L👀KING for a reason to stop watching The Walking Dead. Well. I guess I found it. The show has not been living up to the brilliance of the comics, as of late, ANYWAY, so… good fuckin’ riddance.

Alright. Thirsty Bear Brewing Company in San Francisco has a beer called “Panda Bear” was it??? A golden ale, brewed with organic cocoa and vanilla beans!!! It was served with a fancy pants piece of dark chocolate and IT WAS SO DELICIOUS, OH MY GOD!!!!! SO delightful.

Beach Blanket Babylon. My friend has been talking about Beach Blanket Babylon since the dawn of time. I finally saw it. WOW. It’s something that you really can not explain to someone. You just have to see it for yourself.

There is something seriously wrong with the world. And by the world, I mean The United States Of GOD DAMN AmeriKKKa. The shit that is happening at the border is what I am talking about specifically. It’s a god damn disgrace. And Canadians are already starting to turn their backs on us. Authoritarian rule, here we come. Dictatorship. Dictator shit. I swear.

Cursing: I’ve been cutting back. Cutting down. SLOWING DOWN. As I get older. Wiser. More in tune with these twitter crackdowns. Even though I’m still active on twitter… VERY active, LMAO!?!?! I’m growing tired of the bullshit. The bots. The drama. All of that shit. But, I’m keepin’ it clean. Even edited my profile for the first time in a long, LONG, long time.

Okay. Well. I don’t think I have all that much to say. I know I went heavy on the comic book recommendations, last time. Again: If you’re looking for recommendations, I GOT recommendations! LOL!!!!!

Shoutout to a few of my favorite comic book stores in the country:

• Star Clipper in St. Louis, Missouri
• Charlie’s Comics in Tucson (ARIZONA!!!)
• Velvet Underground in ♥️♣️♦️♠️ VEGAS, BABY!!!!!
• Big Planet Comics in College Park, MD
• Ron’s Comic World in Mt. Holly, Noo Joizy
• God’s & Monsters in Orlando, Flarrida
• Third Planet Sci-Fi Superstore, HOUSTON!!!

You can not go wrong by visiting ANY of the above stores, believe me.

Okay. That’s it. I’m out.

Morning Thoughts 🤔

Well, I have officially declared an end to Phase One of my “ridding myself of many of my personal belongings” thing that I’ve been doing out west. The Purge. Which is getting rid of shit. Not to be confused with The Purge, THE MOVIE, which comes out on the 4th of July. Movies. I don’t think we have talked extensively about Solo: A Star Wars Story, yet. OR what I’ve been reading. Trying to catch up and STAY caught up on my reading. And Trump. Well. Trump, I’m sure you get enough of on your own via the news, the radio, alerts on your phone and Facebook and twitter and friends and family, texting you about what he said or did, THIS time.

So, where do I begin?

The Grass Kings. BOOM Studios. People, living off grid, by the water. It’s good. Really good. I’m going to compare it to… I don’t know. Briggs Land??? Kinda. Well written. Water color. Different feel. Familiar story. Mysterious. Secrets. I ♥️ secrets.

Descender. It’s coming towards the end.
Kill Or Be Killed is also coming towards the end.

The Walking Dead. The end of the New World Order story arc was yesterday. Governor Pamela Milton and Rick Grimes are NOT going to be friends. If I was to guess where this is going, I’m gonna say that there is going to be a war between the haves and the have nots of The Commonwealth and Mercer is going to be leading the charge. Power To The People. And all that.


Tokyo Rose. Is Rick Remender trying to tell me that I’m way too into my iPhone and watch WAY TOO MUCH tv??? I don’t even really watch that much tv, these days. Except for the news. And I’m in and out, on again/off again with the news. There’s only so much that you can take.

The Amazing Spider Man, no. 800. A MAJOR milestone. Is it over yet??? LMAO!!!!! I’m sorry. I’m SO sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I don’t want to Marvel bash but I’m gonna be real with this: The issues leading into the grand bonanza, extravaganza were better than the fight scene. Maybe the fight…….. Hold up. I just got up because I couldn’t sleep. I need to be perfectly clear and concise with this. The fight scene was almost… It was anti-climactic. It was ‘Meh.’ I’m guessing it was a Marvelesque brawl that if I were 12 or 13, I’d be smacking my forehead with my jaw dropped, saying “OH MY GOD!!! DID YOU SEE THAT!?!?!” BUT, I’m 51. So. Yea. It was just… Give me superheroes at a bar, tossing down shots, reminiscing about the golden age and complaining about their enlarged prostates. Again, SORRY.

