The Treadmill

This shit HAS to end.

I’m *so* hot & cold on this shit. Up and down. Back and forth. In and out. [deep breath] CRAZY.

I saw Book Of Mormon, last night. I was *so* funny! So, so, SO, so funny! Irreverent and vulgar. It was AWESOME!!!

On the San Joaquin Amtrak back to LA to catch a bus back to Vegas. Home for a couple of days and then: Palm. Springs. Hallelujah. Thank You, Jesus! 🍹🍹🍹 Not that I haven’t been drinking (beer) for the past several days. Going all the way to Charlotte!!! LOL!!! My liver HATES me!!!

Okay. I must see Black Panther, sooner than later. Next week. Next week looks doable. Shit is just a little crazy for me, right now. The treadmill.

Wednesday Night! CNN! Town Hall! Parkland, Florida! I’ll be watching!

Still looking to lay low for a bit. Stash myself in a quiet place. Next month. Me and my thoughts. Total isolation. I’ll get there. I’m hanging in there. Keepin’ the faith. Always.

That’s it, really!

Just wanted to let you all know where I’m at. Geographically speaking.

Happy Monday and here’s to a most excellent week ahead! 🙋🏾‍♂️


Okay. So. If you didn’t catch it…

This morning, I tweeted a pic, touting how today was a GREAT DAY to be alive. Forgive me. Not for being in a jovial mood but for the picture. Behind me was the San Francisco Ferry Building. On top of that building was a flag that was at half staff. Yea. My apologies.

Hello! 🙋🏾‍♂️ I am back in San Francisco and I’m feeling pretty good. Thanks for asking! I’m on the hunt. Again. For Bonehead no. 2. Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi! LOL!!! Number one seems to be EVERYWHERE but no luck on finding issue two. While I’m on the topic of comics: “4 Kids!!!” Go. out. and. get it. Okay. Shoutout to Enrique, owner of Comic Hero University in Fullerton, California! He is literally ***IN*** the train depot! He answered a LOT of questions for me and gave me a *little* bit of advice. I ♥️ his place! He RAWKS!!! The *other* comic book joint shoutout goes out to CHARLIE’S COMICS!!! 22nd Street & Kolb Rd. in Tucson, Arizona! Back issues GALORE!!!!! Another GREAT GUY with a selection of back issues that will blow. your. MIND.

Okay. That’s it for comic books. If you were following me on twitter last night, you know that the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner left San Diego THREE HOURS LATE, last night. Arriving to LA…three hours late. BUT, our TOTALLY AWESOME BUS DRIVER (Amtrak, of course!) got us to San Francisco *only* an hour behind schedule. FUCKING AWESOME!!!

Can I go back to another recommendation that I made a while back that I would like to hammer home: Peaky Bliders. PEAKY BLINDERS!!!!! Peaky…fucking… Blinders. YOU’RE WELCOME!!!

Okay. I’m moving right along, here. Las Vegas. I’m heading back home. And, as always, I will be glad to be back. And, as always, I will be anxious to get back out there. Somewhere. Anywhere. I was just telling a friend of mine that I know that there is *something* out there, for me. I just have a VERY strong feeling that wherever it is, it’s NOT here, in these Divided States Of AmeriKKKa. Just a suspicion.

Speaking of friends: Thank you to ALL of my friends for putting up with my erratic game of “Should I Stay Or Should I Go.” It’s maddening for ME and I can only imagine that many of you *may* be starting to believe that I am losing my mind. I’m at the crossroads, here. And no matter what direction I choose, it’s going to be a whole new direction. Stay tuned. It’s all going to be worked out in *very* short order, I can assure you.

What am listening to, right now???


That’s it! For now! As always! Thank You!!! 🙋🏾‍♂️ Have a VERY wonderful Saturday evening and I will see you on the flip side. Which will probably be tomorrow. Hugs and kisses and microbrewed wishes. 😍😘😍

Evening Thoughts 🤔

Well. I have been buying my new comics every Wednesday for a while now, but fell behind on my reading a couple of weeks ago. Well. I’m all caught up now and “WOW!!!” That’s it. The Walking Dead. Outcast. Dark Ark. Baby Teeth. Ice Cream Man. Paper Girls. God Complex. Snagglepuss. Days Of Hate. Astro City. Redneck. A *few* things.

