Back On Da Block! 👍🏾

If you didn’t hear, we lost tonight. 6-3. But we bounced back LAST NIGHT from that BRUTAL 14-1 ass whuppin’ that we suffered Monday night. I’m still hittin’ the panic button.

Speaking of panic, I wonder how Trump is sleeping, this week. That fat fuck is finally going to get what’s coming to him. Obstruction of justice. And it’s rumored that he has at least one child out there with some housekeeper. Awesome. Keep piling on. Trump. Cohen. John Kelly. Laura Ingraham. Pile. the fuck. on. Bury each and every one of those fools. I’m tired. I’m ready. Regime change. Bring it on. Repeal and replace those traitorous fucks.

R.I.P. Paul Ryan’s political career. What a cowardly, spineless fuKKK. Good riddance to him and that other congressman who announced that HE’S retiring, right behind Ryan. Bye, boy! 🙋🏾‍♂️

Okay. So, I went to Midtown Comics yesterday and as the guy rings me up, he says “Oh. It looks like you have some credit.” $25 worth of comics for $6.05 and that was basically for the bags and boards! ($4.49+ tax.) I ♥️ Midtown Comics and again, it feels GOOD to be back home. I brought the nice weather with me and EVERYTHING. ‘Cause that’s how I rolls. Although, it’s supposed to get cold again, next week. (Did I ever tell you how much I hate weather???) LMAO!!!!!

All right. I’m kinda fading. And yawning. And I’m all ready tucked in on the couch. So, I’m going to bid you adieu. 🙋🏾‍♂️

Good Night, Cyberverse!!! 😍😍😍😍😍


Heading back east, FINALLY!!! 🛫

And it feels *pretty* fucking good.

You may have noticed a reduction in my f-bombs on twitter. Yea. Well, I guess they are starting to jail people for “abusive language” or something. It’s okay. I have a pretty expansive vocabulary, so, I promise that I won’t run out of things to say or anything.

Michael Cohen. He is THE news, this morning. Overnight. Yesterday. Unless you live under a rock or like watching Fox News. This is shit is about to get real, people. Really. Really. Real. Those of you that have been tuning in for a while know that Trump affects my mood. In a VERY negative way. He puts me in a very dark place. I’ve never known the name of SO MANY cabinet members in ANYONE’S “presidency” in my LIFE. I mean, as stupid as Dubya was, he had Rice, Rumsfeld, Powell, Cheney and a few more names that I can’t recall, at the moment. Jesus Fuck, man.

Okay. The Yankees. Aw, man. And before I start up, you HAD to see this one coming. Jesus fucking Christ, man. It’s *just* starting and we ALREADY have PROBLEMS. Not flaws. Not weaknesses. Not issues. But PROBLEMS. I am extremely curious to see a Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees game, now. I missed Spring Training this year, so I was unable to get my “sneak peak” on. It’s disturbing, though. Troublesome. Troubling. We are in trouble.

Next. I have just about reached the proverbial “end of the road.” Not in a bad way. Hey. That corner that I’ve been talking about and eluding to for the past three years??? I’m there. Finally. On to the next one.

Well, we have just taken off. (Yay!!!) I land in NYC at 2:45pm, god willing. Tonight, my Yanks are in………….. Boston!!! And I do believe that ESPN is going to televise that. [deep breath] Does NOT give the warm-n-fuzzies, but, well… You know how I do. Stress. Worry. Fret. Obsess. That’s who I am. That’s what I do.

Twitter. I can’t be bullied. LOL!!! I mean, people can drop into my mentions and talk shit to me, but does that shit phase me??? Nah. I laugh. I may take a screenshot and comment. But, reply??? No. I don’t respond. Not in a tussling mood, these days. You know what I *am* in the mood for, though??? I’m in the mood to get that house and senate flipped for fuck’s sakes. Turn that shit OVER. Flip It Blue. 🇺🇸 That’s what I’m in the mood for. I want to volunteer. I want to get the word out. I want to do MY thing. I want to do MY part. Let’s get this shit DONE.

November. November. November.

