Super Bowl Bound!!!

I was under the impression that everyone in the world knew that I am a long-time Atlanta Falcons fan, BUT…again… I was wrong. I’ve been wrong a LOT, lately. The election. I’ve been wrong about certain people in my small circle of people that I *knew* that, when it came down to it, I really didn’t know at all.

It was a rare treat I got last night, when a sports team that I love and adore… MY favorite football team, mind you…advanced to the Super Bowl football for the first time since…1998? 1999!!! John Elway! The then Vikings QB, Randall Cunningham, said that the Vikings were a “team of destiny” and that God had shown him that the Vikings were going to win it all, that year. The Falcons upset them in the NFC Championship matchup that won ME $400 and then, two weeks later, got their doors blown off by the Denver Broncos. Tears of joy were replaced by tears of anguish.

The End.

Or, is it?!? Can we put the brakes on Brady??? Only God knows. IF you believe in God, that is. I mean…why would babies die, Trump become president and long mid-season breaks of our favorite television shows exist if there was a God?

Things that make you go………… Hmmmmmmmmmmm…………….

Happy Sunday!!!

Gonna keep it short, my Falcons are on, and they are WINNING!!!

I’ve long talked about seeing the corner but my inability to make it to…and turn…that corner. Well, it’s happening. Next week. I’m moving and I’m staying put for a bit. Going to build a little something for myself in Sin City. It’s time. Time is moving forward, which means, I’m only getting older.

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words and thoughts and prayers. I am going through a LOT, right now. But, I’ll make it. Any setbacks I have experienced are minor because, well, I refuse to make a big deal of this shit. Gotta shake it off and keep on truckin’.

Well. Next week: Vegas. Next weekend: Palm Springs. Then: Back to Vegas.


Quick Note

I am getting rid of my old phone number. If you text or call and I don’t respond, fear not. As soon as I get my new phone number, I will be passing it on TO ALL OF MY OLD FRIENDS. A new, even *lower* profile is in the works for ’17, as I laser focus on the next phase of my life.

I know you all know this, but I’M FIFTY!!! LOL!!!

Hey! Starbucks here is showing off their new Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant!!! Mmmmmmmm, it’s DELICIOUS!!! 😋😋😋

Today was Inauguration Day! I should say something about it. Instead, I will just skip on to the next subject. My health. As those of you who know me know, I have a hernia. I’m going to see what Trumpcare is all about. If it is not what I need, I will either a.) buy my own health insurance in the private market OR b.) go have my stuff fixed in Mexico. That’s going to be done by year’s end. It’s a new year and I was *just* telling a *few* of my friends, I am headed in new directions. New city. New adventures. The same shit done the same way that I’ve been doing it, just isn’t working for me anymore.

New city: Vegas. I’m moving next week and (as always) I will be there “until further notice.” I’ll be (as always) spending a lot of time in my adoptive home state of California and everywhere else on the west coast, as well as Arizona. I also plan on reconnecting with Mexico, a place that I miss dearly. Even MORESO, now that Trump is president.

That’s it. Email me until I get this whole thing worked out as OR (as always.)

Until then??? Have a WONDERFUL Friday!!!

(OH!!! And as my twitter followers already know, I am catching hell trying to find Providence, issue 2! If you have a comic book store nearby and you have a minute to spare and you pop in and find one for me??? I will love you for LIFE!!! That is all!)

I’m SO over it!

The Election!

I’m officially movin’ on! I have now moved on! There will no more crying but I will never hesitate to call it like I see it. Observations. That’s what I’ll be offering from here on out. Just like my proclamation that I am offering no more bold predictions, from here on out??? There will be no more belly aching over Trump does from me. If he wishes to wreck America, let him.

Him and his Trumpie Nation, got dis. I’m good! We good! It’s AWL good in Jared & Ivanka’s ‘hood! Drain the sink…or swamp cooler…or whatever the fuck. I can no longer give a flying mutha fuck about a fucking thing that I hear in passing. I got bigger fish to fry.

I’m building a rocket ship to the fucking stars and instead of putting Trump and The Deplorables and the CEO of Greyhound on it??? I’m going to take a little trip myself. Soon. I’m going to hit it hard and I ain’t never looking back. Mars. Neptune. Destinations unknown. I’ll send postcards from Westworld. Posting selfies in The Matrix. Greetings From The Outer Limits.

Brock Osweiler got damn near $40,000,000 guaranteed money from the Oilers…err, Texans…and they got was a pocketful of “L.” What in the holy fuck is fucking going on, I am OUT of this hurr BITCH wit a QUICKNESS.

Hashtag: Upside Down.

I’m fading fast, but before I go to bed…

I just want to thank those of you who joined me on my little walking tour of my old neighborhood today! It’s always GREAT to be back in Hollywood and today was NO EXCEPTION!!!!! Oh my god, I’m *still* trippin’ off of that slice of PIE!!! Oh my GOD!!! I may have to swing through on my way *back* through to get another fix. That’s The Pie Hole, Hollywood & Vine, southwest corner! SMH… too good.

As many pics that I shared on twitter and insta, I didn’t even get to share ALL of my pics. Too many to share! Hooray for Hollywood! As much as I know how it’s not possible to turn back time…that you can never “go back”, sometimes it’s GREAT to reconnect! Time presses on. We are born. We live. We die. The End. I actually enjoyed Hollywood today more than I have in a very. long. time.

