Man!!! I just saw some little kid…

go down, head first, to the deck, HARD!!! You almost *felt* the ground shake, in addition to the audible thud.


Of course, he was doing some stupid-ass kid shit. I am NOT even laughing out loud. Weird thing is… His head hit the ground and he bounced right up, smiled some goofy-ass smile and then collapsed holding his head.

It was sad. One of his friends (they looked to be 10? 11???) She started crying after one of the adults picked him up and took him away. He was laying on the ground for a *while* before staff was alerted. A few of them stood there for a while and then, one of the grown ups took him away. I don’t even know if he should have been moved BUT I’m not a doctor and didn’t want to be “that guy”, you know. The “know it all.”

Anyway… I was feeling *pretty* fucking good before I saw that. Now I’m worries for little dumb ass. It seems like just yesterday ***I*** was the little dumb ass.

My apologies for being so dark these last couple of postings. It’s been a time for reflecting lately and everything I see, every song I hear… It all has me looking back on the last 47 years, askin myself “Did I do that right?” LOL!!! Mid Life kinda shit. Life is grand but it’s also VERY short. Live it to the fullest.

Yup. I’m being cliché. Fuck it. I’m just in one of those moods, I guess.

Have a wonderful morning and here’s to a MAGNIFICENT Monday!!!

Logan Tavern, Washington DC

Foodie. Nation. Shout. OUT.

I wanted to eat here LAST weekend BUT it was PACKED. Called tonight from the hotelly and was told “Nope. No wait.” Thank you. Baby. Jesus.

Going with (my all-time favorite) the Chicken Pilliard and a glass of Chardonnay. It was recommended by Rachel, my server. (Yes. I still ask for “pairing suggestions” on occasion.) A glass & 1/2. Ooo, NICE.


Okay. Had to grab a picture. This. IS an amaaaaaaaaaaazing wine. Ooooooooo so good. You know what else is good? Suite upgrades. When she said “We have you on the second floor tonight”, I was like “Uh, how weak is THAT?” And when I stepped off the elevator and saw the room number, I was like: “End of the hall!” I RAN DOWN THE HALLWAY like a little. friggin’. kid. And when I saw the sign ‘Ambassador Suite”, I said loud and clear “Get the fuck OUT” as I slid the key in and right as a server stepped off the elevator. LOL!!! The elevators are waaaaaaaaay down the hall (again, I’m at the *end*), so I’m not even sure if he heard me, LOL!!!

Okay. I have some cool shots and some proof of what I am up against when I visit Boston in the summer. Every summer. THIS summer seems to be the worst.

Okay… There is soooooooooooo much more I want to mention: The Leftovers. Detroit. (LMAO, as if I don’t yap about Detroit enough already, LOL!!!!!) Life. Death. (Seriously.) Other things that I have been pondering.

*deep breath*

This humidity is kicking my ASS.

Well…picture time. I don’t know if I’m ready to “go deep” right now. In time.

صباح الخير

LoL!!! I’m switchin’ it up on you!!!

I am waking up two hours late but I didn’t *have* to be up but I had a bit of an episode last night.

*deep breath*

Bad dreams and some other weirdness. But, you know what? After some serious issues trying to get back to sleep after waking up to use the bathroom, I confronted the “issue” head on, got to chat with someone I lost a few month’s back who was VERY close to me and then drifted peacefully back to sleep.

I woke up and opened my “Start your day off right because we think you rock like Chuck Berry” breakfast coupon to find that it is a bunch of “check here, check there”, CONTINENTAL breakfast items that you check off… Leave at the front desk by 11pm the previous night… Let them know what time you will be picking them up from their weak-ass cafe and go down to pick them up at the designated time.


TOO complicated.

So, I’m laying here. Checking emails. Returning texts. Seeing who the ____ called me in the middle of the night. I guess I will check out soon. After shower and coffee and head over (early) to a high end hotel that I ADORE and they. adore. me. This place has ZERO personality. The staff has ZERO personality. BUT………. The rate was under $200/night which is outstanding (for Boston), so I’m not even complaining. It’s just an observation.

ALTHOUGH… Whenever I have “pizza and fries” for dinner, it kind of makes me think that I did something wrong in life, LOL!!! They *do* have a bar downstairs. An after coffee Bloody Mary might be nice. They’re probably not even open right now! LOL!!! OMG, I should call!!! Their little bar sits three people and the lobby/dining/chillin’ area of friggin’ HUGE. (Stupid!!!) Let me check…


I may not ever stay here again. The energy just seems…”off.” It was like that last time here. AND… That’s enough. I’m going to do coffee in my room, shower, watch some ESPN and hit the road. I mean…train…


All pics are from the last couple of days. I am trying to be more current with sharing as not to throw anyone off. I’m in Boston until tomorrow, DC (again) this weekend, family time next week IN ADDITION to NYC and Stamford CT and Philly next weekend. The tentative game plan… We’ll see ;)

Have a nice day and thanks again!