Empire. Mayne, I forgot how CRAZY and Over-The-TOP that show is, LOL!!! Oh my GOD, LMAO!!!!! If you follow me on twitter, you know what shows I am digging, these days: McMafia, Atlanta and YEA!!! That’s it! My show of shows, The Walking Dead is gettin’ ready to end yet ANOTHER season and I’m going to need resolution. I’m going to need the All Out War to end and………… [deep breath] I need The Whisperers! Bring ‘em ON!!! I think that I may have already pointed this out and if I did, please, forgive me. My memory really is NOT what it used to be. The show lacks CONSISTENCY. It’s just not as consistent as the comic book is. I mean. I’m still watching but if I’m reading the numbers right, Walking Dead was at just under 20 million viewers a week, a few seasons back and is now somewhere around 9 mil. I mean, that’s after 8 seasons. Which is EPIC. We are getting into Seinfeld, Law & Order, The Jeffersons territory now. Epic.

Coffee. I didn’t think that I had all that much to babble about but as we reach our cruising altitude of 41,000 feet, I am feeling rather chatty, this morning!

Black Panther: I promise, I’m going to see that shit. This week. I swear. I know. I KNOW. I see my one or two issues of the comic are creeping up in value but nothing has really skyrocketed, yet. And so you know, the current Black Panther storylines are just NOT grabbing me. Except the bonus storylines about the women of Wakanda. The warrior chicks. And just like “Here’s Negan”, I’m not paying $4.99/month for 4-6 pages. Nah. I’ll wait until they compile that into a trade.

Okay. Today. I got Jeffrey Osborne. The Ohio Players. Teena Marie. Hugh Mundell. Yea. [deep breath] Goin’ old school on ‘em.

I think that’s all, for now. BUT…………. Before I leave, here’s a little something I discovered while in New Mexico: Raspberry Lemonade Mimosas are better than Strawberry Lemonade Mimosas. I’m just sayin’. And Coconut Margaritas STILL rule the universe. Sadie’s Coconut Margaritas are not as good as Gardunos Coconut Margaritas, but they ARE very, *very*, EXTREMELY, *wildly*……………. delicious.

When taking off from LAX to go east…

you ALWAYS head west before turning around to head the other direction. Always. Land FROM the east. Take off TOWARDS the west.

Okay. I’m back. I’m feeling pretty good. Not great. Not bad. But, good. I’m okay. Okay.

Congrats to Virginia for beating Michigan! Second title in three years, I think? That’s not a bad deal, at all!

Music: Been back on that reggae think. Dillinger. Lukie D. Hugh Mundell. Good shit.

Well, Dan Rather tweeted some shit about Trump’s attacks on the press and Sinclair pre-scripting bullshit for the masses equating to a “slippery slope” and I chime in that this is how Nazi Germany started and I have been slaying mouth breathers and troll bots, ever since.

This bitch behind me. I let her kick my seat a couple of times before shooting her the “Bitch, I will fuck you up” look. Did I ever tell you the story about that time that I was on my way to Houston and I flipped the bitch who was sitting behind me’s tray up??? Drink went all over her and her neighbor, in the center seat! LOL!!! Good times! Flying is way too stressful as it is without getting stuck on a plane with a bunch of muthafuckers that don’t know how to behave. I’m NOT the one.

So, I don’t really have a whole lot to say. Probably because I have said a whole lot over the last couple of days. Running my mouth. Booze. Comics. Beer. Trains. Storage. Planes. Buses. Yup.

I’m done!

I am going to just go head and chill. 🙋🏾‍♂️

See ya, later!

I have been feeling VERY “weird” lately…

and I’m not sure WHY.

I’m starting to think that it’s withdrawal. I’m getting myself out of that having to be constantly on MSNBC, thing. There are too many other things that I can be doing with my life than stressing over Days Of Our Cheeto Emperor. Orange Assley And His Unhappy Band Of Pickpockets. In Through The Out Revolving Door.

I don’t know. I made a laundry list of some of the TOTALLY awesome comics that I have been reading these last few days and tweeted it, but my service is BAD here, so it didn’t post. Outcast no. 34. Saga no. FIFTY. Bonehead no. 3, Ms. Marvel no. 28 and Days Of Hate no. 3. Finally finished Bomb Queen VOL. 4 (because I was getting towards the end of the series and didn’t want it to end. Instead of finishing it and rereading it, like a normal person.) Ice Cream Man no. 3 was………. WOW. I can’t even tell you how much fun *that* one was! If you’re into weird, psychedelic, craziness. Astro City, Astro City, Astro City.

