Hittin’ ALL my modes of transpo

Bus, train, plane, taxi, got it, got it, got it, got it.

I’m back in New Jersey and it’s soooooooooooooooooo different around here now. People are growing up. Shit is quieter than ever. A low flying military helicopter passed over last night and…it was weird.

Well. My back east trip comes to an end tomorrow. Flying back to Palm Springs where I will eat, sleep, hang for a minute or two and head out to AZ, Portland, Seattle and possibly British Columbia.

But for now, I will sip my WaWa coffee and tell you how strange my home life has become since losing my dad back in March. I was determined not to use social media to blast ALL of my personal life all over social media but it is time I guess…to let everyone in on what’s been going on behind the scenes with me. My struggling to stay in Cali (like my mom instructed me to do.) My coming back to a town that I am not particularly fond of, even though I have many fond memories of growing up here.

*deep breath*

I need action, motion, progress, stimulation, culture, options, etc. My hometown doesn’t offer too much of that. It’s a very old town, located out in the woods. Quiet. Peaceful. Historic. Serene. Lots of nature. Wildlife. Tranquility. Relaxation.

I may or may not have told you this but if you watch the Sopranos episode “The Pine Barrens”, you will see where I grew up. Farms, blueberry fields, cranberry bogs, country stores and miles of dense woodlands, pines, cedar and sugar sand. Lakes. Creeks. Deer.

Boring, yes, I know.

Well. These pics are coming off of my phone fast and space is freeing up. Yay!!! Countdown to the iPhone 6 and I am STOKED. Sep 19th!!! Yay!!! I can hardly wait!!!

Hey! Nothing to say. Haven’t eaten yet. Haven’t turned on ESPN. Went through Lakewood on my way here (like I always do when I head back to my hometown from the north) and caught myself remembering many stories that took place at the damn bus terminal. Stories that I will share at a later date, probably in my book. HaHa!!! Memories.

*deep breath*

Those were the days.

Have a nice day. Thanks for tuning in and listening to me babble about nothing. ;)

The Good Fan (New Jerusalem Radio Edit)

Last night:

Fancy name for a blog title, huh?


I was just reading someone ELSE’S blog. It was a…wait for it… SAWKS fan who is looking back on this season and forward…to NEXT year…contemplating a Red Sucks team without Big Papi.

Yea, like Jeter, Big Poopy as I call him, is nearing “that age” and I’m EVEN AS A YANKS FAN… I’m going to *miss* Big Poopy. He’s the villain, man. The bad guy. Nemesis.

Damn. I am getting to “that age” where I am respecting great players (and teams) for what they are…who they are…what they DO…rather than hatin’ on them.


I’m on a bus! I’m on a bus! I’m on a bus! Heading to New Jersey but you knew it was coming. Have I see my family! Not sure why. They are doing okay. Not for any other reason more than the fact that they ARE my family and I love them. And think about them. ALL the time. Even more than I think of glasses of (chilled) Chardonnay. I *love* Chardonnay. LOL!!!

New York City NEVER gets old to me. It doesn’t. Los Angeles is a city where even though there is a LOT of stuff to et into, tends to get…old…rather quickly. Ditto, Vegas. Vegas does not ever cease to be FUN but it is a “wash, rinse and repeat” kind of city. Chicago, like New York, NEVER gets old.

Well. Miami. I said it before. I will say it again. I am NOT heading to Miami anytime soon. It’s a fucking trap waiting I happen. I’ve had my shit snared one too many times to fall for THAT one again. Passamundo. Miami is an utter waste of time and a total waste of money.

Serious biz: I have asked M4RN that they delete my ad. I’m done with their shitty site forever. As I told Chili’s on twitter, I no longer reward people for their incompetence. Periodomundo.

Palm Springs: I will be back this weekend. Have a jam packed weekend in the desert and then, I’m headed to OC, LA and the Pacific Northwest. Followed by Vegas, Vegas, VEGAS BABY!!!!!!!!!!

Sports: I ain’t go nothing to say. For a change. Nada.

This bus is sooooooooooooo not crowded. People are either a.) attempting to work a full workday or b.) watching TV at home because they decided to take a day off, LOL!!! Anyway, I will not complain about having a seat to myself. Winning.

I have been sharing and deleting a LOT of pics even though I am on my way bam west to retrieve my new iPad mini AND an iPhone 6!!! Ya!!! I got connections, baby!!! ;)

Anhyhooz. More pics. Have a wonderful day, ALL!

