Back in The Bay Area, again!

Even if only for a minute…

Doing a quick swing thru The Central Valley and then it’s on to San Francisco before jetting off to Toronto and then either a MegaBus ride *or* a short flight to my (new) home sweet home in Northern Virginia. Suburban DC. Alexandria.


I have probably already laid that out to you but I am really, really, REALLY eXXXcited!!!!! Stoked!!! Hyped!!! I’m more hyped up than a psychotic Cleveland fan welcoming home LeBron James, LOL!!!

Pics: some Florida (Yankees spring training) and me in Detroit (sportin’ a Hotfudd Whalers hat), Chicago (wearing a fuzzy “Russian” hat. DUH!!!) Greensboro (in a Knicks tee), Pop ‘N Sons Diner in Tampa (shitty service, AWESOME eats!), me enjoying a nice cold one in Santa Barbara (goodbye, California!) and finally…downtown Chicago with Lake Michigan in the background.

If I owe you a call, expect to hear from me shortly. I took an overnight Greyhound bus ride up from Los Angeles that took a lot put of me after spending a FUN couple of days in Southern California. As I mentioned earlier this week, it really does feel like the end of a really interesting chapter of my life. Not that I’m going to be avoiding SoCal. Mexican food. Gay Mart. Photographic excursions in Palm Springs. Laguna. Amtrak rides up and down the coast and of course, MegaBus rides to Vegas! Hell, I will be back in Palm Springs weekend of the 22nd of November! So, don’t cry for me, San Fernando (Valley…) I *will* be back.

Believe that!

Kobe called Dwight Howard soft

…last night. It was Kobe’s first regular season game in how long??? The Lakers have been sucking for how long??? And Houston went to the playoffs last year while Kobe watched the playoffs on TV, just like the rest of us non-basketball players, LOL!!!

Kudos to Howard for keepin’ it classy, though! LOL!!!

How ’bout those Royals!?!?! LOL!!! Man!!!

What’s the saying that the US Army used to use in their commercials, back in the day? We do more before 7am than most people accomplish in a whole day??? That was me, this morning. Up before the sun, gettin’ it done. Rollin’ heavy now, but believe me when I say that “I got dis!”

Hash tag: Obamaism

Hey!!! The Knicks are playing tonight! I’m rocking a Stoudemire tee, my Knicks hat and… YEA!!! I’m stoked!!! I’m pretty sure that the Knicks are going to get blown off the face of the planet BUT it’s going to be an interesting year this year, win OR lose (and I do expect a LOT of “L”s in the loss column, this year.)

Hey!!! How ’bout those Royals!?!?! LOL!!!

Now playing: The Jacksons – Can You Feel It

The End Of An Era

I am on my way out to Palm Springs to gather my things and ship them back east. Those of you who know me, know that I first moved to Southern California in the mid-1990’s on account of work. That was a loooooooooooong time ago. I moved away. Came back!!! Moved away. And came back AGAIN!!! Now, I’m gone but this time is different. It felt like I was moving for good when I left for AZ with my ex. (Well… ONE of my exes, anyway.) But I ended up back in SoCal two more times before I decided to vacate and relocate this one last time.

I’m heading towards the BIG 50 and know that I don’t have too many more moves left in me. I went from the guy who never moves to the guy who’s always ON the move and now… I can *just* now start to see me slowing my roll in the very near future. Doing a few non-adult industry related things and taking some time to do some “ME” shit. I haven’t even begun to explore all that the world has to offer and those of you who know me, know that I am that guy that is not afraid to “follow my dreams.” And that means to go wherever those dreams may take/lead me. After all, it was a job that brought me here to Southern California in the first place. I never chose Cali. Cali chose me.

I never warmed up to Los Angeles but the sunshine and good times always kept ME warm and coming back to Cali after freezing my ass off in colder climates has always given me the “warm-n-fuzzies”, but this time??? There is no coming back. I realize that now. I spent 10 years in The Valley. Left and came back to Long Beach. 2 years in The LBC. Left and came back. 10 months in Palm Springs. Peep the pattern??? It’s really true. You can (really, honestly and truly) never go back.