Okay. Next: The Black Monday Murders. WOW. WOW. wow. That’s all I can say. Aliens? Occult? Wall Street? This one is another one that is like The Matrix. No one can TELL you about it. You just have to red it for yourself. (And this one is NOT for everyone.)

Ms. Marvel never ceases to amaze. Again: The BEST superhero comic out there, right now. Along with Astro City, of course. Even though she is a teenager, it’s VERY “grown up.” I like grown up. Grown up comics are the *best.*

I’ve read WAY more stuff lately, I’m sure. But, it’s early and I’m going to move on.

Records. Records. Records. Someone on twitter yesterday posted a 45 rpm adapter, not even a week after I went through a LOT of my records out here in AZ. And I also have EVEN MORE records at my mother’s house.

All right. Beer. There are SO. MANY. MICROBREWERIES. in Tucson, I seriously can not count them. I can’t. I just had a real shandy at Sentinel Peak Brewing Co. which is a newer brewery that is own by a couple of firefighters. And the other day, I was running errands and walked right by another microbrewery that was in an old, skeevy looking strip shopping center on Speedway. I can’t remember the name of it but it was so new that my GPS did not pick it up. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to check them out. Next time!


All right. Solo. I liked it. I know I said this already on twitter, but, I feel like I must say it again. I LIKED IT. I’ll see it again, I’m sure.

That’s it. I’ll try to check in again, later.

Happy Thursday!!! 🙋🏾‍♂️

I’m still here. Still talkin’…


I’m drunk. Yea. On a plane. So, what else is new. LMAO!!!!! I’m 52 years old (in September) and it just struck me, like a lightening bolt outta da muthafuckin’ sky: These changes don’t happen over night. They happen GRADUALLY. Generally speaking, of course.

I didn’t get where I was… where I *am*… by snapping my fingers. I thought about this shit. I planned for a while. I did some research on the internet and I acted accordingly. It was no different than what I’m doing, right now. Funny thing is, that I was RAISED in Burlington County and I just can not put a finger on where the future of Burlington County is headed: Mt. Holly. Browns Mills. Burlington. Pemberton. Where are we going? Cycles. Ghost towns. Boom towns. Second chances and missed opportunities.

Ghosts. Saviors. Visionaries. Villains.

Welcome to my world.

I will put lipstick on a pig and call it America’s next top supermodel. LMAO!!!!! Not really. I just thought that would be a funny thing to say because…well… I’m witty. Ya know??? Adam Schiff is getting all of the credit for coining the hashtag “LIEGATE” when it was *I* who created that shit. It hatched in MY mind. Like a chick. Hatching. Like a chicken out of an egg. My mind is the egg. I’m drunk. LOL!!!!! Did I mention that I’m drunk? LMAO!!!


Where was I?

Oh, yea. Rambling.

Fuck. You have no fuckin’ idea how much I’ve had to drink, today. I went home and said, going into this last missio, that I would NOT get drunk and be an asshole and viola, if I didn’t pull it off. I did it. I was 80% sober when I was home. Maybe… 70%, LOL!!!!! If you don’t have or have never had/dealt with elderly parents??? You have NO IDEA what I’m talking about, right now. You don’t know. It’s HARD. I saw my dad go through this with HIS mom and now, I’m going through the same thing with MY mom. It takes a LOT out of you. It’s tough. Tougher than you know. Unless you’ve been here. My great grams, who I have mentioned on numerous occasions, blew by the century mark like it was standing still. A suggestion. Another milepost on the superhighway to immortality. But, they ultimately passed. Like we all will. One day. My day is coming. Your day is coming. We don’t know when. We just know that it’s inevitable. So what should we do, until the grim reaper comes knocking???

You live life to its fullest. You LIVE. You LOVE. You ENJOY and you REJOICE. Life is a celebration and you need to party, every chance you get, like today might be your last day on this planet. And when you’re gone? You don’t want to get to your next destination regretting shit. Don’t leave anything on the table. Nah. Let it all hang out and give it all you GOT.

Okay. I’ve been spending too much time in Philly. Too many walks past Thomas Jefferson’s house and a couple of strolls through Mt. Holly has me all wondering. Pics of my grandfather. My aunt (dad’s sis.) My mother. My auntie and her hubby. My gramma. Got me reminiscing. I’m the next generation. And there are more coming behind me. Gotta keep it going. Circle of life. Love life.

Okay. Consider this part 2 or 3. I have more to say.

Just have to log off, right this second.



Gather my thoughts.

More thoughts.

I got more to say.

It ain’t over.