Smile!!! (It’s Wednesday!!!)

The Toronto Blue Jays

…are whoopin’ that Red Sox ass. That makes me feel good. REAL good.

I made to Boston. Sort of. I’m in Worcester because it was the closet non-smoking room that I found to Boston that was within my budget.

It actually was not even within my budget, now that I think about it ***BUT*** it was better than sleeping in a bedbug infested crack spot, LOL!!!

Even the Best Western that looked like a state penitentiary was sold out for tonight, LOL!!!

Well. Nothing ground-shaking or earth-shattering to say…reveal…discuss… I’m just here. At 99. Enjoying their featured Strawberry Margarita. It’s yummy!!! I ***LOVE*** 99!!! But, if you’ve been checking out my travels for a while, you know that.

I *do* have something to say: Worcester. I’ve been here before on more than one occasion but don’t think I’ve ever seen the downtown. It’s BAD ASS and their train station is UN believable, Oh. My. God. If I wasn’t in such a rush to get to my hotel, I would have gotten some pics of it. Maybe I can get over there early in the morning and take some. It’s a grand old building, indeed. Stunning.

OH!!! This latina t-girl on the train from Greensboro to Charlotte this morning was turnin’ quite a few heads, LOL!!! I was like “Work that shit, girlfriend!” LOL!!!

That’s it. My chicken pot pie will be here soon. And I’m feelin’ another margarita right about now. It ain’t easy scoring a room anywhere near Boston, on the fly, in the summertime. The last time I arrived a day ahead of my reservation(s), I ended up spending the night in Sturbridge. Yea. Where I-84 dead ends at the Mass Pike.

Halfway to Hot-fudd!!! LoLOLoL!!!!!

Cheers :)

There is a mechanic

walking up and down the aisles of our plane. THAT can’t be good.

And ANOTHER mechanic just came aboard, carrying a wrench. Probably the fucking coffee maker again.

Does anyone remember when I was whining about the United flight that couldn’t take off until they fixed the coffee maker?

And now, US Airways…which was my GO TO airline…got bought out by American (which is an airline that I looooooooooooathe), we are still here at the gate while these guys run up and down the aisle.


They are wearing American Airlines vests, so I will blame this one on American.

Kiss my ass, American. You suck.

DC to NC, Boston to NYC

Planes, trains and big blue buses (the remix!!!)

I’m in Durham, North Carolina. Just waiting for the #79 Carolina to take me to the G.S.Oh, baby!!! Smokey Booooooooooooonesss!!!!!


DC was so much fun, OMG!!! I didn’t get a chance to take any long walks or take any good pics or do anything cultural or touristy *but* I ate. And ate. And drank. And had fun! Man, I hated DC back in the 80’s and early 90’s. I had a job the used to send me there twice a week and that was a trip that I always hated making.

Washington DC was then the murder Capitol of the United States. A crime-ridden cesspool. Crack heads. Street walkers. It was probably the inspiration of the original Grand Theft Auto.

And then came… Gentrification. Me and the sista that drove me to Union Station had a lovely conversation about the “G” word. She pointed out how back in the day, people in DC would complain a lot and things would never get done. But now? People complain and shit gets done. In a hurry, even!

Well… I guess the Silver Line isn’t going all the way to Dulles because some politicians lined their pockets with the money that was to complete it but when the checks stopped, the progress stopped and then when people started asking questions??? They bailed.

I guess DC is still a place rife with dirty and underhanded deeds done daily but the players are different. That’s what I took from out conversation. But she make it clear to me that DC is not for black folks anymore. Well. Not POOR black folks anyway.

And I *always* think as I’m walking around DC how the city is now VERY young, very affluent, VERY safe, very white, VERY FUN, very gay, very hip and very trendy. Oh! And veeeeeeeeerrrrryyy expen$ive, LOL!!! A far cry from the toilet that use to have me afraid to even drive through the city, let alone walk the streets at night!

I understand that this may not be popular or PC but these opinions stated in this post are my own and I do not endorse gentrification in any form UNLESS it can bring shopping, more fun places to eat *and* a CVS and/or Walgreens on every corner, then I’m totally cool with it, LOL!!!

And if you think weed and gay marriage will never be legalized by the Feds, you clearly haven’t seen the future movers and shakers in the Watergate City. Dream On, suckaz. It’s only a matter of time.


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