Maybe she’s a nervous flier?

Or maybe she’s just an annoying c….uh…yea…

Gave her the nasty stare as I went back for my quickie “calm the fuck down bathroom break” and again, as the guy and his son got up for the little tike’s second potty break. She looked uncomfortably defiant. If that makes sense. Cool, but uneasy. I have some pretty intense dirty looks, LOL!!!

And now? Air traffic control is ringing the pilot, telling him that there’s bumpy air ahead. AWESOME. If she IS a nervous flier, she’s going to be all up and over my fucking shit and as cute as she is? She is just not. my. type.

4 hours and 35 mins from da Illadel to Sin City.
The United States is a very big country.

Believe that.

The Unfriendly Skies


Because people why fly like to BASH on THE AIRLINES!?!?!

Is it me or is Delta raising their airfares as the American/US Airways merger creeps closer to the finish line? Hmmmmmmm….. I’m still with American/US. I’ve used my miles down to no more “freebies” (and a $75 processing fee is hardly a reward or award or wherever constitutes a “free” flight. I’ve already flown AA two? Three times since liquidating my accumulated Dividend Miles which were converted to AA (Assmunch Airlines DisAdvantage Miles.) Why??? Because American was significantly cheaper than the competition.

I see Jet Blue advertising all kinds of new nonstop flights to a lot of my favorite places but they love to a.) experiment with shit only to b.) pull the carpet out from underneath you once you get accustomed to these new (test) routes. And they are not a bargain airline no more. Yes. ANY more. But I’m pissed and when I’m pissed, I like to break the grammar rules that I enjoy following in my traditional lock-step fashion.

Now playing: Diana Ross & The Supremes.

A recent scientific study has discovered that people are more likely to act the fuck up/out on Vegas flights as they tend to get liquored and/or drugged/amped up before they even leave their homes. This is a fact. It was published in the Cape Fear Community College Journal of Pre-Med and Dialysis Technician Weekly medical newsletter. True.

Well. This bitch behind me is all up in my seat back like a fly on a stinky ass poo pile. A. Fucking. NNoying as FUCK!!!!! ARGH!!!!! BITCH!!!!! And her fucking friend who is in the aisle seat won’t stop turning around talking to her, getting her all riled the fuck up. Annoying the FUCK out ME. 20-somethings. I was NEVER 20-something. I went from high school to my 40’s. I skipped the dumb shit. I’m lying. I’m sure I was equally annoying at their age.

Well. I could go on and on and on about my observations and such from this flight from the depths of hell but I’m getting ready to head back to the bathroom for some “woo sah” and another glass of water.

Thanks for sticking with me and letting me vent. I decided not to get all liquored up and shit because the man in the middle seat has a little three? Four year old boy with him and I don’t want to get shit-faced and cause a scene. I’ve quietly wigged out on passengers before on planes and I would never, ever go there in front of a child.

See you in Vegas, yawl!

Love, hugs, kisses and tasty margaritas!

Good Morning, Watergate City!

Got the Gloria Jones classic “So Tired (Of The Way You’re Treating Our Love, Baby)” going on as I head into the city to catch a big blue bus to Tobacco Road. The place where it all started.

No. Not really. But that sounded pretty cool, no? LOL

Seriously: Metro problems a plenty. Donald Trump. The Yankees are struggling. Nukes in Iran. The sista who just sat down net to me who has enough perfume on to choke a fucking brontosaurus. (I can’t stop sneezing.)

This world truly is truly going to hell in a Hello Kitty hand basket.

And I should clarify that the reasons for the Yanks struggling can once again be blamed squarely on the Steinbrenners. Toronto made a move for David Price. The Yankees did not. We are only 1 & 1/2 games in first and fading faster than Marty McFly in Back To The Future when has was at the…yea…whatever… You remember the scene.

Discovered a new white out of the Yakima Valley that is DEFINITELY worth checking out, for all of you wine lovers out there. Can’t recall the vineyards name but it’s called Pure Platinum and Marilyn Monroe is on the bottle.

True Detective!!!!! Did you check out the finale last night??? OMG, once again, HBO knocks it out of the fuck’n park!!! (There I go again with the baseball analogies, LOL!!!)

Well. I am running a little late but still way early.
I hate being late. I wake up hellishly early to get there early. That’s who I am. That’s who my dad raised me to be. (My mom still sets her clocks fast and she has been retired for years, LOL!!!) Retirement: I’ve been threatening my departure from The Biz for a while and no longer advertise on backpage, Men4RentNow and rentboy, leaving me with my rentmen ad. And the accompanying “free trail” rentmasseur. I am very close to yanking these last remaining ads. Meaning, I will no longer be looking to make new connections. No more ads. Taking a back seat to the other 40+ guys that are still out there, doing their thing.

