Here Hear

There Their
Your You’re
Too Two To

Yea. I’m seeing some of those things that drive me up the wall and it’s gotta be my sloppy typing, coupled with me not paying attention.

It really does have to stop.

I’m here. In Milwaukee. Finally. Having a Spotted Cow. At bedtime.

Today kinda sucked but tomorrow will be a better day. We ALL got where we needed to be in one piece and that is what is most important.

Hugs. Kisses. More hugs. More kisses.

American Airlines is The Devil!!!

As is the person who scheduled The Jags/Titans for Thursday Night Football.

Really, NFL???


Fuck it to hell.

But, you know what???
I’m in one piece.
And THAT is what is most important.

ETA to Milwaukee???
11:02pm :(

Bloody Mary!!!

12th Fairway Bar & Grille
Palm. Springs. Airport.

That is all.

Here’s to my NOT so Happy Holidays!


Fuckity FUCK Fuck



Oh well
Caramel Praline Latte will work
Work it
W-w-w-work it


I’m back in Palm Springs!!!!! At 7,000 feet, as we were climbing, we lost our right engine and had to make a quick turnaround and an emergency landing!!! CRAZY!!! Emergency personnel (fire AND EMTs) were waiting for is when we deplaned!!! CRAZY!!! I’m okay, though!!! Not a hair out of place!!! I just saw my barber, Chris, in Tucson…so… I don’t have any hair right now but that’s beside the point. Shit was CRAZY mayne!!!

Now, I am going to get into Milwaukee at 8:30 instead of 3:30 but the most important thing is: I’m here!!! And I’m SO ready for a Bloody Mary. NOW!!! Not later. NOW!!! What do we want!?!?! Alcohol!!! When do we want it!?!?! NOW!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc


Tre goods. Mmmmmmmmmmmm………

I’m back in Orange County and my day hit a *bit* of a snag earlier: My GIANT (and I…do…mean… ENORMOUS) American Tourister lost a wheel. And I’m not talking old, gnawed up, wobbly, lame wheel. I’m talking GONE. All I have is an axle. And the axle looks bent. Leading ME to believe that it was the weight that killed it :(

I have a luggage repair dude here in OC but his turn around is a week for wheels. What to do, what to do, what to doooooooooooo….. I’m flying out to Chi or Milwaukee tomorrow and don’t have the strength to carry a 50lb. suitcase everywhere.

I. Need. A solution.


I don’t know if I am as enamored with the clothes as much as I am addicted to the shopping experience. I have WAY more clothes (jeans, tees, jerseys, sneakers, flip flops, jackets, quilted flannels, underwear) than many people buy in their lifetime.

Appalling is the word I used last night after a friend swung me by my storage to (finally) retrieve my winter wear. Not all of it, but a great deal of it: boots, thermals, a Ralph Lauren Polo coat that is bigger & thicker than the average parka, more jeans, socks…oh…socks…

I have a LOT of socks. Ankle socks. Knee socks. Pumas. Gold Toes.

My Kenneth Coles (just in case I want to get some fancy clothes) and my Hotfudd Whalers jersey, LOL!!! It’s authentic. I paid $200 for it back in the 90’s. HA!!!

I’m ready for the winter, baby! BRING IT!!!!!

Don’t really know what to say: planes, trains and buses have all been good to me, this week. After a comedy of errors that wasn’t all that funny, I have some winter wear. I left behind two…possibly three suitcases that are ready to go. And my…quilted flannels, all piles up in the back of one of my two massive storage units that is ready to go. But…sadly… There was no way I could take them ALL with me. I have a big suitcase and a not so small, small-ish suitcase that is bulging with shoes and a couple of jackets.

Isn’t this EXCITING!?!?! Me…talking about clothes and suitcases as such. I’m not a snappy dresser. Uh uh. Never have been. Never will be. But I love my tees. I love my Levi’s and I am ALL about the color coordination.

Can I get serious for a second? Good. I’m going to anyway. There is an ignorant ass brutha on the train playin’ some kind of violent ass video game on his tablet with no headphones. Amtrak cop and conductor have walked by him on more than one occasion and haven’t said shit to him. If they were to say something? They would probably be labeled as being racist and instigators when it’s the young black male with the tattoos on his arm and neck that is irking everyone on this car, black and white alike. But as you may have heard on the news, last week in Michigan, a black man who was WAY out of control on an Amtrak stabbed several passengers and a conductor. So…riots…protests and all kinda of bullshit ass dialogue about how we can save young black lives is allowing this piece of shit to blast his shit (a woman keeps shrieking. That’s all we here. And some Kung fu moves or some shit.) And WE have to just sit here and take it.

Look out, DC. When I get back, I’m getting my MD identification and am buying that .380 automatic I was eyeballing a while back. I’m ex-military so getting my license to carry will be EZ PZ. My folks were hardcore lifelong (conservative leaning) democrats who were all about equality BUT huge proponents of exercising their second amendment rights. I, on the other hand, have NEVER carried a fun outside of my service in the Marine Corps due to my ability to go from zero-to-I’m going to rip your fucking head off with the snap of a finger. (People on planes and buses who like to fuck with my seat back, set me off the quickest. Followed second by shady black folks.)

I could just be talkin’ trash. I will get off in Santa Ana and by the time I get to my hotel, I will probably have forgotten all about SeƱor Gangbanger and his stupid ass fucking video game. I wear some $20 Walgreens Special Sony headphones. I see a lot of other black folks rockin’ them. Apparently not all of us can afford them, though. Maybe he spent the last of his money on his iPad and True Religion jeans???

Stabbed on a train in Michigan

Not me, but it COULD have been me.

Four people. Three men. And a woman. One stabbing victim was a conductor.

Of course, it made me think of my own run-in with the psycho brutha on the metro a couple of weeks ago.

Oh. The Amtrak assailant was black. Um. DUH.

There is only so much I am going to say about… You know what??? In shutting this one down. In 2016, I am going to vote for law and order in the universe. I wish Rudy Giuliani was running for president. He cleaned up NYC from being the (and don’t get me wrong, New York was STILL a GREAT city, but it was *kind of* a) toilet…that it was… WOW. Tangent.

He cleaned up NYC, so, I’m sure he could clean up the mess that we have in front of us now.

But… I am going to shut up. I’m sober so I’m not the happiest camper, right now. So. On that note??? Toodles.

PHX tomorrow. Then Tucson. Then home. That’s Maryland if you haven’t been keeping track, LOL!!!


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