The Cavs, DC Metro and The West

Okay: So, now you see that I am not even exaggerating every time I go onto twitter and blast the hell out of Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Assholes…oops…that was supposed to be Authority. The worst public transit on this friggin’ planet, in this solar system and even of all of the undiscovered galaxies in the whole, wide, dark and beautiful universe. A national. fucking. disgrace. And I will just go ahead and blame congress for this one. But I’m sure Team Red Meat will “blame Obama because Obama is a Muslim and he’s responsible for all of the woes in the world because he hates America and he was sent to destroy our guns and beloved Constitution and our way of life.” Yea. Something like that.

So, a woman was raped at knifepoint on a train in mid-April but the public just found out about this yesterday because Metro didn’t feel the need to inform their riders about this because the crime was solved very quickly. WHAT THE HOLY FUCK!?!?! Yea. And some say it only came to light because a boy was stabbed to death at the Deanwood metro station a few days ago. Oh, and both of these incidents happened in the broad fucking daylight. And here ***I*** am thinking that DC Metro was most dangerous at night. I will not use this particular entry to start bashing the hell out of my people but I am going to mention that the DC metropolitan area has a serious fucking crime problem. It’s very easy to forget that when you are walking around DuPont Circle, seeing the monuments or meeting a friend for cocktails in Georgetown. Washington, D.C. is not the shithole it used to be, but it is still a shithole nonetheless. I was told recently that gunfire is constantly heard in SE DC and many people don’t even duck or run for cover or call 911 or anything.

Welcome to Washington, D.C.
Now, go home.

Speaking of going home: The Warriors, OMG!!! Don’t break your ankles hopping OFF of the Steph Curry bandwagon, people. WOW. Russell Westbrook. KD. Westbrook. Serge Ibaka. Russell Westbrook. Steven Adams. Westbrook and that crazy-ass point guard that doesn’t know when to stop throw’n up shots. That wild man. You know the one. What’s his name, again??? Oh! Yea! Russell Westbrook!

Kyle “I just had to take a little walk. You know, to decompress” Lowry. I…like many…was like: WHAT KIND OF SLACKER MILLENNIAL BULLSHIT WAS THAT!?!?!?!?!?! And now, I’m like: Oh. Okay. You got that. Fuck. LeBron just got a billion dollar check for being a god amongst men and now, the Cavs leader looks like a mere mortal. A shell of his former self. A has-been. I’m kidding. Everybody knows that I ***LOVE*** LeBron James, but something isn’t right about the Eastern Conference Finals being knotted up at 2-2. Like a wild JR Smith 3 pointer shot with 22 seconds left on the shot clock, it’s not a good look. It’s BAD. Like stinky poo poo fart bad.

Not gonna proofread this one, so forgive my grammatical errors in advance. I find that even if I search for misspellings, I still find many grammar “Oh no. Not again” stuff after I give it the thumbs up and shoot it off.

Now. I can’t let this one go without mentioning that there are many, many, MANY Republicans who are now coming to Trump’s defense when it comes to the violence that erupts at his speeches. Apparently, Trump is not responsible for the words that come our of his mouth and losers who are sent out by Bernie Sanders to disrupt the hoe damn thang are solely responsible for the shit that was saw last night in Albuquerque, what happened in Chicago and PHX and what is bound to happen in Los Angeles. Even though shit doesn’t jump off at Bernie rallies or Hillary stump stops, we are to believe (IF you watch Fox News) that it is because Trumpanzees are…wait for it…wait…


Uh, yea, no, not buying it.

His words are divisive, moronic, poorly thought out, racist, hurtful, misogynist, sophomoric, ridiculous and down right disgusting. He has the worst words. So many words. Donald Trump is a fuckin’ idiot piece of shit fuck head who will have this country totally fucked beyond fucked of he is allowed anywhere NEAR Washington, D.C. He’s a demagogue. And a morn. And a dipshit. A hate monger. And a fuck face. A stupid fucking idiot, reality show star and attention whore who thrives off of the media spotlight.

I probably should not have dropped so many F-bombs but… I chose to spit vile profanities because…well… I guess that is the “language of the people.” I’m not being vulgar. I’m just “telling it like it is.”

Well. I’m signing off for now. Have a wonderful day! Sincerely…

A Guy Who Is NOT Running For POTUS.

Heading home tomorrow…

…but not before a lay a travel tip on you: There is a LOT of talk about the longer lines at the airports. GET TO THE AIRPORT EARLIER. One hour prior to your flight is not enough time, these days. Try arriving TWO or even THREE hours earlier. I do. So, you can take it from a guy who is on and off of planes on a VERY regular basis.

MSBC referred to this current situation as a “TSA crisis”, so believe me when I say that it is serious and it isn’t even summer yet. I always try to get there three hours prior to take off. Sounds extreme but if you don’t want to be “that person”, crying to the ticket counter agent, you should try to do the same.

That’s all.

Tee β€’ Ess β€’ Ay

Okay. I’m at JFK and OMG, this TSA lady was SO nice!!! It’s 4 in the morning and she was in the best mood!!! She even acknowledged how they were all over the news recently for being an epic train wreck and ERRTHANG, LoL!!! Uh. Yea. If you haven’t heard.

There is something very wrong with the DC Metro system. Very. Very. Wrong. And how about the mainstream media, attempting to dig even deeper for that *good* dirt on Donald Trump? Racist butler? Tax returns? Fake identities? Really? REALLY??? They should have started this witch hunt like 16 friggin’ months ago. Fail.

