We are inching closer and closer…

to impeachment and my hotel has a Hooters in the parking lot. Now, you all who know me, know that Hooters is NEVER my first culinary choice, but every Hooters that I’ve ever been to has at least ONE microbrew on tap and I feel the need to celebrate, tonight. The beginning of the end of the nightmare Trump “administration” is here! Yes.

I was one of the firsts to say that this “presidency” was nothing but a money grab. I was one of the first to say that Trump is…always has been…and always WILL BE a lying sack of shit. No military experience. No record of public service. No law degree and no knowledge of how anything in Washington, D.C. works. OH, and, I almost forgot: A shitty person and a FAILURE of a businessman. Sad. Pathetic. Brash. Misogynistic. Racist. Piece of shit. The Russians preyed on the stupidity of 62,000,000 Americans. Sabotage. An attempt to kill our democracy and destroy our country from within. Well: NEWSFLASH!!!

The Resistance ain’t HAVIN’ that.

Kiss our red-white-and-blue collective asses, you commie sympathizing muthafuckers. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

So, another day ends.

Every ending is a new beginning.

Trump’s tax plan. Break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. North Korea. Putin’s Puppet. Collusion. Dirty Comey. Flynn’s gonna flip. Yadda, yadda, YADDA, today was a GOOD day!!!

This Grapefruit Sculpin is an IPA brewed with GRAPEFRUIT!!! WhuuuuuuuuuuuuT?!?!? YES!!!!! Okay. Comic books. Today. LOTS of reading. Not a lot of purchases, but Astro City #43 dropped today, as well as Kill Or Be Killed! I ❀️ Kill Or Be Killed. And again, have to say: If you are into comics and are NOT reading Astro City, you are doing yourself the gravest of injustices. It’s like…missing out…on steroids.

TOMORROW: I am MegaBusing it back to Anaheim. LMAO!!! I knooooooooooooowww, I’ve been tweeting and blogging a LOT about Anaheim, lately! ROTFLMMFAO!!!!! Fuck, man. This beer is GOOD!!! Well. You have the pic. Look for it at your local grocery store. The one that sells REAL beer. OR, your local liquor store that sells REAL beer. It’s worth hunting down. Unless you don’t like bitter, hoppy brews. If you don’t? Don’t bother. You’ll hate it.

Tonight, as I was going to buy my beer at Terrible’s, this cracked out chick wouldn’t stop staring at me. It was kind of unnerving. She was, like… You could tell she was hot at one time. Now, she’s a hot mess with a rotten cherry on top. I often think that I have it hard and then, it all snaps back into perspective. Man.

I’m running the AC. I like sleeping with the window open and chillin’ with the window open, but it’s HOT out there! Like…warm. Uncomfortably warm. Summer is coming. I mean, it’s Vegas. Spring is the 80’s & 90’s every day. Summers????? If you don’t know? You don’t wanna know. I, myself, am used to it. The Valley, Palm Springs & Tucson. I’ve lived it all of my adult life. So, it doesn’t bother me. As long as it’s DRY. SO long as it’s DRY.

ESPN, oh my god. I can’t believe they laid so many people off! Those kind of layoffs RARELY happen in television!

I’m watching the re-airing of the Wizards-Hawks game. Don’t tell me who won because I don’t know, LOL!!! [clears my throat] Okay. One more beer and then, it’s bedtime. And I will check the score before I go to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow.

[deep breath]

That’s it! I’m out! One love! Good Night!

I just locked the door, btw!!! LOL!!! ❀️❀️❀️

Evening Reflections πŸ€”

So!!! The Right can say all kinds of nasty, vile, hateful shit about Hillary and that’s TOTALLY okay. A few German women boo and hiss and jeer Ivanka Trump and the right loses their MINDS!!! What is up with THAT!!! RepubliCANTs can dish it out, but they can’t take it. Flynn: Lock Her Up!!! Now??? That muthafuckin’ Flynn is gonna turn snitch in an attempt to keep from getting locked the fuck up. SAD.

And Chachi sayin’… You know what?!? FUCK Scott Baio. NEXT!!!!!

Yesterday, instead of blowin’ off the day, I did laundry! So, today? I watched tv. I read comics. I took a bazillion selfies (including the one you see here), I drank beer, I read comic books, I made a few phone calls…including one to Delta, that I had been putting off for a *while* and I 🎢 spanked the monkey 🎢, LMAO!!!!! That’s a day in the life of a guy who loves life. As much as I complain about shit, I’m still enjoying the ride. Checkin’ it all out. Still workin’ on tryin’ to make a better ME.

CNN: I kind of hate CNN, now. I used to like them. Now??? Not so much. I watch a lot of MSNBC, these days, but they kind of get on my nerves too, sometimes. I don’t *hate* MSNBC??? But, I’m a little leery of them. Even though my love for Rachel Maddow just keeps growing. Tenacious M!!! Dems need to get it the fuck together, man. That’s it for THAT. Get yo shit together, Democratic Party.