It’s time.

Hey! What I wanted to say was this: I am *almost* interested in seeing Trump get the blank check that he and his followers want, just so I can watch this shit show live and in 3D. It looks like a fucking train wreck on paper, already. A clown and pony show of epic proportions. Let him crash America into a fucking cliff. Do it. DO IT. I’m getting to “that point” that I really don’t give a fuck WHAT happens. I once cared. Now??? Not so much. Fuck it. I got real world muthafukkin’ shit to tend to. Too much to be worrying about what happens in Washington DC. Fuck DC. As far as his wackass Inauguration Day? I might watch that shit. It seems like the kind of shit sandwich that would pair well with a couple of bottles of wine. Seriously.

Last. Jennifer Holiday and Steve Harvey. Coons gonna coon. There. I said it. I fucking HATE that word, but that’s the first thing that popped into my head when I saw them being dragged on twitter. Trade them muthafukkaz in the next racial draft. Fuck them and Stacy Dash and Sheriff David Clarke. Fuck em AWL.

I’m out.

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s back to Cali, I go!

Just for a little while! OR……… I may just stay forever, LOL!!! Scoot across the border. Bandito Style!

Okay. What in the holy fucks. Okay. I should comment. But, I will refrain. It’s already 8pm and it’s an overnight train ride and I’m thinking “knock the fuck out, as fast as possible.”

New in my world: 1702 (aka The Haunt. I just made that up!) German Chocolate Vanilla Porter by Tucson’s own Borderlands Brewing Co. It TASTES like a friggin’ German Chocolate CAKE, I swear to God. It is one of theeeeeeeeeee most delicious beers I have ever tasted.

The Chargers. Football in LA. How many blog entries. How many tweets. How many conversations. Over the years. There IS NO REASON for football to be in LA if you are NOT a billionaire owner of an NFL team. None. That’s all of the time I am going to waste on this one.

Trump. Not going to dwell. Just going to gloss it over. Skim. Keep it short. Make it light. Keep it sweet. And to the point. You asked for him. You GOT him! His presidency is already looking like a hot mess, from a distance. I allowed myself a little “news” time this morning. I was NOT amused. Personal reasons are the only reasons that I’m not already at the southern border, sneaking INTO Mexico. ¿Quien quiere acompañarme?

Keep it moving. The Knicks SUCK. They are an embarrassing embarrassment. A disgrace. Sad. A disaster. That being said, you can catch me at Spring Training this year, in Tampa! (YAY!!!) I am going to try to motivate, even though I am expecting another lackluster year with a bright spot here and there. Hope for the future. The future is not so bright, so I won’t be needing my shades. LET’S GO, YANKEES!!!!!

Letting go of the past is a very difficult thing for me to do. I am trying very hard but am finding it very difficult. I am keeping a journal now. This will be “day three” if I can sneak in an entry. Or maybe, I will skip today since I am reaching out to you, here, in the blogosphere. I don’t know. It’s not like I do much planning, these days. I was just talking to a friend tonight how things rarely fall perfectly into place and he replied that they do when you plan. I haven’t made any solid plans in soooooooooooo long. I don’t know. I’ve tried to plan on certain things and my plans always change. It’s crazy. A crazy life. Loco.

That’s it, I guess. That’s the overview. My day in review. Have a wonderful rest of your evening and I will see you tomorrow in my old adoptive hometown, The City of Angels! 👼🏾

Just What The Doctor Ordered!

I am sure he wasn’t intending for me to get shit-faced, but, it’s been a while. I had a pretty good day that took a bad turn when I called home, but, you know what??? I am quickly learning that we all have to take the good with the bad. And as you no doubt have noticed… I am in the middle of a very…very…bad patch.

One of these days, I swear to fuck, I am going to fucking run the fuck away and I’m never going to come back. I’ll just leave my passport with the girl (or guy) at the gate. After they scan my boarding pass, I’mma toss my blue passport and say “Keep it. I won’t be coming back to this muthafucka anymore.”

Yea. I’m probably being melodramatic, but who’s to say??? Stay tuned.

Hey! I’m alive! I’m in the alcohol and I’ve got a loose game plan, that I’m surprisingly sticking to it! Knee jerky as I can be, I’m staying the course.

Well: I am officially retiring from the predictions business. Business is BAD and I’ve lost. yet. again. Clemson over ‘Bama. Trump over Clinton. Dylan Roof got the death penalty. I’m done. Shuttin’ it DOWN. Going forward, feel free to ask me my opinion on shit but I offer NO PREDICTIONS beyond shit that I am fully in control of. Like… “I am 100% certain that I will be at the comic book store tomorrow. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Sure as the sun rises in the Atlantic and sets in the mutha fuck’n Pacific, I will be at the comic book store for my new releases.” Fuck yea!!!

I’m dropping some effin’ F-bombs tonight because I have been on my neat behavior all day long. Court. Now, I’m decompressing with a glass of merlot and cursin’ the muthafuckin’ mutha…fuck! LMAO!!! Gratuitous profanity. That’s what the world needs more of. More potty in the mouths of babes. LOL!!!

Hey, my glass is almost empty. So I’m gonna go ahead and pull the plug on this muthafucka right hurr. Ya hurrd???

Love you all!
More than you know!