All politics. All the time.

That’s what my twitter timeline has turned into. My tumblr is gone. I deleted it mainly so I could focus on other things that interest me: Writing a book. Investing in my future. Spending more time at home, with the family. You know. The kind of stuff that “normal” people do. Well, I have not been able to see ANY Yankees games this season, yet, BUT, if you follow me on twitter, you’ve no doubt noticed that it is rather hard to sneak a game into a daily schedule that is jammed packed with Trump bashing. Yup. Attempting to ruin Donald Trump’s shot at the White House has become my new full-time gig.

How is my new job going? It’s pretty easy! Donald Trump does most of the heavy lifting. Every time he opens his mouth, his chances grow slimmer as he slides in the polls just a *little* bit lower. He sets himself up and I jump all over him with the full-court press, along with CNN (who’s corespondents spend much of their days LAUGHING at the ridiculous shit that comes out of his mouth.) The Washington Post (a paper that I don’t know WHY for the life of me, I don’t read. They are BRUTAL.) Both NYC papers (whose covers you have no doubt seen a LOT over the past year. Well. The Post covers, they’re, you know, CLASSICS.) Trump bashing is America’s newest pastime and I hope that I can make it a PAYING full-time job by… I don’t know. Writing a book. Creating a board game. Producing a TV show. Or hitting the Power Ball, spending the bulk of my winnings on a Donald Trump-themed amusement park: Donnie’s World! Trump Land! I mean, after all, isn’t hitting the lottery the REAL American dream??? I really should hire a personal assistant to remind me to buy lottery tickets. I never buy…play…until it gets up to the 1/2 billion dollar mark, which *does* seem to be happening a lot more frequently now. Does THAT have something to do with Trump? Probably.

Just like the right blames everything on President Obama, I now blame everything on Trump. And congress. And the gremlins that live in my toaster oven. Muthafuckaz.

As I get more and more serious about my future, which probably has something to do with the fact that I am turnin’ 50 in a couple of weeks…three weeks, to be precise… I find myself struggling to hold onto my sense of humor. I can still knock an occasional one out of the park, but I often find myself NOT being in a joking mood, these days. I’m SO laser focused on trying new things. Doing new things. Even going new places. I mean, not to new cities! LOL!!! There is not a major city that I haven’t been to MANY times! No, I’m talking about *discovering* new places in the cities and states that I’ve already been. Looking for new opportunities for the future. Not a “better” future because, well, the last six years??? They’ve been pretty good for me. Before that? Not bad. A little before that??? Pretty good. And before THAT?!?!? Pretty good.

This is not going to end with me saying that I’ve lived a perfect life. Oh, god no. There are PLENTY of things that I would have done differently, IF I could go back and do them all over again. But unlike President Barack Hussein Obama, I do NOT have a time machine, so I’m going to look back briefly before turning back to you to look YOU square in the eye to say “I did all right for myself. I could have done better. I could have done more. But I could have done a LOT worse!” Maybe that’s why I try sooooooooooo hard to do SO MUCH, these days. That fear of being one of “those” old people. Bored. Alone. Bitter. Miserable.

Yes. I am fiery in my delivery, sometimes. I hate this. I hate that. I hate them. Hatin’. But, that’s me being me. I’m a hater, yea. But I’m not a HATEFUL person. Just passionate about the things, people and places that I don’t like: The Pittsburgh Steelers. Miami, Florida. DC Metro. Sean Hannity. Greyhound. Prince George’s County. United Airlines. The 91 Freeway. Judge Jeanine Pirro. Internet trolls.

Interesting… I feel like I was bringing this around to a neat and happy ending.
A succinct point. BUT… I think I’ve said about all that I wanted to say for now.

In closing: The NRA just spent $3 million on a TV spot, bailing Trump out after his thinly-veiled assassination “joke”, threat, gaffe, whatever the fuck you want to call it. He may be losing more and more support from the GOP by the hour, but the rednecks and racists and misogynistic, uneducated, under informed, trailer trash muppets of our GREAT nation have his back, still. I just thank god that there are a lot more of US (sane individuals) than there are of THEM.

Have a Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Of course, the GOP is…

IN TOTAL DISARRAY!!!!! They NEED Trump to quit if they are going to run someone else. THAT doesn’t even sound like it would be “smart.” If there WAS a chance that a “white knight” existed, that person would have materialized a long time ago.

Trump really needs to hang in there and take his asswhuppin’ like a man. Like an orange skinned, floaty haired, bitter, lying, crooked and deceitful piece of excrement that he is. It’s the RIGHT thing to do.


I’m SO hyped the fuck up off of caffeine, it’s not funny. And now, I’m yawning. Want a beer but it is just too awful and ugly to drink. GOD. The humidity is TURRIBLE. Jeez.