[deep breath] Yea. Something is definitely “up” with me. My mom wants me to call her and I still haven’t called her. That’s because these days, I have to be 100% relaxed. No distractions. Relaxed. Have a nice buzz. And totally relaxed. Oh! And have a good, strong signal. For some reason, South Orange County is problematic for me. Weird. Well.

I am pretty sure that I tried to use this pic of my last night, in a tweet and my phone gave up trying because of my shitty service here. “Greys for days!” Or something like that.

By the way. This is the third…maybe fourth time that I have attempted to compose and send this and when the previous attempts failed, for some reason, I keep getting saddled with older drafts. It’s frustrating. VERY frustratingly annoying. As fuck. Okay?

Next topic because I’m gonna finish this and shoot it off while I’m back in civilization.

Happy Easter!!!


I suspended reading VOL. 4 because I was getting towards the end and I didn’t want it to end. EVER. If you have forgotten exactly what Bomb Queen is all about: It’s the most graphic, vile, disgusting, vulgar bit beautifully illustrated and masterfully told story in comic book history. I’m not sure if I can say that it’s the greatest comic book of all time but if it’s not, it’s pretty fucking close. A masterpiece. A friggin’ masterpiece. I binge read volumes 2 and 3 and halted about halfway through 4. Well. Last night??? I finished it. Finally. It is AWESOME. Awesome. *awesome.*

Okay. I remember sharing a little tidbit about my folks but I can not remember exactly what it was that I shared about them. I started by sayin’ that my dad was the oldest of 3 and my mom was the oldest of 12. They met when HE was 12 and she was 10. And they were together until he passed of a heart attack in March of 2014. But I said all of that, leading up to a point. Was it the fact that they were very opposite in most every way that you can think of, but they made shit work for so many years??? I don’t know. [deep breath] Truth be told, I’m surprised I was able to remember anything about what I had written last. So much of what you read here is SO “in the moment.” I write it and then, I shoot it off into the intersphere and I forget about it. So, it’s frustrating when I lose shit and have to start from scratch. Not that I’m starting *entirely* from scratch, but, I’m working with an older version here. Trying to remember the comics I read and the places I ate at and the stories that I was going to tell.

Old. age. problems.

I’m pretty sure that I threw in a Happy Easter or two. I’m not big on Easter. Or Christmas. Or Thanksgiving. Or any holiday. But, I’m relaxing my position on holidays, as I get older. Trying to become more accepting to those who choose to observe. Trying to be a good sport. But, PLEASE don’t get it twisted. My crank level is HIGH and I’m still quick to block a muthafucker on social media. Right now, it’s Norman Connors that has me in a really good mood. He’s funky. He’s jazz. He’s r&b. He’s quiet storm. He’s EVERYTHING.

[deep breath]

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Ale. I keep obsessing over it. I am going to have to go back to Dallas and get some. Soon.

So much shit on my “to do list” it ain’t even believable. Unreal. Epic. Daunting. Overwhelming.

I’m all over the fucking place. LA, heading back to Vegas, if you’re curious. Sin. City.

All right. Happy Easter. Let’s try this shit again. Enjoy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…..

Send. 📤

It’s been a while since I’ve babbled…

about ASTRO CITY!!!!!

I just finished “Ordinary Heroes!” That’s the 15th collected edition of A.C. that I bought back in November, I think??? LOL!!! Been walking around with it for MONTHS and haven’t gotten a chance to read it until now. A masterpiece, I tell you. Again: Best. superhero. comic. EVER.

No debating. It’s the best.

I still need to watch all of FTWD, last season. Billions, season 2. And I can’t help but think there is another show that I’m a whole season behind on, but I can’t remember what show it is. Oh, well. I’ll think of it, I’m sure.