But, you know what I finished up today??? The trade paperback of 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank. OH MY GOD. Funny. Bittersweet. Hysterical. Violent. Witty. Just a TREAT. I probably mentioned it as I was reading the single issues. It’s an extremely, EXTREMELY good book. You must, must, MUST check it out! You *have* to.

Walking Dead really is the gateway drug into the scene. Ugh. I fucking hate, hate, HATE Robert Kirkman!!! Every. single. comic book store owner now wants my money, LOL!!!!!

California. It’s good to be back. I’m struggling with some conflict but I’m gonna get it hammered out, sure enough. Soon enough. Right now, I’m waiting for my train which is running like two hours behind schedule. So, I’m sure I will be two hours late getting to San Francisco. Well. I could be. Or maybe we can make up time. Or maybe freight will put us further behind. Who knows. I don’t know. Not do I care, at the point. As long as I get there in one piece, right? I mean, that’s what matters the most, right?

Robert Mueller does it again. Like no other. Hashtag: Restore Democracy. I’m all over that. Donald Trump is a lying, corrupt, treasonous fuKKK. Nuff said.

Okay. Don’t know if I have a whole lot more to say. So, I’m going to sign off rather than ramble on.

Happy ‘Fry Em Up Friday!’ 🇺🇸

Okay. My mind was RACING…

as I woke up, this morning. I have a LOT of shit to get sorted out and by a lot of shit, I mean: A LOT OF SHIT. Too much to do it over time. I need to get shit done, NOW so I can started doing shit that I have been yammering about doing, IMMEDIATELY.

I really woke up feeling like my life is on the fast track, right now. And by fast track, I mean, shit is moving fast. Again. Finally. I have talked a lot about the treadmill that I felt like I’ve been on ever since…the last few years. Probably since… 2014, maybe. 2015, for sure. Shit was moving and then, it wasn’t *moving.*

You all who follow me on twitter already know this, but, the other day… I had the most AWESOME flight that was proceeded by the most… I can’t even describe it. It was not THE most stupidest of stupid stupidity. (Not on the level of that bitch in KCMO that wasn’t listening to a word I was saying. The one who made me not fly Frontier ever again.) But, the other day was pretty fucking dumb. American Air, TSA, airport, FAIL.

Fast forward to today: It’s 6:43am and I’m already up and having coffee. Going to read a few more comics and then, I’m going to venture out to take care of some shit. Which will include making a few phone calls. And you know how much I *detest* making phone calls. But, a few of them have been calls that I’ve been putting off for a while now. Instead of sittin’ around, THINKING about doing something and TALKING about doing something and LONGING to *do* something, I’m going to just “do it.”

I woke up and laid there for a minute, thinking. I got up, peed and jumped back in bed and thought some more. I closed my eyes, thinking: “It’s too early to get up. You don’t have a flight to catch. You don’t have a bus to catch. Just chill. Get some more sleep.” BUT… THAT little voice was overridden by *another* little voice that said: “Dude. Let’s get up and get going. Even if it’s TOO EARLY, we can make mental preparations for the day to come.” And you all who know me, know that I am all about mental preparation. And planning. I know that many of the things I do and the places I go to, seem like crazy hair-brained “fly by the seat of your pants” kinda crazy shit, BUT IT’S NOT LIKE THAT. Not most of the time, anyway. No. I am a bit of a planner.

Okay. That’s enough about me. 17 kids were killed in a school shooting, yesterday. That REALLY sucks. You know what would suck EVEN MORE??? If congress was to sit on their hands and do absolutely NOTHING. Oh, wait…

Trump. I told a friend just yesterday that I am *tired* of Trump having all kinds of power over me. Dictating my mood and fuckin’ with my emotions. I’m getting ready to snatch that shit back. I already have, actually. I’ve cut down on the MSNBC and am trying to spend more time circulating, as opposed to sitting still where if I’m not turning the tv on, I’m *contemplating* turning the tv on. It’s my life. This is my life and I want it back.

