I got to havin’ a few beers and…

I got to thinkin’ and then, I got to vibin’…

It’s been a LONG fuckin’ day! And it was one of those days that didn’t go ANYWHERE according to plan, but, you know what??? It ain’t gonna kill me if shit doesn’t go according to plan. It hurts. Stings, sometimes. But KILL??? Nah, bruh. I’m still here.

North Carolina!!! I ain’t hatin’. I’m just pointing out the obvious. The Tarheel State has ISSUES. Simple and plain. If you are looking for me, next year? You will probably find me in NC. Trying to get my people to the polls. I was raised in a state where we didn’t have to wonder if our votes counted. We never had to wonder if we were going to show up and have muthafuckaz with guns asking us stupid fucking questions and shit. Over suppression is real. And I intend to do whatever I can do to squash that shit. Like Negan, I will shut that shit DOWN!

Speaking of: I always hated that muthafucker but after reading “Here’s Negan!” I can feel where he’s coming from. Everybody’s got a story. Man… SMH… Staying on the zombie apocalypse, if you have never seen Night Of The Living Dead, you need to see that shit, NOW. Even if you’re not one to fight the undead, you need to watch that movie. It’s a very important flick.

Okay. I could go on but it’s like…almost 2am California Standard Time??? And I *may* be tipsy. I’m going to get a couple of hours of sleep.

Keep on fighting the good fight. ✊🏾

I’m out. ✌🏾


I don’t know, dawg…

but I’m feelin’ mighty “old” today. πŸ€”πŸ˜³πŸ˜•πŸ˜πŸ˜‘

[deep breath]

How many deep breaths do I take, a day???

I’m still on the go. Active. But not as much as I was a year ago and no where NEAR where I was FIVE years ago! I can’t workout. I increasingly see my bedtimes gettin’ earlier and earlier and I’m cranky as FUCK, a good majority of the time. Irritable. To say the LEAST.

After carving out a pretty good existence for myself, having escaped the monotonous grind (and stress) of “Day Job World”, I now find myself longing for some steady dose of “regular people’s shit.” But not a day job. Like…something that’s STEADY but allows me flexibility, at the same time. LOL!!! I’m sorry. That’s takin’ me back to a comedy sketch thing that… Yea. I really need to punch up my YouTube and start posting some shit. Some of you would be surprised.


Tonight is a beer night. When in California, right??? Big beer state. Huge. You wouldn’t BELIEVE the beer that they have here in California!

The Yankees have fallen into an 0-2 hole and it’s making me sad but I’m happy at the same time. Who would have thought that we would be back in the picture, at this point? Surely, not *I*! I mean… I don’t think we were even worthy of going to the playoffs and you all know me well enough to my stance on The Wildcard game. But, here we are. I’m proud. Proud to be a Yankees fan. That pride will soon give way to the sheer humiliation and embarrassment of being a Knicks fan. Oh? How I wish I could NOT be a Knicks fan.

Okay. I have to change subjects, again. The Knicks make me EXTREMELY sad and I’ve had a strong ass beer tonight and time that with everything that his happening right now…in my life, with the country and recent events in Vegas… I don’t want to get all mopey and down in the dumps and all. That could make me suicidal. Yea.

I joke about suicide. Getting hit by a bus. Used to joke about heart attacks (until my dad died of one) and getting struck by lightning was one of my all time favorites, LMAO!!!!! OH GOD, I could tell you a story about me, booze, me and my friends in a jacuzzi during a torrential downpour/violent thunderstorms and me, daring God to strike me dead with a lightning bolt, LMAO!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!

Where the FUCK did the years go?!?!? ROTFLMMFAO!!!!! I’m serious. I’ve lived a pretty good life. Despite my bitchin’ & whining. It’s been all right. I’ve made some mistakes and some VERY BAD decisions in the past, but, that’s life. That’s learning and it’s all a process. You NEVER stop learning. My dad. He was constantly learning and evolving. He was more of a blue collar, “roll up your sleeves and get it done” kinda guy than *I* am, but he too was inquisitive. Always, always, ALWAYS asking questions. Always growing. Always evolving. He wasn’t the worldly world traveler that my mom was, but he had seen some shit. Had done some shit. As a youngster. And by the time he got back from Vietnam, he was done. He became more of a homebody. Which is who he had been, by nature. That’s how his mother was and that’s who my sister in New Jersey is. The people who have NO desire to GO other places or SEE other places. The “Nope. I’m good.” people. Those New Yorkers we all know, that have ever been anywhere else because everything they need is no further than a train ride away. Yea.


