I have my head in the clouds…

right now and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to focus. Visions of German Shepherd puppies break dancin’ in my head.

I would have preferred Alexandria to Silver Spring but life is throwin’ me some wicked pitches right now and I’m determined not to strike out. I’m going to do what I’ve been doing since day one: I’mma just go with the flow.

Ya know???

Wet Hop IPA – 5.7% abv

I’m at Triangle Brewing Co.
Downtown Durham.
North Carolina.

Chicken sammuch. Tater tots.

My day was kinda shitty. Well…ever since I left Greensboro, this morning??? It has spiraled downhill.

BUT NOW?!?!?
Two beers later?????

I’m good.
Right as rain.

I really do LOVE Durham!!!
Love, love, LOVE.

This place (and Taos) are still at the top of my list of cities where I will ultimate open my brick-and-mortar art gallery. In a world where people are going virtual with EVERYTHING… I’m going traditional. LOTS of (affordable) empty retail space in cool ass historic buildings here…in Greensboro…and a half dozen ghost towns along the Amtrak route between here and DC.

More to come…

“I get anywhere on the train in New York…”

“…but when I come here, I don’t know. It’s like The Jetsons.”


That’s an EXACT quote from this lady wearing a frowny face as this nice woman and her hubby were helping her navigate The Metro! LOL!!! I chuckled at a VERY low volume and only the DC woman heard my giggle, LOL!!! Been THERE, sisterrrrrrrrr!!!!!

And I should have chimed in to tell her that if she is not back in a station by 1am, she will be turning into a delicious, locally brewed, pumpkin ale, LOL!!! DC Metro really does need to be 24/7. The station are always a Mon scene during “last train” time, which appears to be 3am on the weekends!?!?! That ain’t right!?!?! Is it?!?!? I need to ask a Metro employee. That’s not right…

It can’t be right.

This day…

SOME days………..are just WRONG.

But I’m workin’ it out. Bruh… I need a drink, LOL!!! I got SO turned around a couple of times, trying to get to the Metro from my place to the bus. Turns out, I am waaaaaaaaaaaay more familiar with NOVA than I am with Maryland.

But my train wreck of a day actually started yesterday. But, guess what??? Look, Ma! No heavy suitcases!!! And my remaining suitcases in my (little) Palm Springs AND Tucson storage units??? Why… I have a plan for them.

But you didn’t tune in to hear about my babblings regarding suitcases now, did you? You want to hear me talk about how cold it is here. The great cupcakes and mediocre coffee I consumed at Crumbs. It’s this new joint in Union Station. The cupcakes rival Chicago’s Cupcake Corner (at Franklin and Madison, in The Loop.)

You want to hear me talk about the shitty Lakers and pathetic Bears. Or how tough it is to transition to citizenhood. Yea. That’s a made up word. Sounds good though, doesn’t it? ;)

Ummmmmmmmm…………… This being back east for good thing is FAR from glamorous (and I did not think it would be) and weird and cold and quite scary. Nothing is going the way I expected but nothing ever does. It’s always different. A twist, a turn, a surprise waiting around the corner. I think that I will appreciate Cali and Vegas just a little bit more when I return back the Best Coast next month.

I have BIG things planned for next year. Looking back, I made it to London this year. Next year? Paris and Edinburgh, for sure. Now that I “know things”, I feel that I can pull it off with a little less of a hitch. Next year, I return to Spring Training. Next year, the Yankees WILL NOT return to greatness. (Early. Baseball. Prediction.) Speaking of predictions: Did I not say that Derrick Rose was more interested in selling deep dish pizzas than he was at selling the city on the idea of a return to championshiphood? (Another made up word.) I said it like…two years ago! An now??? The truth has come to light.

I said that.

I predicted that.

I know things.

LOL!!! Miss Cleo ain’t got shit on me!!! LOL!!!


Connecticut. City Limits. C’mon, now.

This brutha at the bar is telling a story about how he assaulted his girl and knocked her step father out, busting several teeth out of his father-in-law’s mouth.

They’ll let ANYBODY into Connecticut, these days.

Speaking of beatings:

Man… I did not know that the ass whuppin’ that the Eagles put on the Panthers was SO severe. I see that the Lakers finally won one and…ummmmm… Did the brutha just do a dine and dash!?!?! Well…a beer and bolt???

I see the Randy Moss 30 for 30 is on. Damn. I wanted to see that.

Oh! The brutha is back.

Weather: It’s pleasant.

Damn. He’s from KCMO and him and the white guy next to him are talking beer and they don’t have a friggin’ clue. God. The brutha just said that a pitcher of Boulevard Wheat is $15 and he can buy a whole case of Bud Light for that. Ummmmmmmmmm……. I am just a *tad* more hoity toity than I give myself credit for, LOL!!!

Well… Turkey Chili. Turkey Pastrami sammuch. Two glasses of Chardonnay. I’m good.

G’nite, Stamford.

And before I go: I hope I wasn’t *too* hard on that elderly woman at Palm Springs Intl. Airport, last night. Sometimes… I *know* that I can come off like an ass. Don’t want to go all “apologist” on you but I lead a pretty good life, growing up. Oh, wait… I *still* lead a pretty good life. I bash on broke asses but I have paid someone who was struggling’s bus fare on more than one occasion. I really do try really, REALLY hard to be “good people.”

Don’t want to end on a positive…or sappy…note, so I will insert some cynical, asshole shit here and then, it’s onto the next one. Laundry??? Pass the fuck out??? Here goes:

Positive = Chip Kelly is SO bad ass that HE made Mark “Butt Fumble” Sanchez look like a rock star! LMAO!!!!!

Negative = Lakers SUCK. Jets SUCK. Cam Newton gets sacked more than Idaho potatoes and the Knicks SUCK. Phil Jackson needs to put on his big boy panties and stop fucking worrying about what Adam Silver thinks about The Triangle. Who gives a flying Walenda Fuck about that shit.


LMMFAO!!!!! I’m drunk and I’m out.

Love you all…

This homeless dude

is changing his cell phone AND his laptop in Port Authority! Welcome to NYC!!! LOL!!!

I don’t know what the fuck was up with the Panthers last night. Jeez, Tina Louise! Why even get on the bus??? Why even board the plane??? Why even get out of bed??? Why even bother playing football??? Carolina wide outs are garbage. Sad… Cam Newton deserves so much better. If it was Tom Brady??? He would be chewing those guys’ asses like salt water taffy, LOL!!!


Speaking of trash: GO, FALCONS!!!!!
Speaking of trash: GO, KNICKS!!!!!

My dad used to ALWAYS say

“If you have to ask how much something costs? You can’t afford it.”

This old lady at the La Brea Bakery at the Palm Springs airport asked how much the water was. Then she wanted to know how much THAT water was. “Must be because it’s the airport.” Then she wanted to know how much the *little* bottle of water was. The nice girl told her the little bottle of Fiji was the cheapest bottle. The woman asked “How much?” And then put it back, upon hearing the co$t. She walks away from the counter and doubles back, picking up a little bag of Doritos off of the rack. “How much?” TOO much. She puts it back, grabbing a plastic fork as she leaves.

Ummmmmmmmmm…….. I paid $15 for this glass of wine and $17 for this sandwich and a bottle of Smart ‘n Final (generic) brand of fucking water. You know what??? Yea. It’s the airport. And, yea. It’s Palm Springs. It’s expensive out here in the (gay) desert. Again: This is the Palm Springs Airport. You’re gettin’ hit with the double whammy, bitch. You know what that’s called, don’t you??? LIFE.


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