Victoria, BC

Ummmmmmmmm………. Is it me or does EVERYONE in the city have a supreme ‘tude!?!?! Hmmmmmmm…….. I don’t think it’s me.

We. Will. See.

I’m at the Cactus Club Cafe currently. Just ordered a “double” Brazilian which seems to be fancy Victorian speak for a mojito, LOL!!! The hostess and the servers are dressed like Robert Palmer “Addicted To Love” video models, LOL!!!

Okay. As you know: The ferry ride kicked ASS. WOW. Floored. A very scenic float across the sound and through some islands and across more water. Trees. Mountains. More trees. Terminal at Schwartz Bay followed by a scenic double decker bus ride into the city. And WOW. What. A. City.

Scenic. Clean. Affordable. Not particularly friendly. Vancouver, on the other had is one of the friendliest cities you will ever visit. (As is Toronto.) Both WAY larger cities.


I’m in love.

Greetings, from British Columbia!

I am currently on my way to Victoria on the ferry and I’m having a BLAST. Will try to touch base again in a little. This is my first trip to the Canadian side of the Pacific Northwest since 2005 and my first trip to Victoria (the island city Capitol), so I’m STOKED!!!

Have a wonderful day :)

The Brits taught me how to do that.

Drinking warm beer, LOL!!!

Hey!!! We just stopped at Bellingham and are slow-poking it up to VANCOUVER, BC!!!!! My first trip to British Columbia since summer of 2005!!!!! I’M STOKED!!!!!

Merlot, Merlot, MERLOT!!!!!

Doogie Hauser in the cockpit and K • Double is holdin’ it down, back here in peasant class, LOL!!!

IF you are not following me on twitter, you missed the fact that the pilot OR co-pilot doesn’t look like he is old enough to use regular scissors, leg alone fly a plane! But, I’m good! One of my followers assured me that he has logged enough hours (on PS 5, maybe) to be qualified to take us to the great Pacific Northwest.

I’m going to put my trust in the almighty. The big guy (or gal) in the sky. The one who brought us the hits that we all know and love like air! Water! Wine! The Baby Jesus and my all-time favorite, puppies!!!

He’s got the whooooooooooole world… Yea!!! Sing it!!!

Rule number one to being able to get on a plane after you’ve had too much to drink: Act like you belong! Rule two? Say as little as possible to the gate personnel and rule three…which is THE most important rule of all: ACT LIKE YOU BELONG. You NEVER want to be the one to be denied boarding because you had one (or two) too many! Don’t be “that guy” (or that gal!)

Okay? Okay!

Merlot (Part 3)

A glass of Wild Horse at the Rock & Brew Concert Bar and Grill at LAX. In addition to *another* glass of wine, I’m having a personal sized BBQ Chicken pizza, Pizza, PIZZAAAAAAA!!!!!

It’s a rock-n-roll themed beer bar so, keepin’ with the theme: I Think I’m In Love, LOL!!! Bueller??? Bueller??? Buellerrrrrrrrr??? LMAO!!!!! I don’t think I’ve EVER waited to be seated at an airport eatery before. It smells *so* good, though.

Hmmmmmmmmm……….. No napkins??? Right on. The pizza rocks, though. OH!!! I grabbed my own napkins. Points………..deducted.

But, HEY. It’s not like I’m a restaurant critic or anything. Although I play one from time to time on the internet, LMAO!!!

The Cars??? From…….. Live Aid!?!?!

Damn. I’m old.

I really…am…old.

Merlot The Redeaux

I did it!!! Had it in my head to go red, rather than white and came through with the follow thru, LOL!!!

Hey, travelers!!! Delta Sky magazine has Seattle featured this month. And… I just happen to be visiting Seattle tomorrow. Tomorrow. TOMORROW!!!!!

Hey, hEy, HEY!!! The wine got me feeling good today!!!

Well… That’s it for now. We will be wheels down in Los Angeles for a minute and then I’m back up in the sky, on my way to Portland! Oregon! NOT Maine. Although now that I’ve revisited Providence and Worcester, Portland ME is “on the radar”, so to speak. Even since London, I am warning you to look for me in places that no Knightly has gone before, LOL!!!

[cue the theme music]

Peas o.u.t.

Just a friendly reminder

If you call me from a FORIEGN phone number!?!?! Your shit is going straight to voicemail.

My provider charges me a not-so-small fortune to respond to/make international calls and texts.

Homie don’t play that shit.

And now back to our regularly scheduled bitchin’ and banter.


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