Ya Kid K ;)


This guy behind me on the train to the burbs STINKS like cheap beer. He has two small children with him. I hope he is not going to drive home from the park-and-ride inebriated. That would majorly be NOT cool.

I’m trusting that the conductor will question him about that.

If you listen to James Brown

and you don’t bob and jerk your head and/or snap your fingers while tappin’ your toes as you make the stank face??? I assume you MUST be a dead person, LOL!!!

Cold Sweat.

Baseball!!! I really should spare you more baseball talk. I mean, you who kinda follow the sport know where the teams are and what they are doing, what they are playing for and who JUST got suspended for taking PEDs…oops…err… Aderol. And even if you DON’T follow baseball, you know that I am very displeased with the Yankees who are nearing the end of ANOTHER very, very, veeeeeeeeeerrryyy disappointing season. Third in a row, BUT HEY!!! Who’s counting, right!?!?! LOL!!! Who ARE “the new Yankees”, anyway??? The Angels??? Nope. Not evil. The Tigers??? Hmmmmmmmmmmm……. Nope. Not really evil and Detroit is not very glamorous, LOL!!! The Brewers??? HA!!! The Royals??? Nope. Not even close. As I said/tweeted/blogged less than 24hrs ago, neither the team OR the city are ready to be champs. Damn. I’m out of teams! LOLOLOLOL!!!!! The Orioles??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…… The O’s. We KNOW that Baltimore (the city) has a toughness about them. The Ravens show it season after season and their fans thumb their noses at all that is good and righteous by consistently showing support to their lawbreaking, would-be jailbird athletes and such by accepting…embracing…forgiving… Man. The O’s. wOwEEEee… Could the Orioles be the NEW Yankees???

Had Edgar Allen Poe been alive when Ray Rice knocked Janay out, he would have drive Ray Rice’s Escalade to Home Depot, bought the shovels and helped Ray dispose of her body in some horribly gruesome fashion and THEN wrote a best selling book about “How to knock out your girlfriend/baby mama. Avoid suspension. Get your commissioner a ‘Citizen Of The Year’ awards. Win a Super Bowl. Play golf while looking for the real killer in the country clubs of South Florida and be a model citizen in 41 EZ steps!”

I know, I know, I know. I should not joke about Ray Rice, domestic violence and murdering your significant other but CLEARLY the NFL doesn’t take domestic violence seriously, so why should I??? Hardy is playing. McDonald is playing. Hell. You can beat your girl down like she stole something but it’s all good as long as you’re not caught on camera, right??? Isn’t that the NEW American way??? GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!

Did I tell you that I *finally* saw 12 Years A Slave???

Yes! Yes, I did! I’m doing that ‘Trying to be funny but not really because I’m actually trying to make a point by taking the long way around’ thing.

Once the Yankees are done and we enter that dark tunnel, the face of baseball will be forever changed when Derek Jeter retires. Nope. I’m NOT being melodramatic. I’m tellin’ it like it is. Not only is Jeter the end of an era for the Yankees BUT we are witnessing the end of an era for baseball. Period. Mark my words. As sure as the sun rises in TV east and sets in the Pacific Ocean, I’m telling the truth.

The Red Sox? They are evil but their not consistent enough to be the new Yankees. The Giants are just not consistent enough.

Back to Jeter’s retirement but first… Can somebody PLEASE bring me a dead horse? Thank you.

Cano: He was destined to be the new “face of the Yankees” but the Steinbrenner boys blew it. For $25 million. That’s like… $2,000 for you and me. It’s like… $20 for Paul Allen or Oprah or Steve Balmer or like…a nickel for Carlos Slim or any Saudi prince.

Well… Gotta use the bathroom and get ready to hop on this train. Where I am going, you might ask??? Andovah! LOL!!!

Coconut Raspberry Margarita!!!

Mezcal Tequila Cantina in downtown Worcester and it’s pretty friggin’ LIVE at 11:33pm on a Thursday evening, LOL!!!

Which is SO funny because Worcester is kinda like a ghost town at night. A scary ghost town. With scary people on the streets and Worcester Fire Dept answering weird calls and what not, LOL!!!

Like Lowell: Super cute with LOTS of empty storefronts and LOTS of potential.

This margarita reminds me of the crazy tequila-based concoctions that an old friend of mine used to make, back in Tucson, many years ago. It’s very interesting………..

SO: Joe Cool looked like a rock star tonight, huh? Moves like Jagger, baby!!!

Food’s here!!! Taco salad with ground. turkey. yum.

The Robotic Me

Chardonnay. I had it in my mind before takeoff that I was going to switch up: Merlot. As we were taking off: Merlot. When she came around? Chardonnay.