Santa Fe Taqueria, located inside of the Santa Fe Foods (Mexican) supermarkets, make the BIGGEST burritos! I keep saying that one day, I’m going to weigh one! LOL!!! I’m fat. I’m full. I’m on my second beer. I should go before I start babbling, incoherently.

Happy Saturday! ✌🏾 RESIST!!! ✊🏾

Yawl gonna make me lose my MIND!!!

The Remix, LOL!!!

I thought the Yanks-Indians series was a best of seven, LMAO!!! It had been SO LONG since my Yankees had advanced beyond the one-and-done wild card game that I FORGOT that the first round is a BEST OF FIVE!!! DUH!!! LMAO!!! Bring on The Astros, baby!!!

Maple Pecan Lattes!!! Is anyone else hooked on these things??? I am!!! Man!!! Might be my favorite flavor EVER!!! SMH. Might as well face it, you’re addicted to CAFFEINE!!!

Lots of exclamation points, this morning. I’m excited! That’s it. It’s zero-dark-thirty in The AM and I’m hyped up, beyond what’s normal this time of morning. Even after coffee. Well. I’m still having my coffee. Man. I’m in a *really* good mood, right now. I most definitely woke up on the right side of the bed. For sure.

Did I tell you that I finished The Walking Dead – Compendium One, yesterday? On the bus ride up. Yea. And 2 & 3 are at my mom’s, so the chances of me re-reading them before next Sunday is pretty fuckin’ slim. Oh, wells. Maybe during the mid season break.

I swear someone mentioned Buenos Aires to me, the other night. And I thought I heard that it is a very dangerous city or that they said it’s a dangerous city or something like that. IF I can ever make it down there, I would definitely want to check out Antarctica. Penguins!!!

Trump is most definitely coming apart at the seams and to that I say: IMPEACH that mutha fucker. Rep. Al Green already filed the papers. Racist death threats have been dogging him since he first brought UP impeachment. If you don’t know who he is, Google him. Activist. Civil Rights (trial) lawyer. Champion. And don’t fear for him. He’s from Houston. I’m sure he’s a second amendment kinda guy who rolls with other second amendment bruthas. Texas.

Okay. I think I’m done, for now.

I feel like something is *right* around the corner. Don’t know what, though. But something YUGE. Maybe for me??? May be Trump related. Maybe Puerto Rico. I don’t know. Speaking of, TWO WORDS: Spa Day.

FUCK!!! I know what I wanted to say!!! SHIT!!!

πŸ• Escape From New York Pizza πŸ•

Shit is WACK, son!!! I’ve been hearing about this place like it’s the sun, moon and the stars. It’s not. The Pesto Pizza was OKAY. Nothing to write home about. Oh, wait. LOL!!! Nah, seriously. Expensive. NOT good. Again: Pesto was OKAY. My cheese slice, on the other hand??? A no fuckin’ way bueno, as in not fuckin’ worth the $4.65?!? Uh. Yea. So, SKIP this place. Little voice told me to go to my usual joint on The Haight: Hippie Thai. Oh, well. Lesson learned.

Okay. I think that’s really it. I only meant to say Good Morning and babble about a few nonsensical things and ended up running on and on, like a loon.

Happy Friday!!! (I’ll try to post some ⚑️ Flashback Friday ⚑️ photos on twitter, shortly.)

🎢 Let’s go, YANKEES!!!!! 🎢
πŸ‘πŸΎ [pause] πŸ‘πŸΎ [pause] πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

Today, has been a very interesting…


It’s one of those days where I seriously asked myself: “Are you losing your fucking mind?” I mean. I nearly…okay…back up.

OCD. Shit has to be put in its proper place. In my apartment. In my backpack.. In my suitcase. I even FOLD dirty clothes when I travel (mainly, because they are easier to pack when they are neatly folded. You know. They take up less space.)

Well. My little box part of my phone charger??? I LOST IT. Jumped on the bus in Anaheim and went to plug my shit in and all I had was a CORD. It was in the side pouch of my backpack. Where I always keep my charger. I thought it had came undone by accident. Maybe when I was on the bus up from Laguna. Or maybe I dropped it in the terminal. Or maybe on the ground, as I was waiting for the bus. BUT, HOW?!?!? I dropped it on the bus. I’m looking. In the cushions. Under my seat. Digging all down in the outer side pouch where it was supposed to be. WHAT THE FUCK.

