It’s all most time!

Book writin’ time.
Book writin’ TIME!!!

[stomps my foot, HARD and raises a hand to the heavens]

Thank you, Baby JEEZY!!!

I’ve got some stuff to get off my chest and some revelations to reveal. (I know, oh, the redundancy!) The weather is hella dreary today in D.C. Proving, ONCE AGAIN, that Washington DC is truly the Seattle of the east coast! LOL!!! Yea!!!

Okay. But, we won’t waste time covering stuff that I say over and over and over again. Let’s cover some NEW stuff: I have been out of sorts, lately. But I am not going to off myself and I am not going to kill anyone else. I’m currently in full-on “do the right thing” mode and once I have cleared some very pressing, very sudden and VERY UNEXPECTED things off of my plate, I am takin’ my whole existence in a totally different direction. I’ve never been about the bullshit, but I am even less about the bullshit now, than I was before. Less than zero tolerance. A snowball’s chance in hell, minus 2,000.

“Sing A Simple Song” is my theme song, these days! About 8 different versions by about 10 different artists. LMAO!!! Good times.

I’ve been plugging the hell out of one of my favorite reads, these days: Astro City!!! OMG!!! Best. superhero. comic. EVER. It’s so “grown.” Anyway, I leave you with this: Wilmington, Delaware has the good eats and that GOOD beer! I am not an opera goer, but *have* to get tickets to see *something* at their historic Grand Opera House! As I take things out of the bucket, I have to keep adding things on to the bucket list.

Happy Sunday!!! The Walking Dead tonight!!! Don’t forget!!! ✌🏾

How often do I fly and give you…

What kind of wackadocious shit is this?

Lawdy Lawdy!!!

The Phoenix Ale Brewery is a funny name for a microbrewery. But, when you got it going on like THEY do??? You want to let is slide! [deep breath] πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰ I am going to go ahead and give this one 5 out of 5 watermelons!!! πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ More, please!!! [deep breath] I allowed myself a LITTLE news today and while what I saw (on CNN) wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t uplifting or even remotely positive.

Nancy Pelosi
Mitt Romney
Niki Pelosi
Chris Christie

🎢 These are a few of my favorite names! 🎢

Yea. Exactly. Trump is trying to make good on his promise to go to Washington and drain the lizard. We will see. Okay. This watermelon beer kind of has an odd aftertaste. Thought it might be clashing with my Grape Slurpee Chap Stick and then it hit me: I don’t have any Chap Stick on, at all. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm……. I don’t know if I’d get this one again. I’m about 1/2 through. Not quite halfway. And I’m getting a kind of bite. Kind of bitter. Blah!!! Bleh!!! Blah!!! I bought TWO bottles of this and one of everything else. Oh, wait. Back the truck up: Wine and More??? Wait……. Total Wine & More!!! Went for wine, walked out with beer. And chocolate for the offerings that I will share later (on Instagram) and I got some winners. Five beers that I’ve never had before but unlike watermelon, there is no way of botching a stout!!! Especially a *chocolate* stout and I bought TWO different ones and a couple of fancy chocolate bars!!!

[deep breath] I am trying to take my twitter timeline back to that light, cheery place that it once was, but I am in no way abandoning what happened last Tuesday. November 8th. 2016. I give Trump props for seeing more moderate Republicans and say kudos to the congressional Dems that are already reaching out to Trump to work with him on some of the more progressive programs and plans that Trump put forth during his run. BUT… I’m leery AND I’m vigilant. Donald Trump has proved time and time again that he is just not to be trusted. Period. Jeff Sessions? Steve Bannon??? His children?!?!? I’m still betting on shitshow of epic proportions. A train wreck. A disaster. That’s where I stand.

Okay. I just put a lemon into this beer. Let’s try it now.

Somewhat better.

Okay. I’m going to log off and read comics and wish to the gods, the old and the new, that something happens to derail Trump from signing the lease at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Not wishing ill to befall him. Just…a miracle of some sort. Anything. Something. America needs a break today. And I don’t think we are ready for “Extreme Petting.” Hollywood has already announced green lighting a new movie called “Invasion Of The Pussy Snatchers”, staring Arnold Schwarzenegger and some chick that is crossing over from porn into mainstream movies. Not Sasha Grey, but LIKE Sasha Grey. LOL!!! Okay. I am signing off, for real this time.

Thanks for tuning in, again. All kidding aside, it’s nice to be back in Tucson.

Chat later!!!

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Donald Trump WILL be President…

and that is the SECOND sign of the impending apocalypse. (The NFL returning to Los Angeles was the first sign.) The third and final sign of the end will be when Maxwell finally releases that album! LOL!!! And then, I’m gonna scream:

“Jesus, take the wheel…………….

and crash this muthafucka into the nearest tree.”