Last night, I fell asleep with the tv on AND THE DOOR UNLOCKED. OMG, tweekers could have came in here, like The Purge and robbed me and murdered me in my sleep and shit, LOL!!! I don’t live in the best part of Vegas, though! LOL!!! For real!!! BUT………… If you didn’t hear on twitter, last week? I got LOCKED INSIDE MY APARTMENT. Oh my god, they had to climb through a muthafuckin’ window and remove the doorknob to get me out!!! CRAZY, RIGHT!?!?!

Okay. I’m still drinking, so I’m going to keep going. Okay: Animosity & Green Valley, I’m all caught up. Still have a few more to catch up on and tomorrow is Wednesday, so soon! YIKES!!! Now, television wise, I need to catch up on Billions and The Leftovers is back, too! DAMN!!! I *miss* my DirectTV, mayne. My cable has Showtime but I don’t have HBO. I need to get into a house, so I can get my shit hooked back up. DVR the fuck outta my shit. Or stay home and watch live, like normal people. Normal. Normality. The Norm.

Norman Rockwell.
Norman Bates.
Norman from Gorman. (I Drove It Through The Grapevine.)

My Cali peeps may have gotten that last one, LOL!!! Especially my SoCal, Angelinos!

Russell Westbrook is a one man band.
Blake Griffin is as injury prone as ever.
Mike Dantoni still knows how to make hoops look FUN.
The Wizards might not be as good as they THOUGHT.
The Hawks might be better than WE thought.
The Warriors are chillin’.
The Cavs ate chillin’.
What more can I say??? Top Billin’!!!

Okay. That’s it. I’m out. ✌🏾

Morning! I’m at the crossroads…

and oh, man, is this a BIGGIE.

I’m gettin’ up to jump in the shower. Laundry is done. (Yay!!!) Did that yesterday, on a day where I was *this* close to just blowin’ it off to lay on the couch and watch tv all day and all night. [deep breath]

Do I: Skip coffee and jump straight to drinking beer? Do I do my almost-daily McD’s breakfast & coffee (where I can connect to that *good* wifi???) I can do my quick fix: A large coffee from Terrible’s and come back and read my comics? Yea, I have comics to read. Last week’s purchases, I left here as to not carry any more weight with me. You know, the backpack thing. Well…

I will figure it out. I never did call Delta. And now, I need to call Southwest. [deep breath]

I did have a WONDERFUL time in San Diego and San Francisco, though! Two cities that I had not been to in a very long time! (San Diego, a very, very, VERY long time!!!)

Only an hour to go ’til Spice World, so I gotta shake it off and get moving. I have nothing to say, really. Relaxing at home. Doing my thing. Which…is NOTHING. Tomorrow is Wednesday (YAY!!!) Thurs, I’ll be back in OC. This weekend, I’m in Palm Springs and I’m back in Long Beach next week, just so ya know. OH!!! Arizona, towards the end of the week, next week.

Short thing I have to say about the Trump White House. This is THE most secretive, corrupt administration EVER. Period. Democracy, as we know it, is DEAD. I feel like I now live in a failed state.

That is all.

Friggin’ Blake Griffin!!!

He’s hurt AGAIN!?!?! Jesus Fuck, man, break that shit up, man! I used to attend Clippers games, back when there were the not-so-lovable losers. A tax write-off for Donald Sterling. The old Sports Arena. A stopover for NBA talent, on their way from college to their REAL NBA team. So, I’ve always been a peripheral Clips fan. (I had a free giveaway Clippers tee in storage that is older than most of my twitter followers to prove that fact.) Fuck, man, I ***love*** Blake Griffin but if Steve Balmer cares as much as we all know he does… [reminder: He paid $2.1 billion… BILLION…in cash for the team and signed a promise NOT to move them to Seattle. That’s how much he loves basketball *and* his team.]

It’s over.

It has been a *pretty* big last couple of weeks in comic book world, but I will spare you the details because I know my audience and I know that most…if not all of you…do NOT read comics, so I will just say this: Jupiter’s Legacy 2 *****STILL***** is not out and I’m starting. to get. PISSED.


I’ve been stressed, lately. The impending “big move” is really getting into my HEAD. The thought of having all of my worldly belongings with me, in the same city, is making me want to rent retail space SOMEWHERE and fill it with my shit and SELL IT ALL. I’m thinking about it. As many of you know, I’m a *bit* of a collector. Toys, movie posters, vinyl records, tee shirts & hats (of which I sold a LOT of when I moved from LA to Tucson many years ago and I *****STILL***** have a LOT, and I do mean a lot, of tees & hats!) I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the years, but now, I know that at 50…mid-life, coming late for me… I am interested in going in a different direction entirely, with my life. And I could use the money to fund my new interest: Real estate and laying ’round, drinking beer and writing. Something I dabbled in, when I was “between gigs” in LA, many years ago. Again, those of you who know my background, know what I am eluding to. Two lives before “my current life”, ROTFL&L&L OH my GOD, I’ve lived many lives in 50 years and my life ain’t even over, yet! LMAO!!!!!

