Providence, Rhode Island

I friggin’ LOVE this town!!!!!

So: Today was a good day.
Today was a VERY good day.
Today was a very, VERY good day.

The MegaBus I took up from Noo. Yawk. City was a nasty, disgusting, kinda smelly p.o.s. but it got us here. I did not even realize that MegaBus has been around long enough to have such shitty buses.

Have I been cursing a lot???


I am in a good mood, though! Hey!!! I am at Pizza Queen! Downtown. 215 Weybosset Street! This place is supposed to be the shiz!!!

Soooooooooooooooo……………. I am not going to be able to make it up to Maine this time around because I have to fly back to Arizona to clean out my storage and head out to Palm Springs to vacate my apartment. I have two more moves and then, no more moves. Ever. Unless it’s to Panama. Or The Azores. I’m relocating to Northern Virginia. After that? North Carolina.

I could explain the move(s) but I am not going to. I will say that DC has had my back since day one. And my North Carolina is my folks’ home state.

So, I have pizza…and mozzarella sticks…and wings…and a Coke. To go! Yum!!!

As always: More to come.

Today is going to be…


…just one of those days. Damn. WEIRD text messages all up in my notifications. Really??? REALLY!?!?! Some of these messages will get NO reply.

Memo to anyone who *may* want to connect but has been unable to reach me because you like to call me from blocked numbers. I do not answer blocked phone numbers. AOL, gmail and any other standard email phone numbers will be treated like blocked numbers. No exceptions. Don’t email and ask that I pick up because you have to be discrete. I will say no. IF I say anything at all.

Toronto, Toronto, TORONTO. I’m coming back, real soon. I’m coming back really, REALLY soon. I’m stoked BEYOND stoked to be returning to Toronto because *this* time, I’m going to Montreal and Quebec City as well. Gotta see these Quebec (the province) before it gets too cold! Ha!

Listening to some of Keith Hudson. I LOVE KEITH HUDSON!!!!!

Monterey Pizza in Old Town Alexandria has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!! At least the bitch who manages Twin Peaks Las Vegas (the one located at Planet Hollywood)… Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….. At least this bitch ACTED like she cared that her employees just straight left me hanging! There are 31 shitty Yelp! reviews for Monterey’s about the kid that answers the phone. And who do you think left me sitting there for well over an hour in my hotel room, gnawing my fucking arm off because I had not eaten anything in hours??? Ummmmmm…….yea. Outside of NYC and Chicago??? I’m reading reviews for ANY place that I decide before I call or step foot in their door. Domino’s was not my first choice but they were at my door in well under 1/2 hour.

Well… I probably should be starting my day.

DC’s Metro system: When it’s on? It’s on. When it’s off? It’s ALL the way off. NYC… Chicago and Portland and BOSTON get my vote for best public transit in the country. I can’t throw Philly in there only because SEPTA refuses to let go of tokens. C’mon, Philadelphia! LMAO!!!!!

The fuss was us.

Faouzi Zongo

That’s the name of the “gentleman” who just sent me this DELIGHTFUL email! He seems so trustworthy and legitimate. I am sure he is a righteous dude and the life of the party, wherever he goes! LOL!!!

Enjoy :)

Good day (from Ali Godli)

I am contacting you so that we can agree on the legal transfer of $5.2 million U.S. dollars which was left in the bank by my late Client who bears a simply last name with you. Please email me for detail


It’s a packed house, this morning!

Just got on the #80 Amtrak Carolinian, headed back to DC from Greensboro and it’s shoulder-to-shoulder on this dreary, DREARY morning.

Okay: Carolina Blues aka Taste Of Greensboro??? The cafe at The Depot (GSO’s historic train station) makes some bomb-ass lattes you know, but DAMN!!! I had a Cocomotion today and OH my god, I’m FLYING HIGH right now!!! Espresso, white chocolate and coconut! Mmmmmmmmmm…….. A fiesta for your taste buds and a kick in the butt. Hash tag: Double Whammy.

Well. My iPhone 5 is TRIPPIN’ and it’s the newer of my two iPhones. I’m not really sure what to do. Whatever is to become of this phone, I will figure it out.

Well: I’m out for now.

Angry Owl


Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and Angry Orchard Apple Cider. I *must* try this.

Oh! I’m at Hooters! Not a regular but after my epic Smokey Bones fail, last night… I’m here. With no ID. Again. DAMN. I hope I don’t get carded. I am too damn tired to walk the 300 yards to my hotel room to get it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I got carded AGAIN. FUCK. THIS time, my SMOKIN’ HOT server let me slide. SHIT. Memo to self…

Okay. This drink is…interesting as hell. Definitely one that can get you really fucked up, really quickly. WOW. A lot of alcohol, this drink has.

Did anyone see last night’s episode of Boardwalk Empire??? I’m STILL reeling from it. Damn. Not since Jimmy and Angela Darmody’s untimely departure have I been so twisted up.

That is it, for now.

L8 L8 ;)

Important Announcement

I am having a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at City Limits Diner, in Stamford. One of my favorite eateries ever. Wherever I get shipped off to in the afterlife, I sincerely hope that there is a City Limits there.

I had this long, deep thought session this morning…as I was waiting for my lunch about ISIS. Was going to share my thoughts but may just skip it.

Or not.

Choices. I ***HATE*** the thought of living in a world without choices. They don’t seem to be giving the world much of a choice. But is it that much different than the Europeans of England, France and Spain when they were branching out, all over the world, conquering civilizations while spreading the flavor of the day religion at the time? Christianity? Hmmmmmmmmm…………

Brutality wasn’t one the methods they used when they swooped in, scooped up and relocated Africans to strange lands, forcing them to speak strange languages and do back breaking labor for long hours. For free??? While taking away their gods and love of nature and replacing that love with the father, the Holy Ghost and my personal favorite… Little… Baby… Jesus??? Hmmmmm…………….

First of all: I am NOT an ISIS sympathizer. I repeat: I AM NOT AN ISIS SYMPATHIZER. I do not like the idea of innocent do-gooders and reporters (literally) losing their heads over their twisted interpretation of a religion that really IS a religion of peace but I can see why this shit is happening. It really comes down to the “haves and the have nots.” Attention, nations of the wealth and privilege: The Have Nots have arrived at our doorstep and they are fucking PISSED.

My assistant and I used to have discussions about how different democracy is than the African way of “We don’t like the way the president is doing things, so we shall storm the palace, chop the president up with machetes and we shall announce a new president of the people!” politics! LMAO!!!!!

And now??? We are scared that kids from the US, Canada and England are leaving to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with ISIS and will return home to bring their “My way or MY WAY” way of doing things back to out relatively peaceful shores.

Scary. Fucking. Shit.

Ferguson. ISIS. Republicans.

Scary. Fucking. Shit.

Peace and cooking grease, I’m out.

For now…


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