ALL of my closest friends are concerned that me, being a Californian for sooooooooooo long… Everyone is worried that I may not make it with the cold weather and what not. Well… There’s always The Caribbean! LOL!!! Seriously, I will survive. I hope, LOL!!! TWO more moves. This one and then North Carolina and I’m *done*. I know I have said it before but I really mean it this time. Where I am building my permanent home in the Tarheel State is a plot of land that has been in my dad’s family since World War I and just like my father and HIS father before him, I will keep it in the family for any future family that may find their way back to Tobacco Road.

My dad always told me how he never saw me or my sister moving there and as a result of that, repeatedly questioned why he even bothered holding onto the land but I always managed to make him realize that it was for family, even if we didn’t ever end up there. Well, here I am, fantasizing about living along the Black Creek, shopping in Wilmington and making a few trips to Myrtle Beach for a change of scenery. More Greensboro. Go, Tarheels!!! Panthers/Falcons when my Dirty Birds come to Charlotte AS WELL AS………………….. aaaaaaawww my KNICKS!!!!! LMAO!!!!!

And. Most important thing of all: I will be closer to MY family. When me and my sister were little, Thanksgivings were ALWAYS spent in North Carolina, at grandma’s. Fast forward to 2015 and I will have a house put on the site of her old house on Black Creek, just upstream from Cape Fear, 30 minutes from the beach. “Home” is what my parents have always referred to Pender County as and I am going to be VERY proud to make their childhood home MY home as I enter “the home stretch.”

But…for now? I still have some exploring to do. I will get situated in Northern Virginia and take in all that Alexandria has to offer. I’m VERY familiar with the forever and rapidly changing Watergate City but have not taken *any* time to explore Northern Virginia, even though I spend so much time there. I know that Pentagon City Mall and Crystal City Liquors (which is THE go-to spot for microbrews and good wine in NoVA!) Thats it.

I’m excited, though.
I’m VERY excited.

Damn, I’m good!

In a former life, in a former career, in a city far, far away (Los Angeles), I was once a logistical guru. It is 2014 and I see now that some thing never change.

[poppin' mah collar]

Somebody come and gimme some looooooooooooooove, LOL!!! I’m looking now at jumping on a red eye from San Francisco to Toronto. As I said in my last posting…uh…like… an hour ago??? I sometimes think that my poo smells like daffodils, LMAO!!!!!

I should stop it, LOL!!!

I have my Empire State Of Mind playlist going right now and it’s gettin’ me gaaaaaaaaaaassed. MMM… I can hardly wait to get back to the Best Coast. Pack some stuff up. Throw some stuff away. MAYBE sell some stuff. Eat some SUSHI. Yessssssss……

Good Morning, Boston!!!

I didn’t make the flight I wanted to get on, so now I am looking at a 7:45pm arrival at Sky Harbor.

Such is life.

Got some Martha & The Vandellas bumpin’ to get me in the mood. Motown was/is such *happy* music! Earlier, as I was taking The “T” up to the airport, I had my favorite New York hoodie on, sportin’ my throwback Yankees hat and listening to some Bon Jovi and I was thinking to myself: I’m a pretty bad-ass muthafucka, LOL!!! Even if NO ONE else thinks that I am??? ***I*** think that I am! And THAT’S all that really matters in the end.

I’ve been kind of depressed lately. Not a lot. Just a little. A friend hasn’t been feeling well and it’s making me sad. *deep breath* I’ll be all right. I think the dreary weather here in Bahstin might be feeding it. Being that I spend SO much time in the Pacific Northwest, I am used to the grey skies and constant rain but when you add cool temperatures and wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour into the mix??? I’m done.

Speaking of mix: Kansas City! Kansas City, here I come!!! LOL!!! Did anyone watch the game last night!?!?! Oh. My. God. The Royals make me wanna go out, suit up and start swinging and I SUCKED at baseball as a child, LOL!!! Those guys look like they are having FUN when they play! They just go out there and let their hair down and enjoy themselves to the fullest! Isn’t that what life is all about?

Well… It’s off to Arizona for a few days and then, Southern California and then Toronto. Toronto. TORONTO!!!!!

