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Craig Godwin.

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Oh, the nightmare of holiday travel!

But, I’m halfway there as John Bon Jovi would say…sing…whatever…

It has been a really. Really. REALLY. Looooooooooooong day and the trains and planes have not been with me. Until now. I still have *one* more hurdle to jump but I *think* I might have that one figured out.


Friends are important. I have a very small handful of people that I can count as friends. And to those friends, I once again say “Thank you!” An emphatic thanks for helping me get to where I need to be when my plans are exploding in my face. Like a gag bomb in those old Looney Tunes cartoons, I will wake up happy, smiling, shaking the present, put my ear to it, open it up and “BOOM!!!!!” Blow to bits.

Hit the reset button and proceed to the hastily concocted Plan B and “BOOM!!!!!” Same result. Same-O, Lame-O.

Third time’s a charm???
That’s what they say!

Let it be known for the record that I’m 33,000 feet above the great state of Michigan, or so it looks. Yea! Went from Cleveland to Minneapolis only to head back east to Albany! Thanks, Delta! And no. I’m not being facetious. It has taken me a lot of restraint to keep from flying off the fucking handle and being “that guy” on CNN. “Don’t taze me, Ho!” LOL!!!

Oh, but the lady in front of me at the Southwest customer service desk??? She was about a fraction of a second away from leaping over the desk and punching the nice man (who really was trying his best to help us out) clear…into…next… WEEK. She was trying to get to a wedding. I was trying to get to the Catskills. Several black folks were trying to go on a cruise. A couple of white folks? Cruise. The hot Arab guy and his hottie black girlfriend were going to Vegas for tonight and tomorrow night. Vegas, baby!!!!!


Those of you who know me best, know that I don’t really *do* holidays. So how the fuck was I to know that dominos would fall if I didn’t stay the course? I didn’t know THIS year, but I will be taking notice NEXT year. That’s for damn sure.

But… I can do this. I tend to pop my collar when things are well and second guess when things turn to shit. I’m pretty sure that’s natural. Human, as one friend said today. Which is funny because I really do consider myself as being somewhat of a machine at times. I’m always trying to make the right decision and even when you think you are doing the right things, things can turn very wrong, very, very, quickly.

But, it’s now time to regroup (as *another* friend of mine said…early today, as well.) And it *looks* like we are getting ready to cross Lake Michigan *now*. I’m confused.

Anyhoozit. I’m on my way. Will definitely pop in on the family while I’m back in the east. DC. Baltimore. DC. NYC. Boston. North Carolina. That’s what’s on the agenda for the next two weeks. I’m working on some exciting shit that I have already shared with some of you. Non-porn related kinda stuff. I got plans. Other plans. BIG plans.

Less talk, more springing into action.

Although today was a stinging example of “When Springing Into Action Goes Wrong.” It happens.

Shit happens.

Western Reserve “Cloud Nine” #microbrew

Black Box Brewing Company of Westlake, Ohio. It’s a Belgian White and is FULL of FLAVOR, Lawdy Lawdy!!! The local sitting next to me had just informed me that the #49 bus goes out there. Praise The Lord and THANK YOU, BABY JESSE!!!!!

Hey! I’m at the Ontario Street Cafe. A VERY “urban” pub in the heart of downtown Cleveland (Tower City, baby!!!) Menu is simple. LOTS of black folks. Weird, because it reminds me of a shady ass bar that I used to hang at when I was in my 20’s and my folks used to HATE for me to go there, LOL!!! The long-demolished Post Bar (aka “Disco World”) in Wrightstown, New Jersey. The party wasn’t over until somebody got stabbed, LOL!!!

The Luck Of The Italians. I *know* you are probably sick and friggin’ tired of reading (and hearing) about my Phil Rizzuto shirt but not only did my Yanks lose yesterday for the first time in the “lucky shirt” era, my friend’s dog was SO HAPPY to see me last night that he mugged me, punching a hole in my shirt with his nails!!!

Well, my response to my friend’s apology was ” No worries. It adds character.” I will continue to wear the Phil Rizzuto shirt to ALL games until the Yankees winning record turns to a losing record. Since I canceled my Toronto trip, I’m not sure when the next time is that I will see them but the record is now 3-1 when I wear the shirt… TO the games.

WOW. This sista just said “I be layin’ low in the cut. They know how I am.” LOL!!! Old Head speak. But the reality is, *I* am now an Old Head. WOW!!! This gal just said…same girl: “I paid $8 for this pack of cigarettes, I wish a muthafucka WOULD ask ME for a cigarette”, LOL!!! And chunky sis at the end of the bar is drinking Genesee by the pitcher, LOL!!! I’m skurred, LOL!!! And she’s singing along with every song on the jukebox, too. She sings pretty damn good, too. Probably church folk, I’m guessing.

Well. I’m going to finish my water, ca$h out, use the bathroom and take MORE pictures.

God Bless The Rust Belt.

I can’t BELIEVE I’m in DETROIT!!!!!

Motown, Motown, Motor City, Rock City, Detroit ROCK CITY!!!!!

I’m at St. CeCe’s!!! In Corktown!!! It’s that cute little hipster neighborhood that I have been telling you about forever, OMG!!! I took SO many pictures this time around. Oh… I took a lot of pictures LAST time around, too! Ha!

I love this town. I really, really, REALLY, really do.