Those Chicago PD officers that shot that kid are getting RAKED by their own, right now. Whether it will go anywhere has yet to be seen. Don’t want another Marilyn Mosby rush to judgement. Lets just see how it plays out. If you’re not following me on twitter, my BOLD prediction is: They walk on the shooting but get nailed on the turning off the body cams. Conspiracy or obstruction charges. GUILTY. That’s my bold prediction.

Hey!!! Question: Has anyone ever ate SO MUCH PIZZA that they turned *into* a pizza??? LOL!!! New York and New Jersey, man! I can’t stop friggin’ eatin’ pizza!!! LMAO!!! That being asked, I’m on my way to my favorite pizza-by-the-slice joint!

Be well. Stay woke. Drive safely. Don’t do the wooden nickel thing. Steer clear of zombies and all that other good shit.

I’m out.

For now.

“Oddly Aggressive”

Those were the exact words of a friend of mine who witnessed a conversation between me and a twitter follower over the shooting of Paul O’Neal (a criminal who stole a convertible Jag, led police on a high speed car chase through a residential neighborhood in Chicago and got shot dead as a result.) Those are the words my friend used to describe someone with an ass for an avi. Someone who had been baiting, bullying, taunting and mocking me (which crossed occasionally into TOTAL disrespect.) But, at the age of 50, do you really think that I’ve never been made fun of before? LOL!!! I don’t get mad. I get even. By blocking people. I sometimes wish I could block people out of my life. Oh wait, I can. And I DO.

I hated for any of you to have to see that ugliness, but I do sometimes blow my lid. At bullies. On the Internet. The thing is, I really do pride myself on my ability to NOT stoop to their level. But, sometimes, even someone as cool as me will take the bait. And when I do, I tend to default to “muthafucka” a LOT. LMAO!!! But, I am now feeling inspired! YEA!!! MORE stuff for me to focus on “behind the scenes.” I already threw it out there on twitter. A YouTube channel. Of course!!! EVERYONE has a YouTube channel! I want to have heated political discussions. Talk about other important topics. Maybe throw a chair at someone. LOL!!! Okay, I’m kidding about the chair part! Maybe, LMAO!!! I’ll keep you posted.

The 17th of August is a date that I have circled on my calendar. Many of you already know what is happening on the 17th. To the others, you *might* have to wait until the 17th for the official announcement. It’s YUGE, though! I’m excited. Excited! EXCITED!!!

So, Donald Trump went from “Fuck awl yawl!” to “Endorsements for ERRBODY!!!” in just a couple of days??? Is that supposed to make him “feel” more presidential? Is that going to make him LOOK more presidential??? Is that intended to make him ***BE*** more presidential!?!?! “Is truth the light? IS TRUTH THE LIGHT?!?!?” LMAO!!!!! Trump is soooooooooo done and what he done gone and did, he did it to himself.

You know who I like? The “My Pillow” guy. He seems like a nice guy.

Okay. Where was I? Oh! Trump. He’s an ASSHOLE. And if you are a Trump supporter, you are most likely an ASSHOLE, too. Blocks: Don’t be “that guy.” I’ve blocked clients THAT I LIKE from being able to reach me…because…they pissed me the fuck off. So, imagine what I’d do to an internet TROLL that I’ve never met in my life??? I get pissed. I block. I calm down. I move on. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. I’ve had no coffee yet, so I will be signing off shortly.

Shortly, meaning, now.

Have a nice day! I’m in CT. Heading back into the city today. Home to DC for a few days and then Palm Springs (next weekend!) Just so you know where I’m at.

Quick note to say…

You are NOT imagining things. My tumblr is no more. Nada. Bupkis. Gawn. History. Why? Because it was time.

Feel free to Kik me.
Feel free to email me.
Hit me up on twitter.
Say hello on Instagram.

Just DON’T ask me for pics. I will say NO. If you persist? You WILL be blocked. The End.

Little Rock. Milwaukee. North Carolina.
Home to DC. In that order. That’s where you’ll find me.

If you know me and I seem a little out of it, it’s because I have a LOT of shit going on right now, in my life. A lot of my friends seem to be going through some heavy shit. To them all, I want to say “Hang in there.”

My wine (coupled with my pre-existing grogginess) is having its desired effect, so I will bid you all a farewell.

Good night.


…is almost coming to an end.

There are soooooooooo many people on the right who are poking fun at the left for making fun of their “candidate”, Donald Trump because we are SCARED of him. Yes. Trump is scary. But does that mean that I am laying awake at night, wondering what my life is going to be like IF this modern-day Hitler gets into the White House???