Did you notice how Bostonians at very rough around the edges? Not in a bad way. New Yorkers are known for their toughness and my home state of New Jersey is primarily known for our attitude but Boston is an entirely different cat altogether. I can SEE the animosity towards “the hat” and FEEL the hatred that emanates from the people around me when they see “the logo.” Say it loud: I’M A YANKEES FAN AND I’M PROUD!!!!! LMAO!!!!!

On that same note: I saw an ESPN piece on that Bay Area EMT that got damn near beat to death at that Dodgers game a couple of years and it made me sad. It’s probably the main reason why I’ve never seen the Yankees play the Sawks at Fenway. Many “fans” can get ugly. A friend here in Boston said that he had Yankees fans throwing food and cursing him and his friends at a Sox game at Yankees stadium once. I never forget that fan is the root word of fanatic.


It’s getting kinda close to the time that I can check my bag. Don’t know how much more stuff I have for you. Umm…

Those who can’t “do”, hate.

That’s it. I think.

Stay dry, Boston. And people of Arizona and SoCal??? I will see you sooner than later!

Thanking everyone for their love and support and thanks to the haters for providing me with the fuel it takes to keep pushing towards greatness.

1 luv…

Providence, Rhode Island

I friggin’ LOVE this town!!!!!

So: Today was a good day.
Today was a VERY good day.
Today was a very, VERY good day.

The MegaBus I took up from Noo. Yawk. City was a nasty, disgusting, kinda smelly p.o.s. but it got us here. I did not even realize that MegaBus has been around long enough to have such shitty buses.

Have I been cursing a lot???


I am in a good mood, though! Hey!!! I am at Pizza Queen! Downtown. 215 Weybosset Street! This place is supposed to be the shiz!!!

Soooooooooooooooo……………. I am not going to be able to make it up to Maine this time around because I have to fly back to Arizona to clean out my storage and head out to Palm Springs to vacate my apartment. I have two more moves and then, no more moves. Ever. Unless it’s to Panama. Or The Azores. I’m relocating to Northern Virginia. After that? North Carolina.

I could explain the move(s) but I am not going to. I will say that DC has had my back since day one. And my North Carolina is my folks’ home state.

So, I have pizza…and mozzarella sticks…and wings…and a Coke. To go! Yum!!!

As always: More to come.

Today is going to be…


…just one of those days. Damn. WEIRD text messages all up in my notifications. Really??? REALLY!?!?! Some of these messages will get NO reply.

Memo to anyone who *may* want to connect but has been unable to reach me because you like to call me from blocked numbers. I do not answer blocked phone numbers. AOL, gmail and any other standard email phone numbers will be treated like blocked numbers. No exceptions. Don’t email and ask that I pick up because you have to be discrete. I will say no. IF I say anything at all.

Toronto, Toronto, TORONTO. I’m coming back, real soon. I’m coming back really, REALLY soon. I’m stoked BEYOND stoked to be returning to Toronto because *this* time, I’m going to Montreal and Quebec City as well. Gotta see these Quebec (the province) before it gets too cold! Ha!

Listening to some of Keith Hudson. I LOVE KEITH HUDSON!!!!!

Monterey Pizza in Old Town Alexandria has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!! At least the bitch who manages Twin Peaks Las Vegas (the one located at Planet Hollywood)… Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….. At least this bitch ACTED like she cared that her employees just straight left me hanging! There are 31 shitty Yelp! reviews for Monterey’s about the kid that answers the phone. And who do you think left me sitting there for well over an hour in my hotel room, gnawing my fucking arm off because I had not eaten anything in hours??? Ummmmmm…….yea. Outside of NYC and Chicago??? I’m reading reviews for ANY place that I decide before I call or step foot in their door. Domino’s was not my first choice but they were at my door in well under 1/2 hour.

Well… I probably should be starting my day.

DC’s Metro system: When it’s on? It’s on. When it’s off? It’s ALL the way off. NYC… Chicago and Portland and BOSTON get my vote for best public transit in the country. I can’t throw Philly in there only because SEPTA refuses to let go of tokens. C’mon, Philadelphia! LMAO!!!!!

The fuss was us.


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