SO: The Yankees lost a thriller today, 3-2, so the “lucky shirt” is now 3-1. Hmmmmmmmmm……. I’m still calling it lucky and will continue to wear it TO the stadium on game days and we will see what the win percentage is at the end of the season. As many of you know, I own a pair of UNLUCKY Knicks Nikes that brought the Knickerbockers nothing but bad luck. So, I retired them.

This whitefish dinner was TO DIE FOR, as was the locally brewed IPA. The owner/bartender talks so fast, I did not catch the name of the brewer but it’s a Red Rye IPA, I thought she said, anyway, LOL!!!

I’m so trying to get out and take more pics but this place is crazy and the sun is almost gone. Apparently, the *old* Tiger Stadium was right around the corner from here.

And the Michigan Central Station is nearby, as well.

Well… I’m still waiting for her to acknowledge me. But, even the locals are getting slow service, I noticed. So, that being said, I feel right at home.

I will see you in Cleveland! And this weekend??? The Catskills, for a little r&r.

Thanks again for checking in! And don’t worry about me! I’m okay! Really!

The ASS WHUPPIN’ Shirt!!!

THAT’S what I’m going to knick name my lucky Phil Rizzuto shirt. Nickname. Nick name. If the Yankees don’t have a total brain fart/meltdown, WE will be 3-0 when I wear this shirt to the game.

I have my fingers crossed because the Tigers are a VERY good team and the Yankees have been shaky and unpredictable for going on three years now.

We will see.

Interesting that there are VERY FEW Yankees fans here tonight. The Motor City faithfuls are SO hardcore about their sports that there was just not that many tickets available. But I am giving the Baby Jesus a fist bump for comin’ thru for a brutha.

Tomorrow night is going to be tricky though. Comerica Park only has $23 standing tickets left and I am not that hardcore. Stubhub? Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.

LOL!!! The Canadian chick next to me (who is a Yankees fan, btw) is so. fucking. FUNNY!!! LOL!!!

Hey! Our catcher just got beamed in the family jewels with a line drive. I gotta go. Speaking of go:


Oh, HE mad!

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor was talking trash about Kevin Love today. A few months ago, he was talking about how he didn’t want Love to leave. He wanted Kevin Love to stay so that they could win together. Win…what? A game of rock, paper scissors? An “all expense paid” trip to Jamaica? A free order of French fries when you buy a hamburger?

The Minnesota Timberwolves are LOSERS. Always have been. Always will be. KG knew it. Kevin Love knew it. The city of Minneapolis knows it. I know it. That’s just the way of the world. An absolute. Sure as the sun rises in the east and shit rolls downhill, the T-wolves will continue their losing ways. Until the earth explodes and the universe gets sucked into a black hole and ceases to exist, the T-wolves will stink up the joint. Period. Amen. Put that “stay here and we can win together” baby in a box and toss it out with that stale pizza and moldy pound cake.


The Good Fan

I’m makin’ my way towards The Motor City, once again. Go. Yankees. I *think*. They’re cold. They’re HOT. They’re cold again.

But, what if??? What if they put together a run? What if the O’s take a nasty stumble? What if the Tigers continue to struggle? What if aliens really DO exist? What if I’m starting to care again? LOL!!! As. If.

$pending, $teinbrenners, $pend.

I am trying real hard to be the good fan and put on the good face but it’s over. The Age Of Mediocrity is upon us. Mediocracy. Mediocre. Medi…..uuuuughhh… Yea. I’m done. And I don’t really have a “next year” to look forward to because what is next year going to bring except more disappointment.

BUT, I skipped spring training this year due in part to a death in the family AND partly because I just wasn’t feelin’ the Yankees the way I have in the past. In the past, it was always “World Series Or Bust” but now??? We don’t even make it to the playoffs. Didn’t make it last year. Barely made it the year before and ousted practically before it even started. And this year??? It’s not looking good. Streaky doesn’t win the pennant. Streaky doesn’t get it done.

What happens from here?

What happens now?

I want to say something catchy and cliché like “It all starts now” or “Now is the time” but what if our time is over? What if it’s someone else’s time to shine? What if I just stop being a whiny fan and try to enjoy the moment? Just… Chill. Enjoy the time. A good time with good beer and the occasional company of a good friend. Just soak in the experience.

What if I actually started to sing along when the 7th inning stretch arrives, instead of leaving? I haven’t sang “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” since I was a child. Seriously. I don’t even know if I remember the words. Honestly. If I even make it through the 7th, I’m putzing with my camera, drinking my last beer and sending pics and posting selfies on Instagram. I am not really engaged. Well…maybe a *little*. The Kiss Cam and people dancing are cute. I guess.


Yea, I’m THAT Yankees fan. The one that you just love to hate.

I’m going to try to focus on the good time. Comerica Park is an awesome venue, filled with AWESOME Tigers fans and from what I’m paying for my room, The Yankees Nation is ready to invade The Motor City with everything we got left. After all, it’s Jeter’s last year. When I settle down and settle in for the winter, I will start sharing my final season photos from the Nikon. Angels Stadium, Camden Yards, Busch Stadium and of course, Yankees Stadium. Maybe I will even make an appearance at Rogers Park in Toronto. I have taken many photos *at* the stadium but still have yet to see a game there. Maybe it’s time. MY time. To stop. AND smell. The roses.

Well, we are on our final approach/decent into Minneapolis. If you look closely, you will see the purple raindrops, falling from the sky. LoL!!!

Have a wonderful afternoon, everybody! Thank you for continuing to pop in :)


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