Have I already told you about my Raspberry Lemonade Mimosas??? I think I have. Let’s see. I had Raising Cane’s yesterday. First time in a LONG time. I am much better at controlling that particular impulse. Especially easy when I keep having this feeling that something is “off.” Too much fried food? Too much drinking? Too much talk/Not enough action? New WITHDRAWALS??? (I’ve been forcing myself NOT to camp out in front of the tv all day long, as well.) Hell. The last time I watched the news for an extended period of time was during the March For Our Lives. Which, I will say for umpteenth time: Damn, these kids impress the FUCK outta me! And I think you all know that I’m not particularly fond of youngsters, these days. Generally speaking, of course.

Right now, I’m reading Kill Or Be Killed. Number…………. 17????? It’s from a couple of weeks ago, I know. I told you. I sometimes fall behind. And then, I binge read. Sometimes for days. I think I may have heard about this one getting picked up by a studio, but I don’t know if I want my comics all becoming movies or tv shows. Not after what happened with Briggs Land. They sold the rights to AMC and now, the comic has just *stopped.* What the fuck is THAT all about?!? Dick move, but I understand the need to make money. We all gotta eat. Pay our mortgages and put the kids through college and shit. I get all that.


You know what I caught myself thinking about, the other day? Pineapple Upside Down Cake ALE, from Brain Dead Brewing Co. I need some. Soon. Dallas. Soon. We will see. I need to make that happen, though.

Okay. [deep breath] I *just* finished Kill Or Be Killed and it was fucking. BRILLIANT. WOW. Consistently brilliant. A phrase that I use when pointing out why The Walking Dead comic series is ALWAYS keeping us… you… and me… on the edge of our seats and the show, on the other hand, does not. The show is indeed lacking. I don’t think I’ve even admitted that to myself until very recently and don’t want to come off like I’m bashing the show. I’ve always treated them as two separate entities. Two different mediums with their own distinctive nuances. Just when I thought that I might take a break from the show, Georgie appears and I’m back in, again. All in. So, yea.

Politics. I have not talked politics, lately. I’m sure that if you’re following me on twitter, you’re well aware of where I am. Where I am. Where I stand on the issues and how I can go on and on and on about what irks me. What scares me. What concerns me and what ails me. It’s been a bumpy road. I don’t even think I need to say any more than that. Characters. Players. Operatives. Insiders. Outsiders. Clowns. Heroes. I’m still rooting for democracy. Maybe this *is* the end of our civilization and if it is indeed the end??? It’s been a pretty good run. If my ancestors could see me now, I think that THEY would think that I’m doing all right. I was walking amongst them in the family burial plot back in December of 2010 and I was surprised at how many of them lay in UNMARKED graves. And there was my paternal grandmother, her brother and her sister. Side by side, by side. Underneath that MASSIVE tree that they used to climb, as children. Overlooking the creek. Peace. Quiet. Remote. Far from the nearest house. Far from the worries and stresses of the world. Just chillin’.

You may have heard this all before.

Or, maybe I’ve never shared any of this with you. I’m gettin’ old. Well. I’ll let you go. Just wanted to share a little. That’s all.

Happy Saturday! Easter Eve. Or something like that, anyway. 🐣 And remember: JESUS!!! He…….. rose from the dead tomorrow! Maybe he will ACTUALLY ride from the dead tomorrow, again, and beat Trump’s ass, LOL!!!

Peace on Earth and to all, a good afternoon. 👴🏾

The Real Deal 🌮🍺🌮🍺🌮

Penca, 50 E Broadway, Tucson, AZ!!!

Quesadilla with braised turkey. Dragoon 24oz IPA. Homemade/Handmade churros. What more could you possibly ask for?

Back in Cali. Killa Cali. 4 teens from Vegas killed in Huntington Beach when they were sitting at the stop light. A 27 year old bitch who was sloppy, shit faced, wasted out of her pretty head DRUNK plowed into their car, which immediately burst into flames. Three kids died on the scene. Burned alive. The 4th is in the hospital, and they don’t expect her to make it. The drunk driver??? Uninjured, of course. Welcome To Orange County.

Catching up on some required reading: Days Of Hate. Rough Riders: Ride Or Die. Redneck no. 11 and Saga no. 50. That’s right. FIFTY ISSUES OF SAGA. One of my favorite titles, *ever.* Brian K. Vaughan. One of my favorite writers, EVER. Okay. I could go on and on and on about comics, but I won’t.