Comics. The several SIGNED BY DONNIE CATES copies of Redneck are gone, gone, GONE. I should have bought them when I was standing there, looking at them, money in hand. Too much thinking and not enough “Fuck it, dude. You only live once.” I said when I got back into comics that I was not going to get into the whole ‘looking at comics as an investment’ craze and I have done a pretty good job at staying true to that, but after running into one or two things along the way that prompted me to do a quick google search has made me realize that I have a couple of favorites that are worth a pretty good chunk of change. Just by happenstance. So. Don’t cray for me, Peru. I’ll be a’ight.

Beer. This has been quite the stretch for beer. A couple of weeks ago, it was wine. Immediately prior to that, I “discovered” bourbon. Booze is life. That. And food. And coffee.

[deep breath]

Okay. It’s about time to scidaddle. Skidaddle. For now. Have a wonder Thursday and I’ll see you out there. In the streets. Or on twitter. Or maybe I will run into you at one of my favorite comic book stores. Who knows???

See ya! 🙋🏾‍♂️

Love and hugs and kisses and fuck your thoughts and prayers. I think we need to get out there and VOTE these greedy GOP fuckers out of congress and PRAY that November gets here, really, really, REALLY fast. That way, we can flip the house, flip the senate and get rid of that goddamn Donald Trump.

That’s it! ✌🏾

Blythe, California

Oh my god, the nice, older, Mexican gentleman that was sitting next to me on the bus??? He got off at Blythe!!! CRAZY, RIGHT?!?!? Blythe is that place that is like a black hole. Many people get off for the meal break and get left. I once saw a family get removed from the bus by border patrol. Crazy shit, mayne.

I think I said everything about my flight. I did tell you that my flight crew was indeed from US Airways, right? I know that I mentioned it on twitter. Yea. Good times. I give TSA a F- for their ineptitude and clumsiness. Y’all muthafuckers need to work that shit out in training class. SMH. The guy who was supposed to be sitting behind me missed his flight. I mean, it’s really on HIM for not getting to the airport earlier but, you know. Some people are very poor at gauging how fucked up security is going to actually be. Shit, when I went to Jamaica, we had a line grind to a halt because the scanner broke down and the dog got sick! I swear to god! I always plan for shenanigans. Always.

Okay. Black Panther. Who’s excited about that shit? It’s gonna be off the fucking CHAIN and I don’t even read the comic books. Maybe I’ll do the trade one day. I did tell you all about X-Men: Grand Design, right??? HOLY FUCK. Bad to the bone, all the way *down* to the bone. If you are into or curious about comics, you really need to check that shit OUT.

Im back on that good ole reggae music. God. It’s like…got me thinking: ah…Florida??? Easy accessibility to JA. 🤔 Another thing to think about. Beer. 80+ degrees in February. Spring Training. And a comic book store that has a BAR in it! 😍 Okay.

Well. I know you probably thought that you’d hear me bitch and piss and moan some more ***BUT*** I had some REALLY GOOD BEER at The Arrogant Butcher, in downtown PHX and I swear my bartender… LOL!!! She was giving me the hard sell to come back to Arizona! She said that PHX is coming back from the DEAD.

I’m glad!

Well. Happy Tuesday Night! Calexit is supposed to come out tomorrow. We will see. Black Mask is *easily* the most inconsistent of all of the comic studios. Haphazard and iffy. Always. Delays. My fingers are crossed. Six months? Unacceptable. But, the story is THAT GOOD. I ♥️ Black Mask.

That’s it. I may try to sneak another nappy nap. See you in Los Angeles, peeps! 🙋🏾‍♂️

Airbus A321

That’s where I am, right now.

Everything leading up to this flight was a fucking disaster and 1/2, thanks to TSA who eerily gave us the impression that they were *trying* to make us miss our flights as the lines opened and promptly came to a grinding HALT.

But, I made it. Once gentleman who supposed to be on this flight, DID NOT.