Where did I find it??? In the case that I keep my Bluetooth headphones. Are. you. fucking. kidding me. How the FUCK did they end up…fuck, I am losing my god damn mind.

Okay: A few minutes ago. I use the bathroom on the bus. I have my old iPhone in my hoodie pocket, as I lift the lid on the toilet seat. I think: “That’s not smart” and I immediately pull the phone out of my pocket. I get back upstairs and can’t find my phone. What tha…did I drop it?!? Check the cushions. Rifle through my backpack. Check my pockets. Under my seat. On the floor SURROUNDING my seat. What tha FUCK?!?!? Now, I go back downstairs to the bathroom. Nope. Not in the bathroom and it hits me: “My phone HAS to be CLOSE. The music is still playing FROM THAT PHONE!!!” I re-check my pack, much slower and there it is. In the pouch that holds my passport. Again. Where I totally should NOT be.

I’m losing it. I really am.

I got enough sleep, last night.
I had enough coffee, this morning.
I have not had a sip of booze or beer in a few days.

I think I really am losing my fucking mind.


I made it through another day!

All of my fingers and toes are intact. Yay!!!

And if I wake up breathing, that would be a MAJOR plus!

Now playing??? Ceeβ€’Lo Green… 🎢 Bright lights in the big city… 🎢 YEA!!! Who DOESN’T love this song?!? [deep breath] It has been a day, what a day, what a day. *yawning* I just got finished reading my haul for today and where do I start??? Kill The Minotaur!!! Ugh. CRAZY!!! Gory!!! FUN!!! 30 pages, but it goes by WAY too FAST!!! It’s fun.

I also read Cannibal no. 8 and kinda felt like I *may* have missed out on issue number 7??? I’m not sure. I’ll probably pick it up, if anything, as a refresher because my memory. Man, I don’t know. Some stuff, I’m like…right up on it, as soon as I open the first page and other things, I’m just not so sure about. I know that comic books, like the shows that are made from them, are always linear. So, who’s to say. I never sweat ending up with multiple issues of something. I just don’t.

Okay. American Gods. I know many of you have read the novel, so, you probably know (or can imagine) how GOOD the comic is! And what little I have seen the show is (like the comic) *bizarre*. Just *weird*. And this month’s issue. Number 8, if I remember correctly, is like: Mind. BLOWN. Amazing. Art. Dialogue. Storytelling. Awesome. Like, mind blowing. I know I already said that it’s mind blowing but that is the only way I can describe it. Like any other comic book geek, I could recommend this, that and the other comic as a “must read” but if you are NOT into comics, AT ALL and wanted a really, really, REALLY fun read that is…kinda dense. Kinda creepy. VERY entertaining and *kinda* thought provoking but not overbearing or overly “heavy???” Yea. It’s dense, but not heavy. Crazy, right??? It’s American Gods.

The gateway drug, for me, was The Walking Dead. And I got turned on to *that* through the tv show. And I know that I’ve already said it here (and on twitter) ***BUT*** “Here’s Negan!” AGAIN!!! Get it!!! IF you’re a Walking Dead fan, meaning! Don’t walk to the comic book store. RUN TO THE COMIC BOOK STORE!!! Man, I can’t tell you just HOW awesomely AWESOME it was to be able to have Negan’s backstory collected!

The forth book was Briggs Land. It delivered. As always. I mean, we are talking a comic that was slated to be an… AMC…??? I am pretty sure it’s AMC that put it into development after the very first issue. It is BY FAR the “realest” comic out there. SMH. For real.

Okay. This one was all about the comic books, wasn’t it! Just got a text that my Yankees are getting ready to put this one to BED. YAY!!! Baby Bombers, GETTIN’ IT DONE!!!!! BOO-YAH!!!!! Oh, wait. THEY WON!!!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! (Ooo, I was wearing my Phil Rizzuto shirt tonight, after I showered. πŸ€”

πŸ‘πŸΎ [pause] πŸ‘πŸΎ [pause] πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

In closing, I’d like to say: Don’t be an asshole.
Don’t. be. AN ASSHOLE!!!!!