I am a true creature of habit.

I do believe that when I get to Providence tomorrow evening, I am going to purchase a *nice* bottle of Merlot and I am going to raise a toast to myself: “Here’s to switchin’ it up!” LOL!!! You know, I don’t make it to Providence that often! LOL!!!

Yea. I crack myself the fuck up sometimes!

I’ve been cursing a lot, lately. Travel obstacles? Boardwalk Empire’s return??? Maybe it’s The Leftovers. Man, I was so ‘on the fence’ about that weird, dark, depressing ass show and now I’m all hot-to-trot to read the book. What a difference a season makes! That show is da shiz. Love it.

12 Years A Slave. Man, I’m STILL trippin’ off of that shit. To be snatched from your good life and thrown into some other whole ugly life. Man. And I was thinking to myself the whole time that it really wasn’t *that* long ago. Those of you who know me well, know that I knew my maternal great grandparents and THEY both eclipsed the century mark and blew by it like it was nothing. (Clean living.) From their stories, we guesstimated that they were born during Reconstruction. Being black folks born in the 1800’s, in the south, they didn’t have birth certificates but they knew how old they were. Approximately.

Weird. I thought about Robert E. Lee’s ancestral home Stratford Hall, my folks’ hometown along the coastal Carolinas and the stories that my dad used to tell us about growing up in the Jim Crow south. Weird. I think if I had more of an even temperament, I could have been a teacher. An English teacher. My SECOND declared major before leaving school to be a bum, ultimately joining the military, LOL!!! I’m not really sure why I’m in such a mood to share a little bit more about myself than usual but I ultimately went back to graduate with an RTF degree. Yup. If you didn’t know or never thought to put 2+2 together, now you know. Who is/was the gay male porn star that was a chemical engineer before leaving to do adult movies??? LOL!!! I’ll get back to you on that.

I *think* I’m going to dial it back a bit. But that’s a little something about me that you may not have known. I have a few more tidbits that I may or may not share with you later. We will see. It’s initial descent into Boston time and I should sign off because, as always, I’m getting ready to hit the ground running. I’m already LATE thanks to all of the delays and crap. (See! I didn’t say sh*t!)

Wheels down!!! Love ya!!! See ya!!!

Holla atcha boy, Boston!!!

Way up here…

in the sky (finally), sitting in the back of a CRJ-200. The very, very, back. Not in front of the restroom but RIGHT next to the restroom. Yea. It’s like that.

There is a parade of people, too: In and out. In and out. In and out. But it’s a flight from Milwaukee to Philly, so by the time it’s starts to get funky back in the back, we will be landing and I will be on my way to the customer service counter to see how soon they can get me to my *final* destination, which…is… Boston.

I missed my connecting flight due to weather in Philly but the agent agent at the ticket counter told me that they have hourly flights from PHL to BOS. Nice. I ain’t sweatin’ it.

Baseball: Did you see (or catch the highlights of) Andrew McKutchen’s inside the park home run??? LOL!!! The first of his career!!! He looked *so* cute, like a little kid, running the bases at full speed, LOL!!! Just like recess, back in the day! Fun, fun, fun to watch.

Uneducated ass black folks need to shut the fuck up about Ray Rice. First, Mayweather, now Paul George. Dumb and dumber. And it’s no secret now that the NFL is no fan of women. Fact. Smoke weed and justice is hard and swift. Knock your baby mama out cold with a right hook and you get a slap on the wrist. And now, we find that another CONVICTED abuser that plays for San Fran is playing pending his appeal. How nice.

Apparently Goodell is a friend to the owners because he keeps their pockets fat and they keep HIS pockets fat and…yea… You know the deal. So, as long as the dollars keep coming in, Goodell isn’t going anywhere. Sponsors. That’s who is going to have to pull the plug on his lying ass. The more I hear, the more this stinks and reeks. Cover-up. That’s what it smells like.

There are many people that want you to think that this shit is just going to blow over and it’s going to be all good, back to business as usual. But I think now that we know? We need to keep it out there. Maybe we don’t have to show the video over and over but I do believe that we should keep talking about it. We should be looking for Goodell’s head on a stick (ala Game Of Thrones) as well as solutions to a problem that is way bigger than Ray, Janay, Roger, the NFL or any blogger, talking head, Nancy Grace, our president or anyone else who keeps talking about it.

Someone the other day said it best: There is NEVER any excuse for putting your hands on a woman or a child. PERIOD. This shit needs to stop. Right here. Right now.

I’m out. For now. Later.


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