It’s long, long, LONG overdue. I have other things going on right now and other things that I’d like to start doing and feel that it would be in my best interest to just fade into the scenery. I’ll be 49 in a few minutes…days…a couple of weeks, actually. And it’s a busy, crazy, hectic time for me at this particular place in time. Time to get a move on. Unofficially, of course. My long-time regulars already know “the deal” and those of my friends who do not follow my blog or peep me on social media will be receiving messages from me over the next month.

That’s it for now. I’m here. I’m well. I’m excited about The Walking Dead returning in October! Fear The Walking Dead? Eh… Not so much.

THIS bitch!!! @GreyhoundBus related!!!

What time??? 4pm, bitch!!! Oh, what’s that??? The 3pm bus isn’t here yet??? And it’s 3 fucking 30??? Shocker.

Someone please, PLEASE tell me HOW THE FUCK does Greyhound even STAY IN BUSINESS!?!?! ALWAYS LATE and SHITTY customer service. JEEZ fucking LOUISE Jefferson!!!!!

Answer: MegaBus is still playing catch up, here in the U.S. But that’s okay. I only hope that I live to see the day. God willing. Fingers crossed. ‘Cause this shit ain’t right.

I just hope that MY bus driver is here.
NO RESPECT for people’s time.

Black Lives Matter

Or do they???

When a cop making a “chickenshit stop” (and I didn’t say that, the Cincinnati DA said that) thinks that it’s okay to put a bullet through a guy’s brain over a front license plate and an unopened bottle of gin, I’m guessing a black life is worth about as much as a rabid dog that needs to be put down to save people from getting attacked.

I’m so sure that Sam DuBose was going to go on a major crime spree, slapping old defenseless ladies on the street with his Kangol and putting his bottle of gin into the trash can as opposed to the proper recycling bin. Yup. And if he was able to continue to get away with driving around without that front license plate, who knows what kind of chaos would have ensued.

And ALL OF THIS IS HAPPENING ON OBAMA’S WATCH!!!!! Maybe we DO need to get a Republican back in the White House. Don Juan Trump can shut down the border and the new DOJ head can stop these stupid “investigations” into police misconduct and give the PIGS what they REALLY want. A license to hunt niggers. And we can just call it what it is: The systemic extermination of the black race. Some may say I’m being overly dramatic. Melodramatic. But, what else am I supposed to think? We’ve been murdering our own for years but I guess we are not getting it done fast enough.

Shitty schools lead to shitty diplomas that don’t even prepare you for a D-rate community college and even the truly educated blacks that THINK they are rising above the fray…the muck…the norm… NEVER get to reach their full potential because they end up “hanging themselves” in jail cells in Texas over routine (ie: chickenshit) traffic stops. I used to get clowned by other black people for “talking white” or “acting white” but I’ll be damn if it’s not a defense mechanism. When I talk to any white person…cop in the street…server in a nice restaurant…hotel staff… They are immediate put at ease. They know that I ain’t trying to rob them. Rape them. Cause a ruckus or make a scene over this, that or the other thing. But sometimes, keeping a cool head isn’t enough. Sam DuBose kept a cool head and STILL got it blown off of his shoulders.

I arrived at my nice hotel the other night and saw a cop in the lobby and turned back around and sat on the bench outside in the Arizona heat (having luckily seen him before he saw me.) I waited until he went out to his car before heading in to the front desk. Old me would have walk past him, looking him in his face and greeting him with a friendly “Good Evening” but he was Sheriff Joe and I’ve already been there, done that and have the pink boxers and pink sweat socks to prove it. Over an old ass traffic warrant. Like… 5 years old. So in 2015, the time for my old “Hello Officer Friendly” shit is over. In walking fast with a purpose and am not even looking their way. I’m on a mission. I don’t have time to eyeball the area. I’m getting on a bus. I got a plane to catch. I’m trying to catch this Amtrak. That’s MY new defense mechanism.

What are YOU doing these days to defend yourself from being the next black person caught on video catching some hot ones in your shit just for being black on the streets of the United States?

Cali Bound

Sandra Bland. Donald Trump. Transit slowdowns/shutdowns in NJ/NYC. Another theater shooting. 2 teens kill 5 in mass murder.

Oh, what a week it has been.

I’m using the last of my American Airlines miles (which were actually converted from US Airway miles) and then it’s no. more. American. Airlines. EVER. Done. Forever.

Speaking of Donald Trump: I saw his private jet today on the runway at LaGuardia. It is HUGE. A 737, maybe? If you are rich enough to own your old Boeing jumbo jet? You *might* be a part of the 1%.

Man, yesterday a friend of mine was showing me listings of some SWEET-ass old townhouses in Baltimore. And by sweet, I’m talking high end ERRTHANG and renovated to the nines. Sweet like, midtown Manhattan, Zsa Zsa kinda ritzy. $340,000 to live in the hood? Hmmmmmmm… $340,000 is a lot cheaper than $2.4 million to have a similar townhouse in DuPont Circle. Or $8.9 million for a fixer-upper townhouse in Chelsea. Baltimore. I hear there were 7 murders in one day in Baltimore a few days back. Yes. Umm… Pass.