That’s it. I’m out. ✌🏾

Lovely Day!

The old Bill Wither’s CLASSIC. Seattle-based contemporary gospel group (siblings) West Of Eden knocked it out of the park in the 90’s and Jill Scott did a bomb ass version of it, as well. And today IS a lovely day! The skies are kinda clear down here in Laguna Hills. No wildfires here, thank god!

I know it seems like I’ve been complaining a lot. I know. This whole thing: Trump, Puerto Rico, ugh… It’s hitting me, HARD. Probably harder than it should. It’s like, I’M SO CONFUSED, I want to just hit the reset button. But, life is what it is and you RARELY get do-overs in life. So. What can I do? Keep on keepin’ on. That’s it.

Okay: My haul today includes Briggs Land: Lone Wolf and American Gods!!! Yay!!! I β™₯️ New Comic Book Day!!! And whenever I leave the store having spent LESS THAN $20?!? That is a WIN!!!

Well, I already ran my mouth a LOT over breakfast and all, so, there’s not that much more to say other than the fact that I am spinning some POSITIVE tunes on my old iPhone, trying my hardest to be POSITIVE in my outlook. [deep breath] I really don’t look at myself as being a cynical person, by nature. I’m just… Ugh. Gettin’ swept up in this shit. It’s troubling.

I am going to end this installment with an enthusiastic “GO, BOB CORKER, GO!!!!!” LMAO!!!!! I’m ✌🏾 5,000 adios, yawl.

If it seems like I’m going off the deep end

…well… it’s because I really do feel like I’m GOING OFF THE DEEP END!!!!!

I feel like I need to be home on my couch, veggin’ out, consuming snacky snacks and a healthy dose of MSNBC ***but*** how the fuck is THAT healthy?!?!? So, I feel like “Oh. You should get out.” BUT, I’ve been “out” for the past 7 years. Out and about. Running HERE. Going there. Back and forth and back, again. Jesus fuck, man.

Blasphemy. Yes. I know. Listen. If blasphemy was a sport, I’d be Tom Fucking Brady. Besides, I’m gearing up for this upcoming season of The Walking Dead. Which, this two weeks is taking FOREVER to get over with AND by the time the new season starts??? It’ll be over. Because. That’s how the shit works. The wait is long and grueling and the season flies the fuck by, like “HEY!!! What the FUCK?!?!?” Fans of the comic: If you haven’t already picked up “Here’s Negan!” Pick that shit up. NOW.

Okay. Moving my on: North Korea. OUR madman is taunting THEIR madman. The people of North Korea can not remove their guy because…well… THEY CAN’T. But *we* can remove OUR guy, but, well…you know… WE WON’T. Colour us FUCKED. Am I dropping bombs today, or what? F-bombs. Like beautifully soft paper towels into a crowd of thirsty Puerto Rican’s. Did you know that Puerto Rico is a part of America??? Yes. It’s true. Many people did not know that. I think I was the first one to discover that. AmeriKKKa is broken and only *I* can fuck it up even MORE than it’s already fucked up! I’m Donald F. FuKKKin’ Trump and I approve of this shitshow!

Keepin’ it movin’, the whole state of California is on fire. Northern California. Southern California. High winds moving fires through whole neighborhoods. Killing people before they can even THINK about evacuating in many cases. And wine prices will soar as a result of the Napa and Sonoma fires. This is not your average wildfire season. This is not normal. I know. I first moved to Southern California back in the mid-1990’s and have seen many wildfire seasons. If I were a right wing, religious nut bag, shit-for-brains Trumpie, I’d probably say something like…oh…let’s see…

“This is god’s judgement on the country for electing a narcissistic, authoritarian, wannabe dictator over a woman who was HIGHLY qualified, due to Russian meddling” or something to that effect.

But. I’m NOT that person. So, I will withhold judgment or silly, outlandishly foolish statements. I’ll just say this: We are in a BAD place, right now. A very, VERY bad place.

Make no mistake about that.

Hey!!! It’s Wednesday!!! New comic book day!!! Yay!!! Trades that are out today include: Seven To Eternity vol. 2 and LOW (vol. 4, I believe), so that’s it. I think.

Happy Hump Day, peepz!!!

🎢 LET’S GO, YANKEES!!!!! 🎢
πŸ‘πŸΎ [pause] πŸ‘πŸΎ [pause] πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