LMAO!!! My sense of sacrilege is returning. Give me another couple of weeks and all systems will be 100% go again, I’m sure. There’s an old saying that you can’t keep a good man down. I’m going to go ahead write a buy ticket for that one.

Did anyone watch The Voice, last night? Man. I don’t normally watch it, but that Sa’Rayah is AMAZING and she gawn. It was like Jennifer Hudson all over again. It KILLED me when Jennifer Hudson was eliminated ahead of 5 contestants of WAY LESSER talent. I stopped watching American Idol for 2 & 1/2 seasons after tat, resuming viewership after she dropped a hit album, starred in a blockbuster movie, won Grammys and Oscars and whatever else she accomplished. Does anyone even remember who won Idol that year??? Well… it reminded me of the election and every other disappointment. When you KNOW you got it going on and the rug gets snatched out from underneath of you. But, I know that she will go on to greatness. Not Hillary. Sa’Rayah. LOL!!!

Right now, I’m at the PHX Greyhound Station, heading down to the most wonderful place on earth! No, not Disneyland. TUCSON!!! LOL!!! I’m laughing! Another sign that I’m getting back to normal. Listening to 50,228 different mixes of Maxwell’s ‘Bad Habit’ (speaking of mucho awards.)

Yesterday’s find of the day: Mother Bunch Brewery in downtown PHX. On 7th Street & Roosevelt. Southeast corner. No excuse for you NOT to check it out, because I just told you EXACTLY where it is. And ooooooooooooohhh my god. The beer I had was HEAVENLY. Awesomely delicious!!! 🍺 I had the Mounds Stout, btw. Yea. As in a Mounds candy bar turned BEER.

Today is Wednesday. New comics are out TODAY. YAY!!! Well. I see motion. Going to let you go and line up. See you in Tucson!!! 🌡

Killjoy Was Here

Yea. I’ve been feelin’ kinda down. Thank you for the pick me up tweets and text messages, though. I can only hope that you all are right and that I am very wrong about my feelings of doom and gloom on the horizon. If only I had seen this coming, I could have mentally prepared myself to either stay or implement “Operation Azores.” If only I had known.

Hey! A little ray of positivity from today: I was standing in a pretty long line at TSA and it struck me like a lightning bolt that I had a brand new bottle of fancy pants water in my bag. I was able to finish it before I got up to the ID checker! Amazing!!! I know that I am getting up there in age (and feel every bit of 50, these days), but I’m still trying to test my sharpness! Whenever I can. I am definitely giving myself a pat on the back for that one! Yay for ME!!!


Got my Chardonnay on the way. Thanks, baby Hey Zeus!!! LOL!!! I laughed!!! (That’s a good sign!)

Well. Gonna wind this one down and wrap this one up. Good night! From 28,000 feet in the air.

Never in my life have I let an election…

drag me into the crapper like this last one. The train of thought that “regardless of who’s in the White House, I’m going to keep on doin’ my thing” has left the rails in shocking, jarring fashion. Now, I’ve been plunged into the dark, black, scary chasm of uncertainty and doubt. I knew that I was changing, but did not have any idea that the world…more specifically, the country that I love…would be changing, as well.

What do I do, now?

I seriously have NO idea. I mean, I have ideas. Options on where this CAN go (for me), but making the right choice is daunting and difficult, especially in my current (fragile) state of mind.

[deep breath]

I just don’t know anymore. And when I think about it, as well as other things that are happening currently, in my personal life, I get a headache. The same, dull, pain behind my eyes, headache. And I get sad. And I want to… [deep breath.] I don’t know. I’m at Love Field right now, heading west. I remember unplugging and unwinding in places like Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Mountain and Rosarito in the past. Maybe that’s what I need. The beauty and serenity of the Olympic Peninsula or the Arizona desert. WAY out in the desert. I don’t know. I just know that I really need to go somewhere and get my head right and I need to do it soon.

This is just too much. I’m not being melodramatic and I am not exaggerating. I really feel like I am reaching “the breaking point.” Like, my whole existence is crumbling. Land giving way, beneath my feet. The sky above me is crashing down on my head. Like the whole world is becoming melted mush. I feel like the United States is being overrun by stupid people who are hell-bent on destroying the stability and relative peace that the United States has enjoyed for many years. Like, my security blanket has been ripped away and replaced by a bloody knife with serrated edges. God.

I think I’ve depressed you for long enough. I think I’m going to put down the phone and stare out into space. I’ll see you in Phoenix.