I’ve been preparing myself behind the scenes for a Trump presidency. Well…the possibility of a Trump presidency, meaning, for a year??? Well… ALL YEAR. Contemplating for a year. But now, behind the scenes, I’ve been acting. I heard Mile Pence say that his family came to the United States in 1924. Mike Pence, by Republican/Conservative standards, is a REAL American. My family was here AT LEAST 100 years before Mike Pence! What does that make them??? By the time Pence’s trashy ancestors arrived at Ellis Island, my paternal AND maternal great grand parents were already owners of the tobacco plantations that THEIR parents had farmed AS SLAVES. In North Carolina. Land that still remains in my family to this day. Am I ***NOT*** a “real American” because my skin is black??? LMAO!!! I laugh at the right with their secret code and dog whistles, blowin’ to Jethro and Susie Mae and Cletus and Mildred. Signaling the end of an era. Calling for the white right to end the golden age of civil rights and equality. Are our rights REALLY based in civility and are we REALLY, truly equal??? Only time will tell.

Not that I’m trying to sit back and see where this all goes. I mean, I will be sitting back and observing but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be working towards doing what I have to do to ensure that going forward, MY family is still here, surviving, thriving and prospering for ANOTHER 100 years after I’m gone. And to that, I would like for others to do the same. Black. White. Latino. Work. Learn. Adapt. Ascend.

I don’t want to go off on a tangent, so I’m going to shorten it and end on a point: Pray for this that and the other city/state/country is not enough. I’m sure that there are people in Charlotte who were praying for the All Star Game. Their prayers were dashed today. Terrorist attacks keep right on happening EVEN THOUGH we keep right on praying. You need to DO. Do more. BE more. Organize. Energize. Of you’re still breathing, then it’s still not too late.

“Faith without works is dead.”

Nuff said.


Clueless. Fucking. Cops.

There is a retired ASSistant Chief Of Police. Daniel Garcia. From Dallas. On Fox News, RIGHT NOW, praising the president’s speech while at the same time CONDEMNING the president, VP Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton as being a part of the problem by saying that institutional racism exists in law enforcement and HAS existed within law enforcement forever. He says that institutional racism DOES NOT exist and that the Dems are inflaming the problem and that they are clearly “not in touch with law enforcement.” What the FUCK!?!?! He says that [black] people are not willing to comply and THAT is what is causing these recent problems in [our] community. WOW. You’re out of touch, Mr. Garcia. WAY out of touch.

There is an old saying: The first step down the road to recovery is realizing that you have a problem. America has a problem. But, if you don’t acknowledge that a problem exists, how can you expect any change to come about? Racial profiling. Black on black crime. Genocide. Cops on black crime. Unlawful stops. Domestic terrorism. Blah. Blah. Fucking blah. Murder. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Racism EXISTS and just because it’s a subject that I RARELY talk about (until recently), it doesn’t mean that I don’t know it exists. I’m just never going to use my blackness as a reason…excuse, even…for me being held back from achieving my goals. Personal. Financial. Or otherwise. The only reason you see me blowin’ up on twitter, letting off all kinds of steam via my blog and preparing to take a whole month off to work on my book is because NOW IS THE TIME to START THAT CONVERSATION and to KEEP THE DISCUSSION GOING. We gotta figure this shit out before it’s too late.

And if the country does slide down the tubes in a friggin’ hell-bound hand basket, like everything else that is bad that has happened over these past 8 years, I will place the blame squarely on the shoulders of CONGRESS. Newt Gingrich just pointed out that we elected our first black president BUT YET some recent poll said that race relations are at their lowest point in 17 years. Well, that’s because America was built on a foundation of racism and America wasn’t ready for a black president. And when we FINALLY got our FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, congress threw up blockades and laid down land mines in an attempt to stop President Obama wherever and how ever they could. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to rock that fucking vote like you’ve never rocked that shit before to ENSURE that the White House DOES NOT fall back into Republican hands. Remember: George W. Bush is the one who fucked the economy up and President Barack Hussein Obama is the one who put that economy back on track. WE need to DO THE RIGHT THING and VOTE.



Rudy Guiliani

I can’t believe I used to actually LIKE this clown. What a fucking troll.

I can understand what he says about the off-the-charts crime rate in Chicago, but to say that BLM (as misguided as they are) are “putting a target on all cops’ backs” is TOTALLY STUPID. There is a REASON why Black Lives Matter exists. I am a firm believer that things will get a lot worse in America before they gets better, mainly because there are very few people that are willing to try to put themselves into the other group’s shoes (even if just for a minute.) Finger-pointing and divisive rhetoric is exactly what the United States DOES NOT NEED, but I’m sure that’s all we are going to get from the media, law enforcement, talking heads, activists, politicians and twitter trolls, from here on out.

I sadly feel like I too am falling right into the mucky muck of it because I can’t stop talks about it. Can’t stop obsessing about it. Can’t stop tweeting about it. Can’t stop writing about it. Thank god for alcohol!

Well. I’m having coffee and still ain’t FULLY awake, so I am going to go before I start to babble. Ha Ha! Stay cool and… If you’re wondering, I’m in New Mexico, heading heading, back to back to, Cali Cali.


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