I’m in a pretty good mood, thanks to Durant & Westbrook & Ibaka & Adams. Yea.

Now Playing: Talkin’ Loud And Sayin’ Nuthin’

How. Appropriate.

Well. I’m on my way to Brew City for the weekend. So, to that, I say: CHEERS!!! That’s it. Wait! I had a Turkey and Brie sammuch and it was sooooooooooo good! Of course, at 3 in the morn, at the airport, in NYC, it was like… $186.22 plus tax, LOLOLOLOLOL But it was tasty, though!!!

I leave you with some MORE historic farmhouses of Burlington County, New Jersey.



Okay. So. My dog. Not the puppy. My girl. Apparently, she is soooooooooooOOOOOoo excited to spend some quality time with her dear old dad this summer that she DELETED most everything on my DVR!!! LOL!!! Um, yea, just about everything. Including all of season six of The Walking Dead. It is tradition in my house to save the previous season of TWD until it comes out on DVD (as the new season starts.) As you all know, I watch The Walking Dead over and over and over and over and over again and again and again and AGAIN and again.

[deep breath]

I really, really, really love my doggies. I do.

Okay. So. If you’ve noticed on twitter: I have decided to lighten up on Donald Trump. He is that guy with the big mouth. The presumptive nominee for the Republican Party. Yea. He won. Outright. So, it’s up to Hillary. Many of the GOP faithful will not show up in November, so it’s up to us Dems to get behind Hillary whether you agree with her OR NOT. Hate laws is something that this country will not tolerate. We have to show the world that we are better than that. (North Carolina!!!!!) I’m counting on the best of the best to come out and VOTE come election time. VOTE.

I am going to do something that I have never ever done before and thank Greyhound Bus Lines, Inc. for doing the right thing by me and my family.

Well. It’s May. Well. May is actually almost half way over! Where did the months go. We are barreling full steam towards the halfway point of 2016, jeez!!! WOW. (I’m missing Empire, btw. So PLEEEEEEZE don’t TELL me what HAPPENED, LMAO!!!!!) I don’t really have a whole lot to say, really. Just want to wish everyone a Happy Wednesday and have a WONDERFUL rest of your week!!! It’s all downhill (in a GOOD way) from HERE!!! πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

Hoosier Primary: The Day Of Reckoning

I know. That sounded SO dramatic!

Ted steals the delegates and the delegates slowly migrate back to Trump. It’s going to be a Trump vs. Clinton general election. There is no doubt about that. It’s just a matter of time.

Being home, on the sidelines, has given me LOTS of opportunity to catch up on some playoff basketball. I’m watching the Spurs-Thunder game now and OH, what a difference a game makes! I enjoyed the Cavs-Hawks game 1, as well.

Well. There really isn’t a WHOLE lot to report. I did receive that refund from Greyhound for making us late the day my mom was released from the hospital and I am now turning my ire to McDonald’s. Not because of their shitty food but because the McD’s in my hometown is short changing people. It’s definitely on purpose and the cashiers are definitely making a killing. I talked to the general manager today and she is going to investigate and report back to me. (She said she was going to start by watching videotape from last night but knew RIGHT AWAY who the female cashier was that tried to take me for $5. I’m no math genius, but BITCH, I’m a lot smarter than YOU ARE.) They done fucked with the wroooooooooooong person.

Karsin Knightly: Customer Advocate

I like that!

Good night and good vibrations.

Ted Crooze & John Kay-Sick

…couldn’t stop Bozo The Clown from becoming the Republican nominee if Bozo was running for president.


What’s that???

Bozo The Clown **IS** running for the GOP nomination and they CAN’T stop him??? Damn. Hang it up, already.

Normally, at this point in the spring, I would be going on and on and on about Game Of Thrones, but I have been at my mother’s and my mom doesn’t have HBO, so all I have is how boring my hometown is, weather, bad wine and childhood stories, LoL!!! That’s all I got.

I hear Skip Bayless is leaving ESPN and Johnny Manziel is being indicted. OH!!! Josh Norman to the Skins. Sam Bradford is on his way out and that. is. about. it.

Ending with a question: How fucking ANNOYING is S.E. Cupp!?!?!

That moment when…

they said that it was CONFIRMED that Prince had died.

And now, some people are talking drug overdose??? Yea…uh…no. Well…maybe… Prescription drugs. Man. I don’t know. It’s sad, either way. It’s wrong, either way. Prince was EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY, man.

Michael Jackson was the King Of Pop. Prince was PRINCE. And I have to inject a quick two thumbs ALL THE WAY DOWN to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Man, I normally like that dude but yesterday, his white was shining so bright…it was wrong on every level known to man, man. And then??? Don Lemon called to save the day with stories of his older sister turning him onto Prince. (I didn’t know me and Don Lemon were like…the same age!)

God, this is making me tear up. And I’ve been crying a LOT lately. I have been flirting with abandoning social media for a while and with all of the shit that I’ve been going through lately, I was going to pull the plug on it all and disappear into the woodwork, BUT, if I’m really going to write a book? I should go the other way and share more. So……………. Here’s to opening up just a *little* bit more.

Oh! As I watch these last few minutes of Purple Rain on vh1, YEA!!!!!


I’m going to go. For now.

Shoutout to Greyhound for doing the right thing. I got an apology. A refund and a “hope your mom gets better” BUT…………. No explanation as to why my particular bus was canceled. I strongly suspect that it was a driver that quit. I hear that happens a LOT to Greyhound. So, I thank the sun and the moon and the lucky stars above that I don’t have to write that nasty corporate letter I was envisioning.


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