I will just tell you that I am feelin’ an early bedtime. Still feeling “weird.” It started last night, as I was waiting for the train, in Tucson. Not dizzy. No light headed. But “light.” Weirdly weird in a general sense of the word. Like “something isn’t right.” I thought that it may have been because I was “forcing” my departure from The Old Pueblo. A failed attempt to leave by bus. A train that ultimately arrived 3 & 1/2 late. Like, it may be a sign. A sign that I’m ignoring. I talk to people in The OP. People in bars. People on the street. My servers. Bartenders. My go-to comic book guy. MY FRIEND. And I had gotten a fortune cookie while in New Mexico that said to “Listen to your friends over the next few weeks.” It was a VERY timely fortune. It was relevant. Not dumb or hokey or preachy or generic.

I was asked by my friend in Tucson that if I would TRULY be happy moving to _________ and I wasn’t really sure. He was like “Maybe it’s not the geographical location that is going to make you happy. Maybe you’re happy right now, doing what you’re doing.” I didn’t really know how to answer that. I feel change coming. I mean, I really, REALLY, *feel* it. I can see it. Sense it. Feel it. I’m just having a hard time getting to it.

I was just shown pics of a friend’s daughter’s farm. She left “the real world” behind and cashed out to buy a farm back east and LOVES IT. She wasn’t even raised on a farm. She wasn’t even raised back east! Crazy, right??? She just left it all behind and did what she had been fantasizing about doing forever. And shit is falling into place for her.

Man, I’m going to go deep, now. Predestination vs. making your own way. Blazing your own path. Are you REALLY the maker and shaper of your world or was this shit all in the books before you even came into this world??? I used to have conversations with friends of mine about this shit, back in the day. While drinking 40’s and making music. And that was 25… 30 years ago. And now, here I am, again. Asking. Seeking. Wondering.

Feel free to chime in. Or just ponder it, in your own. I’m a Gen X’er. An aging Gex X’er but a Gen X’er, nonetheless. And don’t get it twisted. WE were the *original* “We want it and we want it NOW” generation. Believe that.

Okay. I could keep going. Soberly into the rabbit hole. My love for The Matrix. Cassette tapes of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Ghostly visits. Happenings that I just KNEW “were meant to be.” But, I’m going to stop, right now. For now.

Shoutout: Dragon Wok, in Albuquerque!!! Reilly Craft Pizza & Beer, in Tucson! Urban Masala, Hollywood! And The Arrogant Butcher, in downtown PHX, AZ. You are VERY welcome! 🙋🏾‍♂️

I’m out, like Larry Holmes when Mike Tyson had him leaning up against the ropes, seeing stars, on a bullet train to Dreamland. ✌🏾

The Boycott

It’s the only language people like Laura Ingraham seem to understand. Attack a kid. No reaction. Double down. Advertisers flee. Half ass apologies. More advertisers bounce. I hate that bitch.

Rosanne. Not feelin’ her. Already seeing some old Halloween pic floating around of her dressed like Hitler. Now: You know what show TOTALLY rocks??? Atlanta!!! Donald Glover! Good shit!

Moving quickly: Stormy Daniels. Good. Donald Trump. BAD. Michael Avenatti. Talented. Michael Cohen. Hack. I’m done.

Comic books. How big of an industry *is* the comic book industry? Pretty big. As a reader, I am LOVIN’ it. But, I am a curious individual and am already delving way deeper into this thing than I ever thought I ever would. As a child. And after getting reintroduced to the world of comics via a little show on tv called The Walking Dead. Maybe you’ve heard of it. More to come on that.

Beer. Food. More beer. More food. Eat. Drink. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. I love Arizona. Believe that.

Starbucks: Iced Venti Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato. Delicious. It’s delicious! Oh. I said that.

Well. I don’t have a WHOLE lot to say. Aftershock’s Rough Riders is BACK, btw! (Yay!!!)

That’s it. 🙋🏾‍♂️

Happy Friday! Happy Easter Weekend!
Eat lots of chocolate bunnies and I hope you find ALL of the eggs. Oh, yea! And Jesus!!!

That is all. ✌🏾