Wish I had something funny and entertaining to say. Having been in the funny and entertaining mood lately, but I will try really hard not to bring you down.

I’ve been watching a LOT of Walking Dead, drinking a lot of beer and wine, spending a lot of time napping in bed and drinking a lot of water yesterday and today and I head back to the desert. Palm Springs and Arizona. Via Columbus and DFW. US Air never made me take THREE planes to go from NYC (JFK) to Palm Springs. And janky American flies out of LaGuardia. I. hate. LaGuardia. As you may have heard, a complete power outage shutdown all flights out of Terminal C. It was my good fortune that I was flying out of Terminal B this morning.

Thanks, Baby J!

Now playing… Keri Hilson’s Knocks You Down (feat. Ne-Yo and Kanye West.) An awesome tune!!!

See ya in the desert, peepz!!!

Chattanooga shooting

First: My thoughts are with the families of the Marines (and the *other* victim…if the reports are accurate that a fifth person was killed in the attack.)

As many, if not all of you know, I served our country in the United States Marine Corps in the late 80s/early 90s. It’s a branch of the military that’s like no other and Marines are always layin’ it out on the line, every day, in every way, like no other U.S. servicemen and women. But, I could be biased. Very bias. I’m very, very biased.

*deep breath*

I’m deeply saddened that this may very well be an ISIS-related or ISIS-inspired attack. A bartender at a place that will remain unnamed, said to me and another patron (who was there, drinking after closing) that ISIS would soon be on our shores, “lopping our heads off” because Obama was “weak” and I laughed out loud. I laughed VERY loud. I may have even cackled. I cackle a lot. Anyhooz, she looks at me DEAD SERIOUS and says “You think I’m joking?”

I just took a sip of wine. I didn’t want to get way into the whole political ramifications of who is doing what to who and whatnot. Well… Fast forward from a week ago to today. She may very well be the Nostradamus of…yea… May have been indeed on the money. On it. I may have been wrong. I know I may come off as a little opinionated at times and am very headstrong when it comes to my being right OR bullish in defending decisions that I strongly believe to be right, even when they may NOT be right… BUT… I’ve been wrong in the past. A few times. And this may be one of those times.

*deep breath*

Now… I am not going to get way, way, way into this but it [the news of this attack] brought to mind things that… Hmmmmmmmmmmm…………… I don’t even know if this is the venue to address what came to my mind. I think I will hold onto this thought for now and write it down offline and incorporate it into my book.

I can say this: People HERE are getting killed by law enforcement. Every day. People HERE are getting killed by mentally unstable people. Every day. People HERE are getting killed by racists. Every day. People HERE are getting killed by family members. Every day. It’s violent here in the United States. It’s a very violent country that came into being after a violent war with the British. Followed by ANOTHER violent war with the British. And then a long and gruesome war with ourselves. A couple of world wars and other “conflicts” and wars on foreign soil to protect our interests OR the interests of big business. And being a country with such a long, violent history, should we be surprised that this whole “war of terror” wouldn’t eventually be coming just a little closer to home? Yet again?

September 11. The Boston Bombing. And now this. I saw the increased security at Port Authority today and KNEW we were on high alert for some specific reason but didn’t want to approach the National Guardsmen to ask them what was going on because they were very hell-bent on doing there job, doing their best, to keep us safe. And I salute them for that.

*deep breath*

My heart goes out to the family of the black woman who was murdered in Texas a few days ago. My heart goes out to the little white girl who was tossed into the Boston Bay, discarded in a trash bag, like household trash. My heart goes out to the families of the Colorado movie theater shooting victims and my heart goes out to those who have lost their lives in the years since this “war on terror” was (officially) started almost 14 years ago. Many of those people were MY brothers in arms.

I sincerely hope that people will stop and think and let the Feds get to the bottom of today’s attack before flying off the fucking handle and doing some stupid shit. It happened in the south and having been born in the south and spent quite a bit of time in the south, I can tell you that EVERYONE in the south has guns. You can buy guns at any Walmart in the south. I’d hate to see a repeat of what happened after September 11, where uneducated rednecks and poorly informed “citizens” attacked Sikh Indians because they feared they were all Al-Qaeda.

That’s it, for now.

I’m going to continue with this now and decided when, where and how to share my opinions and thoughts on why this is happening to the United States. Like I said many times before, as flawed as this country is, I have called it home for all of my life and am still proud to call myself an American. And as American, I have decided to take the high road and not jump to conclusions on this one (well… FURTHER jump to…further conclusions. I did tweet earlier that this shooting was NOT ISIS and it appears that after further review, I may have been mistaken.)


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