Wait………….. I have to “recompose.”

I think I pulled something laughing.

Consider this part 1 of 2.

Chicken and Waffles, anyone???

It’s been a WHILE since I’ve been up here, in The Bay Area. I don’t always come up to (and over to) Oakland, but when I do? I get my chicken & waffles on. YAH, BABY!!!

I took the Surfliner to LA where Amtrak put us on a bus that was NOT their bus! It was WEIRD. It was obviously an old Greyhound that had been recently painted blue and black with gray trim. The dude driving was in street clothes and he looked VERY ethnic. Like, half black/half Mexican. I only mention people’s ethnicities to paint the picture. That’s it. He was kind of low-key, VERY professional and very pleasant. Like, an entrepreneur who bought a bus at auction, painted it, got his cousin who is a cafe car attendant or conductor on the train to give him the “Can you hook a brutha up” hookup. That’s how *I* imagined it, anyway.

So, I did post a pic of the bus on twitter. As well as my dinner and big ass bottle of Arrogant Bastard, purchased in the cafe car, on the aforementioned Surfliner. FUN WAS HAD!!! Comic books were read. I passed out. I woke up. I waited for a little bit at LA Union Station. I caught a bus again. I passed out again. I woke up. I waited in the wee hours of the morning at the Amtrak terminal in Bakersfield (which is also the termiNUS of the San Joaquin line.) I caught a train. I passed out again. I woke up. I had coffee. Jumped on twitter for a bit. I read some more comics. I’m now in Oakland. I’m craving some chicken & waffles. I’m surprised that people love to hate on Chris Paul. I’m betting Russell Westbrook will be the next Allen Iverson. (Only, Iverson actually WENT to an NBA finals, LOL!!!)

6 minutes until they open and the people are already lining up. And I have been ramping up. Going to move south…of the border…and write a book. But first, I have “The Big Move” happening next month. Which will probably be followed by a massive sell off of a LOT of my personal shit. I know, I know, I know… BEFORE you move! You’re supposed to sell your personal shit BEFORE you move! But, when have you EVER known me to “follow the rules?”

HEY!!! T-minus two minutes to doors open. Chicken & waffles, baby, waffles baby, waffles baby!!! LOL!!! Some “wobbly” hip hop humor for you! Peace. OUT.


Okay. This wacky Mexican lady…

was like SCREAMING questions at this Asian lady that got off the bus, through the rear door. The Mexican lady was on the bus bench. The bus had OF COURSE come to a complete stop. Traffic on Katella is light. So, the driver is running early and SINCE the driver is running early, we are just sitting there. I’m staring right out the back door as the Asian lady kind of shrugs as if to say “I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about, wacky Mexican lady”, walking away.

NOW, the wacky Mexican lady starts SCREAMING her question at ME. I have my earbuds in and as anyone knows… EVERYONE knows…earbuds in the ear means “Don’t fucking talk to me!” She’s screaming. And screaming. And SCREAMING. I slowly, with a blank stare, which I was already wearing for the fact that I was looking out the rear door, straight at a CRAZY person. OH!!! So, I slowly pull out ONE earbud and the lady, kinda pissed, gets up and walks up to the bus driver’s open door and YELLS HER QUESTION at him, instead (as I’m puttin’ my earbuds back in.)

Now playing: Debbie Gibson – Only In My Dreams

Anaheim has some WEIRD muthafuckers, I swear. I think I may have mentioned that on twitter, this morning. But I’m not sure. Man. As soon as you walk out of the hotel, the weirdness is EVERYWHERE. It’s like you get hit with a force field of weirdness. And today? I saw the biggest tent city I’ve ever seen outside of downtown LA. In Anaheim. You do know that there is only three reasons why anyone actually GOES to Anaheim, right? 1.) To buy drugs, okay? 2.) To see an Angels game, all right? And 3.) …………… I know there’s a third one and I can never remember it, OH YEA, THAT’S RIGHT!!! Disneyland, DUH!!! LMMFAO!!!!!

Yea. I’m practicing for my next job as head writer on the second most successful sitcom in the history of the universe. It’s going to be called: ________________________!!! LOL!!! (That could be me, prompting you to use your imagination OR it could be me, throwing in the towel on *that* particular train if thought because I gots nuthin’.)

I missed Spicey today but I didn’t see him gettin’ his ass dragged on twitter. Did he take a sick day or something? Trump sent a fleet of destroyers to North Korea and they ended up in the South of France. Jason Chaffetz decided that he is NOT running for re-election. And a couple of other news events that were in heavy rotation that I refuse to comment further on. [deep breath]

Hey!!! I’m gettin’ close to The LBC, already! Say it with me: Looooooooooooooooonnng Beach. πŸ€™πŸΎ