Oh, wells. He should have left his hotel or apartment much sooner. The lines were EXTREMELY LONG and the procedures were NEW and NOT improved! What *is* the opposite of improved, anyway??? 🤔


How about this: I had a VERY good time, in Florida. How do you like *those* apples? YOU LIKE THAT?!?!? YOU ***LIKE*** THAT!!!!! LMAO!!!!! Okay.

Is there anything I would like to say, before signing off??? Not really. I think I’m gonna put this one in the history books.

This flight is AWESOME!!! Old US Airways crew, maybe???

That’s it. See ya when I hit the ground running.

This is probably the first time…

that I’ve ever left the state of Florida and NOT felt: “Ugh. I’m so GLAD to be gettin’ the HELL outta FLORIDA!!!” LOL!!! Damn. I really *am* getting OLD. God.

More Trump shenanigans, but I’m not even going to talk about Trump, right now. Only gonna day that I’m all Trumped the fuck out. Lara, Don Jr., Daddy Cheeto and Eric, too. Nope. Nothing to say. I have to go back to the drawing board and get back to being ME. I need to get back to *doing* ME.

Okay. So, I’m on a bird in the morning. Back to The Best Coast. It will be SO GOOD to get back but I can not tell you how many locals I started chatting with about FL. It’s easy to strike up conversations because…well… the Yankees hat! LOL!!! EVERYONE in Miami seems to be from NYC and are all drawn to the hat!

I did have an incident at a Ft. Lauderdale McDonald’s last night. LONG story short: Waiting 19 minutes for my fucking order. I will stop there and go no further than to say that I am DONE with McDonald’s. Forever. I’m sure last night was a sign that I shouldn’t be eating their shitty food, anyway. BUT… it was suggested by the ARMED security guard that I grab a bite there (the only place within walking distance of the sketchy FTL train station) after just missing the 7:56pm train back to Miami. (I got there at 8:02.) The trains run on time in South Florida. I will give them that. Miami Dade and Broward Counties.

Heat: Heading back to Orlando, my phone is showing me that it’s STILL 80 in Miami. Miami. Miami. Miami. You might get sick of me talking about Miami. I’ve been hatin’ on Miami since the 1980’s. [deep breath] Shall I continue or save more praise for another day? Eh… I’ll save it. Let’s keep it moving.

ORLANDO!!! Reminds me so, so, SO, *so* much of Los Angeles. Spread out. Traffic. Great places to eat. Drink. There’s a “vibe” there that is definitely reminiscent of the city I called home for *so* many years. I don’t know.

I told several friends over these last several days that I am still *looking* for *something* and the thing that makes it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT is………………. I don’t even know what the fuck it is that I’m looking for. I’m hoping that I recognize it when I see it, though. That may be why I gave the need to go to places that I haven’t been yet. Trying to find it. Maybe, what I am trying to find is MYSELF. 🤔

Yea. Yet another brain bake.

[yawn] I just woke up from a nappy nap. I can wake up. Caffeinate. Get to where I need to be and knock right the fuck out. Because… that’s how it is when you get OLD. LOL!!! That old adage that “Naps are wasted on the young” is *totally* true. 1 friggin’ Hundred.

You know what fascinates me??? Those coffee machines that make fresh coffee. The ones that you put the money in and push the buttons and they make you coffee. The one at the MIA intermodal terminal, inside of the Greyhound station, when you walk in the door, it’s right to the right??? LOL!!! It’s all modern and cool to watch! LOL!!! I (years ago) used one at… I think it was the OLD San Jose Greyhound Terminal. It was clunky and complicated and made some *really* BAD coffee!!! LOL!!! Man.

Where the hell did the years go to?

So. I have something to say. Wait. I lost it. That fast. Damn.


Old folks.

Well, it will probably come back to me, I’m sure. Anyway. Happy Monday! It’s still kinda early on the west coast and I want to say thank you again for tuning in and I want to thank EVERYONE who has been giving me input. Especially, the more seasoned, more well traveled individuals who have been offering their feedback. I’m really big on research. Going way, way, WAY back, so I’m sure that I won’t jump into a pit without first knowing what’s in that muthafucker, LOL!!!

All right.

That’s IT.

For now. ✌🏾